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Universal Fast Charge USB 6 Port Home and Travel Wall Charger With 4 Outlet Adapters for Different Countries including Europe, United Kingdom, United States, and Australia

This Universal Travel Charger allows you to quickly connect and charge 6 devices simultaneously. It's perfect for the whole family at home or in a hotel room so you'll never have to fight over power outlets again. It includes an European Plug, United Kingdom Plug, United States Plug and an Australian Plug so you can easily charge your phone, Kindle, and tablets while traveling abroad. Its ergonomic and compact design helps save space while packing, and allows you to make use of a standard outlet by turning it into 6 USB ports.
•Includes charger and 4 outlet adapters
•6 USB ports for simultaneous charging
•Easily portable and compact
•Quick charging time

USB ports are 2 amp and support charging of higher amp devices like tablets and book readers.

Charge smart phones, MP3 players, bluetooth speakers and headphones, tablets, book readers, etc.

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7 Port 65 Watt USB charging Station With Device Organizer Slots

This 7-Port USB Charging Station allows you to charge up to seven devices simultaneously via USB ports. With four ports providing 1 amp and 3 more ports providing 2.4 amps of power, it is designed to charge your multiple power hungry tablets, smartphones and all other USB devices all in one place.

SmartFlow Technology
Intelligently recognizes the unique needs of each device you plug in and adjusts power output accordingly. Your devices will get the fastest, most efficient, optimal and safest charge possible.

Slick Design and form function
This design allows you to organize 7 devices in one small space as they charge. Non-slippery silicone pads keep your devices in place.

Truly Universal Charging
Works great with Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, HTC, LG, Motorola, GPS, iPod, Microsoft Surface and virtually any other USB-charged device.

Multiple built-in protections against over-charging, over-heating, power surges and short circuits ensure the safety of attached devices. UL certified power adapter, Chargeris FCC, CE, and RoHS certified.

•All USB ports of this charger are optimized to charge your smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth headphones, power banks, e-readers, portable speakers, MP3 Players, digital cameras and any device that charges with an USB cord.
•7 Powered USB Ports (3 x 2.4A and 4 x 1A ) Includes 7 slots with anti-scratch, non-slippery silicone pads to Safely hold and organize up to 7 devices.
•Smartflow Technology - All seven ports are equipped with Smart IC chipset, which recognizes your connected devices and delivers the most efficient and safe charge for your device, intelligently and efficiently.
•On / Off switch allows you to save energy when device is not in use, Includes multiple built-in protections against over-heating, over-charging, and power surges.
•Please note: Charging cables are not included. We suggest using this product with the original cable supplied with your device.
What’s In the Box:
7-Port USB Charging Station
Power Adapter
AC Power Cord
Input: AC 100~240V / 50-60Hz, 1.5A
USB Output: 1A x 4 Ports + 2.4A x 3 Ports, Total: DC 5V / 13A Max
Power: DC19V / 3.42A, 64.98W (Max)

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2 in 1 QI Wireless Charging Pad With Built-In Apple Watch Adjustable Charger and Stand

Introducing a brand new revolutionary wireless charging pad to charge both wireless Qi smartphones and the Apple Watch on the same pad!
This 2-in-1 charging pad is made with a non-slip design, providing a stable base for your charging station. It is environmentally friendly with a closed magnetic radiation field, making it harmless to the human body, and it has a low temperature mode, meaning it is not likely to over-heat. One of the only charging pads on the market that can charge both an iPhone and an Apple Watch at the same time!
charging pad that can charge both an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 10, or other phones that support QI wireless charging and an Apple Watch at the same time!
The Apple Watch piece is adjustable 90 degrees as to tilt the watch at an angle to use as a stand.
Attached USB cable that stays with the pad and prevents possible loss of cable.
•Temperature protection (the battery is automatically protected at high temperature )
•Short-circuit protection (automatically cut off current for protection during short-circuit )
•Over-voltage protection (effectively set the voltage during the battery charge and discharge )
•Electromagnetic field protection (to prevent external magnetic field interference and ensure normal work)
•Overcharge protection (effectively prevent the battery from being over charged for a long time)
•Over power protection (to prevent too high battery charging power)
•Over discharge protection (effectively prevent over discharge of the battery)

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True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds With Solid Aluminum Charging Case, Micro USB Adapter for Charging Other Devices, Voice Prompts, Multiple Accessories, and Awesome Stereo Sound

The best true wireless bluetooth ear buds we have found yet!

With up to 4 hours of true stereo wireless playback, your new earbuds offer the most advanced wireless technology to maximize playback connection experience. Answer, reject, and end calls with a simple touch of the earbud. The buds are both lightweight and portable to take with you everywhere you go. The small profile provides minimal bulk - the size of a dime! The chic and contemporary aluminum shell charging dock with magnetic adhesion offers effortless recharging of earbuds and has the capability to recharge both earbuds or other devices. (charges other devices via micro USB adapter). Enjoy the most advanced wireless technology to maximize playback connection experience.
•Truly wireless earbuds
•Up to 4 hours true stereo wireless playback
Built-in microphone
Audible feedback provides info like power on and off, device connected, paring mode, battery low, etc.
•Chic and contemporary aluminum shell charging dock with magnetic adhesion for effortless recharging of earbuds
Charging case can recharge earbuds 3 to 4 times
•Most advanced wireless technology to maximize playback connection experience
•Small profile for minimal bulk
•Lightweight and portable
•Answer, reject, end calls with a simple touch of the earbud
•Charging has capability of recharging both earbuds or other devices. (charges other devices via micro USB adapter)
Singel tap the side of either earbud once for play and once for pause music. Tap right earbud once to answer an incoming call and once again to disconnect. Audible built-in voice will announce number of who's calling. Hold finger on side of each earbud to power on and hold finger on either earbud to power off. Hold finger on right earbud to power on and keep holding it on to put right earbud into pairing mode. Double tap right earbud to turn volume up and triple tap right earbud to turn volume down. Double tap left earbud to skip forward to next track and triple tap left earbud to skip backwards to start of song or previous track.
What's in the box:
2 bluetooth wireless earbuds
aluminum charging case
micro USB adapter for charging other devices
micro USB cable
5 pairs of different sized rubber ear tips
draw string carry pouch
Owner's manual

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12,000 mAh Portable Power Bank With QuickCharge 2.0 Technology. Includes 1 USB Type C QuickCharge Port and 1 Standard USB Port. Charge a Supported QuickCharge Device 50 to 60 Percent in 30 Minutes

It used to be that seeing the power bar on your phone go into red was like seeing your gas tank needle hovering over empty with not a service station in sight! There was an impeding feeling of doom. But not anymore! Not only will this power bank juice up your devices, but it features a USB-C port that lets you charge the latest gadgets on the market at lightning speed. The Smart Chip Technology with OMNI Protect automatically detects the exact power needs and adjusts the output accordingly and the Advanced Safety Technology provides short-circuit and overcharge protection for the safest rapid charging experience possible. It will not, however, fill up your gas tank—that one is still on you!
• Includes power bank and Micro-USB cable
• Features a USB Type C port that charges the latest gadgets at a 3A input or output rate

Charges any device that can be charged with a USB cable including Android, iPhone, bluetooth speakers and headphones, victor readers, MP3 players, etc.

• High-capacity 12,000mAh battery charges a Go Pro Hero 4 eight times, an iPhone® 5s/ 4 to 6 times and iPhone 7 or later 3 to 5 times.
• QuickCharge 2.0 charges compatible Quick Charge 2.0 devices 75 percent faster.
• 30 minutes can charge your battery 50 to 60 percent.
• QC 2.0 port is backwards compatible for QC 1.0 and works with all other USB-powered devices that are not QC-enabled
• 4-LED power indicator lets you know when the battery is running low
• 2 ways to charge: use the included micro USB cable (2A) or a USB-C type cable for up to 3A charging speeds.
• Smart Chip Technology with OMNI Protect automatically detects the exact power needs and adjusts the output accordingly
• Advanced Safety Technology provides short-circuit and overcharge protection for the safest rapid charging experience possible

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3 In 1 Apple Certified Wireless Charging Pad for QI Equipped Devices. Will Charge Two Phones and an Apple Watch All At The Same Time. Great for Samsung, iPhones, Apple Watch, and all QI Devices

Wireless technology at its best, most convenient ever! Introducing this 3 in 1 Ultra Thin Charging Wireless Charging Pad - Works With Apple Watch, iPhone, Samsung and All Qi Wireless Charging Smartphones. The pad has been extended to allow for 2 smartphones at the same time.
Clean up the clutter on your night stand, desk or counter with the simple to use wireless charging pad!
Compatible: Apple watch series 1/2/3, iPhone 8/ 8Plus, iPhone 10, Samsung Note 8/ S8 Plus/ S8 / S7 Edge and any Qi-enabled device.
Multi functions:
not only can you charge your smart phone, but also can charge your apple watch as the same time!
Just put your smart phone or apple watch on the wireless charger, it will charge automatically, there is no cable needed!
Easy to use:
Just two simple steps. (1) connect this wireless pad to a power source. (2) Put one or two phones and an Apple watch on the wireless pad, and see them charge at the same time!

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Sandisk Micro SD Kit With Three 16GB Micro SD Cards, Full Size SD Card Adapter, and Portable Micro SD to USB Card Reader

This SanDisk 16gb micro SD card 3 pack kit offers an easy, affordable way to expand your mobile devices onboard memory. Your new SanDisk 16gb micro SD card is completely compatible with mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other devices.
Micro SD Card Adapter

The included SD adapter allows you to use the micro SD card in devices that take just standard SD cards.
USB Micro SD Card Reader
The included USB micro SD reader allows you to view your digital content on your computer and android tablets.
•Class 4 micro SD card - great for image recording
•SD adapter allows you to use it on many devices
•Micro SD card reader allows you to view on your PC
Three 16GB Sandisk Micro SD cards
Full Size SD card adapter
micro SD card USB card reader

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Two Pack Press and Seal Dome Shaped Vacuum Seal Plate, Skillet, or Bowl Covers. Keep Food Fresh Easier With These Awesome Vacuum Sealed Covers

One of the neatest and most practical items you will ever see.

Preserve all of your food longer
Two Pack Press Dome Plate, skillet ,or bowl vacuum  Sealers
•10" Diameter with a date dial
•Vacuum seal bowls, plates, or skillets
Low Profile Features: -Quick press vacuum seal. -Keeps food fresher longer. -Eliminates waste of both food and plastic and tin foil. dishwasher safe. -Transport food safely. -Eliminate spills.
•Vacuum seal leftovers, cover food for safe travel, insulate hot food, marinate food more efficiently, and keep food fresher for longer
•Refrigerator, freezer, and top rack dishwasher safe (not microwave safe)
•Dimensions: 10 x 2.5 inches
•BPA free
Weight: 8 Ounces

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Karaoke Singing Machine System With Microphone, Audio Tuning, CD Player, 3.5mm Input, and RCA Connections

Get your karaoke on with the Singing Machine Karaoke System in black and silver. This system has a 3.5-inch, color LCD monitor and built-in speakers, so you and the family can sing along to every hit. Concerned about embarrassing singing? Don't worry, this system has automatic voice control, an echo feature, music-microphone balance control, master volume control, digital key control, and pitch control to distract your audience from any singing imperfections.
This karaoke system has a video and audio output jack, so you have the option to plug the system into a TV too. It comes with one microphone, but the system has the capability to support 2 microphones.
•3.5" LCD Color Monitor
•Plays CD/CD+GB
•Echo and balance control
•Auto voice control (AVC)
•RCA output jackts to connect to your TV for scrolling lyrics (TV not included)
•Input jack for iPod or MP3 player (Aux-in) (iPod, MP3 player or cord not included)
•2 Microphone Jacks
•Built-in speaker

Condition: Manufacturer refurbished

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Sharp Talking Time 1 CT660E. Brand New in original Box With Original Instructions

When the Sharp CT 660E “Talking Time” was introduced in 1979 it represented a technological breakthrough.  It was based on the first use of LSI (large scale integration) construction as opposed to the usual method at that time of mounting discrete components to a printed circuit board.  That made it an amazingly sophisticated product in the consumer marketplace at that time.  While there had been electro-mechanical “talking” devices previously this was the first talking clock to synthesize an actual human voice.  Talking products had a short-lived popularity in the 1980’s (who can forget your car insisting that “your door is a jar”) and then for the most part faded away.
The exterior is a brushed chrome colored plastic material, however there are no signs of any of the coloration wearing off as with so many chromed-plastic products.  The faceplate appears to be glass, as there are absolutely no scratches or signs of discoloration.  The LCD screen is not illuminated.  There is one small yellow button mounted on the top to activate having the clock announce the time.  The only other external control is a thumbwheel volume control.
On the bottom is a snap-open door (that also functions as a stand to hold the clock at an easier to see angle).  Under the door is a 6-position slider switch to set the time/alarm and to set the timer for 1, 5 or 30 minutes (plus a “normal” position).  There are 3 pushbuttons for hour, minutes & set, a slide switch to activate the alarm and another 2-position slider for clock or stopwatch.
By manipulating the buttons and sliders in combination you can set a fairly sophisticated array of timer/stopwatch activities including elapsed time spoken announcements and accumulated lap time announcements.   You can also set it to announce the time at periodic intervals.  When set for time announcement a matter-of-fact male voice announces "It's 1:27 PM".  When the alarm is set,  a few bars of music plays, followed by "Attention please, the time is, 1:27 PM followed by a brief interlude of Boccherini's Minuet.  If the alarm is set and you don’t shut it off immediately it automatically goes into a snooze alarm mode with the next alert stating “The time is …. PLEASE HURRY”
SIMILAR TO:  first of its type. Introduced talking devices of every kind and millions of cheap talking clocks/watches in the decade to follow. They are becoming increasingly rare
HOW IT IMPACTS YOU:  as alluded to, the influence this device had on speech synthesized products is legend.  When you look at it the case (about the size of a pack of king-sized cigarettes, if you can relate to that) seems huge to contain nothing more than a talking clock, but in 1979 every millimeter of internal space was packed with technology that previously would have required the dimensions of a shoebox (if you can relate to that).

This unit is brand new in original box and includes original instruction booklet. It works perfect and is in perfect condition. I can offer an audio tutorial on this that I did for another customer.

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Sharp EL-640 Talking Calculator. Excellent Condition

The infamous Sharp EL-640 talking calculator, alarm clock, timer, clock, and calendar. One of the most rare items in the blind community and now you have a chance to own one. This is the rare model that everyone wants and includes a clock, calendar, timer, alarm clock, hourly chime, 5 minute chime, daylight savings button, and a calculator. it does a lot of things and does them amazingly well! This calculator is in excellent condition. This calculator is in excellent physical condition and works perfect. 

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