Water Resistant Backpack With Padded Shoulder Straps and Handle. Includes USB charging System With 3 USB Charging Ports, Pocket to Use Your Own Portable Power Bank, and Storage for Laptops, Tablets, etc.

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This Backpack is the go-anywhere bag that keeps your electronics going. Pre-wired for USB chargeable devices, this bag is perfect for today's urban explorer. Charge up to three devices simultaneously using any portable battery. The padded compartments protect your gadgets while they charge and the adjustable shoulder straps ensure a perfect fit or use the padded handle for comfortable hand carrying. The backpack is made of durable, water repellent fabric that features sturdy metal hardware. Your new backpack has a large inner pocket that holds up to a 15 or 16 inch laptop.
Stylish backpack pre-wired for charging USB devices on the go
•Charges up to three devices simultaneously using any portable battery
•Padded compartments protect your gadgets while they charge
•Adjustable shoulder straps ensures a perfect fit
•Durable, water repellent fabric and sturdy metal hardware
•Large inner pockets hold up to 15 or 16 inch laptops
•Padded handle for comfortable hand carrying
Lots of storage for cables, clothes, electronics, headphones, etc.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jordan Gallacher, 06/15/2018

I am a bag sort of person, and I have quite a few bags from messenger bags to backpacks. This backpack is great. It is small enough to really not take up a lot of space when it is not being worn but large enough to comfortably carry everything you could need during the day. I finally can easily carry the Aira equipment with no problems, and since this bag has three charging outlets, I never have to worry about not being able to charge my devices or having to sit somewhere while things charge, which is what I used to have to do quite often.