12 Pack of Fizzing Bath Bombs With Essential Oils. Great for Relaxing in the Bath and Relieving Stress. A Variety of Scents Included. These Things Smell Amazing!

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A busy, stressful life often leads to a desperate need for a little 'me time'. The deep relaxing aromas and gentle fizzing bubbles of these bath bombs dissolve in the water, soothing your body and easing your mind. Now just add a book, candle and glass of wine for the perfect bath time!

Each bath bomb is hand crafted and packed with pure essential oils and natural ingredients presenting a fun and enjoyable way to treat and indulge in aromatherapy and moisturizing benefits.


  • Rose - White
  • Eucalyptus - Blue
  • Mint - Green
  • Cherry blossoms - Orange
  • Jasmine - Yellow

Lavender - Purple

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