2 in 1 QI Wireless Charging Pad With Built-In Apple Watch Adjustable Charger and Stand

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Introducing a brand new revolutionary wireless charging pad to charge both wireless Qi smartphones and the Apple Watch on the same pad!
This 2-in-1 charging pad is made with a non-slip design, providing a stable base for your charging station. It is environmentally friendly with a closed magnetic radiation field, making it harmless to the human body, and it has a low temperature mode, meaning it is not likely to over-heat. One of the only charging pads on the market that can charge both an iPhone and an Apple Watch at the same time!
charging pad that can charge both an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 10, or other phones that support QI wireless charging and an Apple Watch at the same time!
The Apple Watch piece is adjustable 90 degrees as to tilt the watch at an angle to use as a stand.
Attached USB cable that stays with the pad and prevents possible loss of cable.
•Temperature protection (the battery is automatically protected at high temperature )
•Short-circuit protection (automatically cut off current for protection during short-circuit )
•Over-voltage protection (effectively set the voltage during the battery charge and discharge )
•Electromagnetic field protection (to prevent external magnetic field interference and ensure normal work)
•Overcharge protection (effectively prevent the battery from being over charged for a long time)
•Over power protection (to prevent too high battery charging power)
•Over discharge protection (effectively prevent over discharge of the battery)

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