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45 Watt Quick Charge Kit With Included USB Type C to Apple Lightning Cable. Includes 45 Watt Wall Charger and 6 Foot Heavy Duty Braided Nylon Cable for Your Apple Devices

Grab this 45 watt quick charge kit for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod and charge your items faster and with less waiting. The 45 watt USB type C wall adapter along with the included 6 foot USB type C to Apple lightning cable allows for the fastest charge of any of your Apple devices. Charge your iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, 10R, 10S, or 10S Max 50 to 60 percent in only 30 minutes. Charge other models of iPhones, iPads, or iPods 20 to 30 percent faster.
The included 6 foot cable is a tangle free durable nylon cable and is a USB type C to Apple lightning cable and will provide the fastest possible charge for your Apple devices.
·Fast Charge with Advanced Technology
Equipped with power delivery, this USB type C charger will provide your device with the fastest and most efficient available current.
Only 115 minutes to full charge the latest Macbook;
Only about an hour to fully charge an iPhone 8, an 8 Plus, X, 10R, 10S, and 10S Max
·Completely Safe
The product is manufactured using only the best industry-grade materials and premium circuitry which, when combined with the product's intelligent design, offers full protection against bumps and knocks, as well as overheating, over current/voltage and overcharging, for safe, efficient, and hassle-free charging.
·USB type C Charger with Power Delivery
Charge devices with the included USB type C to Apple ightning cable and get the fastest charge out of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
USB Type-C charging port or Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) charging port and support up to 45W Power Delivery (PD) charging for PD-enabled USB-C devices.
·Smart & Fast Charging
Intelligently detect your device and delivers the optimal current to connected devices. Support smart output for QC 3.0 enabled USB type C devices with an input voltage of 5V-12V. With a maximum output of 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A or 20V/2.25A. Meet new Level VI energy efficiency requirements of DOE.
·Foldable Plug
USB type C Wall Charger has a foldable plug and is easy to put in your bag when you go to work, travel or just at home. A compact build and design allows you to take it with you anywhere.
·Wide Compatibility

This kit is compatible with any iPhones, iPads, or iPods that use an 8 pin lightning connection like the iPhone 5S, 6, 6S, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, 10R, 10S, and 10S Max along with the newer iPads like the iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad minis, etc. iPods include iPod touch.

The 45 watt wall adapter along with a USB type C to USB type C cable (not included) is compatible in charging the new Macbooks. 

·Safety guarantee
Durable materials, resisting high temperature. Intelligent design offers full protection against overheating/ overvoltage /overcharging.

MFI certified

This kit includes 1 45 watt USB type C wall adapter and a 6 foot braided nylon USB type C to Apple Lightning cable.

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Fast Charge 10 Watt Wireless Charging Stand With Dual Coils, Auto Shut off,and Built In Cooling Fan

This 10 watt fast charge wireless stand for your QI equipped device is best in class when it comes to wireless chargers. With a large double coil surface, you have a wide area in which to hit that wireless sweet spot on your device. With the 10 watt fast charge feature, it will charge your device faster than conventional chargers. (note: Your phone or device must support fast charge in order to utilize this feature) All other QI devices charge at regular speeds. Finally, with its built in cooling fan, your device will never get hot again while charging, thus saving your battery.
Temperature Control
Cooling fan keepx your phone safe by eliminating heat build up while wirelessly charging your device.
Charge your phone vertically or horizontally results in the same charging effect
Fast Wireless Charger
Fast Charging Supported Devices up to 1.6x Faster than Standard Wireless Chargers.
Applicable Models For Fast Charge
For iPhone 8
For iPhone 8 Plus
For iPhone X
For Samsung Galaxy S8
For Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
For Samsung Galaxy S7
For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus
For Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
For Samsung Galaxy Note 8
For Samsung Galaxy Note 5
And More  Wireless Charging Devices.
Built in dual Coils
Dual coils offer A wide Charging Area
Over - currrent protection
Over - voltage protection
Blue - LED for Standby
Green - LED for Charging
Automatically power off when fully charged
Unique Cooling Technology
Designed with built-in fan that Quickly Cools the circuit boards and at the same time, Efficiently cools the phone.
Prevents the Phone from over-heating.
Dual Coil Qi Wireless charger
Conversion: >80%
weight: 4 ounces
Non-slip pads on stand
For fast charge mode, this QC 2.0 adaptive fast charger requires a QC 2.0 adapter as its power source. (NOT INCLUDED)
The phone will be charged again once the battery drops from 100% to 99%, making sure your phone is fully charged in the morning for you.

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Portable 5000 mAh Power Bank With QI Wireless Charging for Both Apple Watch and Smartphones. Includes Dual Charging Ports Including a QuickCharge USB Type C Port

One of the coolest devices ever to make it to our store!

Finally, an all in one power bank that covers all your devices. Whether you have an Apple watch, an iPhone, an Android phone, or something else, this battery has you covered. With it's wireless charging dock for your Apple watch, it's wireless charging pad for phones that support wireless charging, or its USB Type C QuickCharge port, you can be assured all your devices are taken care of.

There is surely no time to sit back and wait for our gadgets to get charged. This must have item will charge both Apple smartwatches and smartphones at once. Save time with this hassle free device.
Product Features
•Wireless charger and power bank. Wirelessly charge both your Apple watch and all other phones that support wireless charging
(Wired charging also available for on the go)
•Charges both Apple Watch and smartphones at once
•Works for both Android and iPhone smartphones
•Power bank with 5000 mAh capacity
Includes 1 regular USB port and one QuickCharge USB Type C port
Charge both the battery and your devices with the built-in USB Type C port
•Makes a great gift for a tech savvy friend
•Measures 5.25″ x 2.75″ x 0.75

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9,400 mAh Portable Power Bank With Built-In Apple Certified Lightning and Micro USB Cable, Stackable Option for Additional Power, and Stackable Wireless Charging For Efficient Recharging

This portable power bank is a compact, yet powerful portable battery that can provide 400 percent more battery life for most smartphones. This revolutionary 9,400 mAh battery can charge smartphones and other small USB-enabled devices via it’s tethered Micro-USB and lightning connector outputs.
With more than one of these power banks, you can charge the batteries simultaneously via its innovative magnetic stack and charge functionality.
•Can charge smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and more
•Tethered micro USB and lightning connector outputs
•Charge multiple power banks simultaneously via innovative magnetic stack and charge capabilities
•Chain your stacks vertically together to charge larger, Power-hungry devices
In The Box
•1 9,400 mAh Power Bank with integrated Micro USB and Lightning Cables
1 Micro USB charging cable
•Weight: 11.2oz

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Zagg Multi Device Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Keyboard With Ability to Have 3 Devices Paired At once and Switch Between Them With a Touch of a Button

The ZAGG multi-device universal Keyboard is the best option for pairing a wireless keyboard with your devices. You can pair this 12 inch, full-sized keyboard with up to three different devices, switching between each one with a simple keystroke. If you use multiple Apple iOS, Android or Microsoft devices, you won’t have to keep pairing them or deal with carrying around multiple keyboards. Not only can this keyboard be used with phones and tablets, it can also be paired with your home computer or Apple TV, making it an incredibly flexible and versatile device. Includes a built-in stand that holds your mobile devices at an ideal viewing angle in either portrait or landscape mode.
Product Features
•◦Uses Bluetooth to pair it with up to three Apple (iOS), Android, and Windows devices, including your home computer and Apple TV - at the same time. Just use a simple keystroke to switch between devices and avoid the hassle of pairing .
◦Backlit keys, available in seven colors, make typing in low-light situations a breeze.
◦A full 12 inch typing area and perfectly spaced, island-style keys provide the same fast, natural typing experience you're used to - it's just like typing on a laptop, but more portable.
◦The built-in stand holds your mobile devices at an ideal viewing angle in either portrait or landscape mode.

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Magnetic 5 Foot Charge and Sync Nylon Braided Cables With Included Micro USB and Apple Lightning Magnetic Tips for Easily Charging or syncing All of Your devices. Use Only One Cable for everything

These magnetic cables and adapters will be the last cables you will ever need. Safely charge your devices without fear of damaging the plug or cable if accidentally and suddenly pulled on cable or device.
no more worries about switching cables for different devices for charging and data transmission
Fast charging speed - Ensure a safe charging at 2.4A Maximum and the speed of data sync up to 480 Mbps..
Strong magnetic and not easy to fall off
Support data transfer and charging
Mini charging pplug design is small enough to fit most of the phone cases
One-sided LED indicator makes it easy to find at night. Fast Charge and Data Transfer. High-quality copper wire increases signal quality and durability
EXTRA Durability
The cable has a durable Nylon Braided design with an aluminum alloy connector which makes it easy to survive everyday usage and gives it a more stylish and elegant appearance that goes great with your expensive devices.
Compatible with micro USB and Apple 8 pin lightning devices.
Product information
8 pin lightning plug is Apple MFI certified so no accessory not supported messages.
Rugged and tangel free Nylon cables insure long lasting and great user experience
Each end of the cable is made with rust free aluminum alloy connectors and plugs making these cables solidly built
Use only one cable to charge all your devices.
Leave the charging tip plugged into your devices without continuously plugging and unplugging the charger and eventually loosening and damaging your device's charging ports.

What's in the box:

1 x 5 foot nylon braided tangle free magnetic cable

1 x Apple Lightning MFI certified magnetic tip for all Apple iOS devices

1 x Micro USB magnetic tip for the Victor Stream, Android devices, bluetooth speakers and headphones, MP3 Players, and any other device that uses a Micro USB plug

MFI certified

Note: Extra cables and tips are available in our store to purchase separately.

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