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Sharkk Powerful and Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Stereo Speaker With 24 Hour Battery Life, Voice Prompts, Multiple E Q Settings, Water Resistance, 3.5mm Connection, Carry Bag, and Built-In Power Bank

From the ssmooth lines of its rugged exterior to the cutting-edge features of the sound-system within, this highly optimized, multi-purpose waterproof bluetooth speaker was designed to excel in any role or setting, with up-to 24 hours playing-time on a single charge and featuring multiple, environment-specific E Q settings for ideal indoor and outdoor sound.
In addition to its high wattage output, Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology and crystal clear tones, this awesome bluetooth Speaker can also function as a backup battery and power bank, with lighted LED's displaying the remaining charge level, making it a true all-in-one mobile device companion!
This Rugged Bluetooth Speaker features multiple E Q settings allowing you to optimize the sound quality for the ideal indoor/outdoor/surround-sound experience.
•Color Black
Bluetooth 4.0 stereo sound
Multiple drivers for stereo sound with great bass
Multiple e Q settings to best fit your environment
IPX65 rating for ruggedness and water resistance
up to 24 hours of playtime
Built-In 6600mAh backup battery for charging other USB powered devices on the go
3.5mm connection for wired non bluetooth devices
Micro USB charging
Super rugged and water resistant exterior
Hook it on a bag or backpack for super portability
Separate controls for volume adjustment and track skipping or rewinding
Audible voice promts for providing guidance and feedback
What you get:
1 x Sharkk Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
1 x micro USB charging cable
1 x carry bag with cinch tie
1 x 3.5mm audio cable
1 x USB wall charger with folding prongs
1 nylon rope for attaching to a bag or backpack
1 x user manual

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Sharkk Digital Computer Stereo Desktop Speakers With Wired or Wireless Compatibility, Voice Prompts, USB Bluetooth Adapter, and Remote Control

Equipped with Dual Radial Symmetry Technology, these Sharkk Speakers feature a rich bass effect, creating the ultimate surround sound experience within your home office or work space. These speakers easily connect to your computer, providing crystal clear sound and additionally feature DSP technology, guiding voice prompts, and powerful 20 Watt sound creating true stereo left-right effects. With its integrated Bluetooth 4.0 technology, these wired speakers provide convenient wireless connectivity to your phone, laptop, or other electronic devices as well. Transform your work-time experience with this Speaker system.
User Friendly
With its Sleek, polished design, these Desktop Speakers feature guiding voice prompts, LED Power Indicator, and wired convenience.
Advanced Features
These speakers are your computer’s ultimate desktop companion with its enhanced sound with DSP Technology (Digital Sound Processing), dual 10 Watt loudspeakers which produces high quality stereo sound, a Digital Amplifier IC which produces powerful tones, and a rich bass effect with Dual Radial Symmetry Technology.
Easy Connectivity
These Desktop Speakers easily connect to your computer, and to any other electronic device through the use of a 3.5mm AUX Audio Port, and Bluetooth 4.0
The convenient remote control gives you control of your speakers without having to be closeto them.
What's in the box:
2 computer speakers
1 remote control
1 set of triple A batteries for the remote
1 USB bluetooth computer adapter
1 3.5mm audio cable
1 power adapter
User manual

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Raven Water and Sweat Proof Noise Isolating Wireless Bluetooth Stereo EarPhones With 10mm Drivers, 8 hours of Battery Life, Multiple Sized Ear Tips, Ear Stabilizers, and Awesome HD Quality Sound

You’re free-spirited. determined in your pursuit of reaching your potential, your apex. Meet your in-ear companion and the only match for your intense training. These wireless bluetooth stereo earphones liberate you from the annoyance and restrictions of pesky wires. Push it to the limit and sweat your guts out. These waterproof IPX4 rated earbuds with their custom ear grips, deliver tunes and calls with superior sound; staying secure in your ear while you get down and dirty or high and mighty - with no strings attached. Listen to music and take your calls everywhere. With 8+ hours of playtime you will never have to worry again about losing power or having to charge your device frequently. Compatible with any Bluetooth device. Once paired your device is remembered and ready to connect at any time. The Talon Grip anti-slip ear grips make sure the earphones stay in place and you can keep your buds secure with the practical and compact storage sack.
Noise Isolating Buds - Drown out the world and swim in the sound. The ultra-innovative noise isolation buds of these earphones will keep out ambient noise so you can focus on what you are listening to without any distractions. These will take you to your own world.
Waterproof IPX4 Ear Tips - These are waterproof IPX4 rated via Liquipel technology, meaning you will never have to worry about water, mud, rain and sweat damage to your earbuds again. The IPX4 rating for the these ensures you can keep your tunes playing no matter the weather or situation.
Talon Grip Anti Slip Ear Grips.
These bluetooth earphones include an assortment of Premium Sweatproof Noise Isolating Comply Ear tips as well as anti-slip silicone ear tips in a variety of sizes and two cable management clips to ensure maximum comfort and that the earbuds stay where you want them. The earphones will stay secure even during the most extreme activities and active workouts.
What's in the box:
1 set of wireless bluetooth earphones
Micro USB Charging cable
3 different sized sets of rubber ear tips
3 different sized sets of comply foam ear tips
3 different sized sets of rubber stabilizers
Draw string carry bag

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Plantronics Bluetooth Single Earpiece With 11 Hours Battery Life, Voice Feedback, Mute Mode, Ear Hook, and Awesome Quality Sound

Lasting comfort and easy controls.
The Plantronics Bluetooth headset is so lightweight and comfortable you may forget you're wearing it. During set up, you simply follow the voice prompts to select English, Spanish, or French for the audible status alerts on talk time, battery level, connection, and more. You can also control music tracks and volume without touching your smartphone. If you forget it in the car or at the office, the earpiece knows to enter its DeepSleep hibernation mode to conserve the battery. Using this single bluetooth earpiece is so easy that you can finally free your cheek from your smartphone.


Up to 11 hours of talk time.

Controls Streaming Music Pause or play music and track forward/back using headset buttons instead of your smartphone.
Delivers HD Audio Clarity
Reduces noise, wind, and echo from calls and delivers HD audio clarity when used with wideband-enabled smartphones and mobile service.
Speaks Three Languages During setup, select which language you want to hear for status alerts announced. The language options are English, Spanish, and French.
Once paired, the alerts will announce various situations:
Power is on/off
Pairing is complete/incomplete
Remaining hours of talk time
minimum or Maximum volume achieved
Microphone is muted (during a call)
Lost or restored Bluetooth connection Hibernates to Conserve Power
The DeepSleep hibernation mode will activate after 90 minutes in order to conserve power, in case you forget to turn off its power and leave it out of Bluetooth range. This can help keep your earpiece ready for use for up to six months. When you are back in Bluetooth range, you can "wake up" your earpiece with a quick button press.
Fits Comfortably For Hours
The lightweight design and soft ear-tip lets you put it on and forget you're wearing it. The soft loop on the ear-tip gently tucks into the contours of the back of your ear. For the most stable fit, you can rotate the ear-tip slightly and even clip on the included thin ear loop.
Activates Smartphone Features
You can press a button on the earpiece to access your smartphone's voice-activated features such as Siri or Google Voice Search. Other Features
During setup, select English, Spanish, or French for status alerts on remaining talk time, battery level, and more.
Free Plantronics Find MyHeadset app for iPhone or Android smartphones helps you locate your lost headset.
On-screen headset battery meter is automatic for the iPhone and is enabled for Android smartphones, using the free Plantronics battery widget for Find MyHeadset app. .
Product information
Item Weight
0.32 ounces
What's in the box:
Plantronics single bluetooth earpiece
Plastic ear hook
Micro USB cable

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True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds With Solid Aluminum Charging Case, Micro USB Adapter for Charging Other Devices, Voice Prompts, Multiple Accessories, and Awesome Stereo Sound

The best true wireless bluetooth ear buds we have found yet!

With up to 4 hours of true stereo wireless playback, your new earbuds offer the most advanced wireless technology to maximize playback connection experience. Answer, reject, and end calls with a simple touch of the earbud. The buds are both lightweight and portable to take with you everywhere you go. The small profile provides minimal bulk - the size of a dime! The chic and contemporary aluminum shell charging dock with magnetic adhesion offers effortless recharging of earbuds and has the capability to recharge both earbuds or other devices. (charges other devices via micro USB adapter). Enjoy the most advanced wireless technology to maximize playback connection experience.
•Truly wireless earbuds
•Up to 4 hours true stereo wireless playback
Built-in microphone
Audible feedback provides info like power on and off, device connected, paring mode, battery low, etc.
•Chic and contemporary aluminum shell charging dock with magnetic adhesion for effortless recharging of earbuds
Charging case can recharge earbuds 3 to 4 times
•Most advanced wireless technology to maximize playback connection experience
•Small profile for minimal bulk
•Lightweight and portable
•Answer, reject, end calls with a simple touch of the earbud
•Charging has capability of recharging both earbuds or other devices. (charges other devices via micro USB adapter)
Singel tap the side of either earbud once for play and once for pause music. Tap right earbud once to answer an incoming call and once again to disconnect. Audible built-in voice will announce number of who's calling. Hold finger on side of each earbud to power on and hold finger on either earbud to power off. Hold finger on right earbud to power on and keep holding it on to put right earbud into pairing mode. Double tap right earbud to turn volume up and triple tap right earbud to turn volume down. Double tap left earbud to skip forward to next track and triple tap left earbud to skip backwards to start of song or previous track.
What's in the box:
2 bluetooth wireless earbuds
aluminum charging case
micro USB adapter for charging other devices
micro USB cable
5 pairs of different sized rubber ear tips
draw string carry pouch
Owner's manual

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Braven Waterproof Bluetooth Stereo Speaker With Built In Power Bank, 3.5mm Audio Port, and Ability to Link Multiple Speakers Wirelessly for a Truly Immersive Stereo Sound Experience

The Braven Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a dazzling combination of eye-catching design and truly exciting sound quality. High-fidelity audio drivers deliver dynamic, crystal-clear sound to enhance your music, media, conference calls and more. Designed with a stylish pattern and a glittering metallic finish. The Braven is also IPX5 certified water-resistant so it can be taken virtually anywhere life takes you.
•12+ Hours of wireless playtime and built-in power bank make it an incredible blend of fun and function
•Use it as a power bank for your phone with a built-in 1400 mAh power bank
•For a powerful, immersive left and right stereo experience with even bigger sound, pair any two together
•A built-in microphone and noise-canceling speakerphone ensure crystal-clear calls
•IPX5 certified water-resistant
•Audio: 12 hour continuous playtime
•Power: 1400 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
•Bluetooth: 33 feet (10 meters) wireless range
•Connections: Bluetooth  or 3.5mm stereo audio input
•Weatherproof Rating: IPX5 certified water-resistant
•Dimensions: 6.25" L x 2.6" W x 1.8" H
•Weight: 11.8 ounces

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2 in 1 Stereo Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver. Add Bluetooth to Devices That Don't Have It Like the Victor Stream or Receive Bluetooth On Non Bluetooth Headphones, Speakers, Etc.

Infinite Compatibility
Streaming wirelessly your favorite movies, songs, games, and TV shows is as simple as plugging in a 3.5mm audio jack. Let any media device turn into a Bluetooth-enabled receiver/transmitter. Let your enjoyment know no limit.
Low Latency
For the BANG to sound exactly when the trigger is pulled. For the words to be heard as soon as the lips move. For a flawlessly synchronized streaming experience that knows no lag whatsoever. It's always the right time to enjoy yourself.
TX/RX Mode
Easily switch between transmitter and receiver mode by flipping a switch. Feel the power at your fingertips with the Wireless 2-in-1 bluetooth Adapter. Uncompromised Sound aptX audio coding delivers real-time streaming high quality stereo audio. Enjoy premium CD-quality audio experience without the nuisance of wires. Untangle the fun.
LOW DELAY: aptX Low Latency for High-fidelity Stereo Sound, lag-free content streaming in transmitter mode. •2-in-1 Bluetooth V4.1 transmitter can be paired with two Bluetooth receivers (like headphones + speakers) simultaneously. Note: aptX Low Latency does NOT support Dual Link mode.
•ALWAYS ON: Bluetooth 4.1 2-in-1 Adapter continuously streams even while charging. Built-in battery for up to 10 hours use - enjoy your favorite wireless content all the time.
•BLUETOOTH EVERYWHERE: In Transmitter mode, turn a non-Bluetooth TV, PC, CD player, iPod, MP3 / MP4 into Bluetooth transmitter. Receiver mode: Ideal for home or vehicle music streaming sound system.
•PURE SOUND: aptX audio codec for a richer and deeper sound experience. Listen to CD-like audio quality at no


Up to 65 foot range.

What's In the Box:
1 x Bluetooth 4.1 2-in-1 transmitter/Receiver Adapter
1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable
1 x 3.5mm Female to 2 RCA Male Cable
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x User Guide

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