10 Foot Couch Cushion Extension Cord and Charger With 1 AC Outlet and 2 USB Ports

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The perfect power solution for your couch!
No more jumping up in the middle of your favorite TV show when you hear your phone beep – it’ll be right by your side. Now you can power and charge up to three devices simultaneously from the comfort of your sofa, bed, or chair. The Sofa Socket’s clever design allows you to tuck it upright between cushions, keeping it accessible at all times.
•1 grounded 3 prong AC outlet and 2 fast-charging USB ports to connect and charge phones, tablets, and other devices.
•USB ports adapt to the needs of your connected devices to charge at the fastest speed possible, saving you time.
•The unique pop-out arm allows the unit to be secured within your sofa (or mattress, armchair, etc.) for convenient charging while you relax – it can also be removed and used as a regular extension cord.
•Once positioned, the far-reaching 10ft cord can be hidden under the cushions and plugged into the nearest outlet.
•The right-angle, low profile plug allows furniture to sit flush against the wall.
•Dimensions: 5" L x 5.35" x 4.5" H
•Weight: 1.35 lbs
•Cord length: 10 feet
•Wire gauge: 16 AWG
•Max amperage: 13 amp
•1 AC outlet
•2 USB outlet

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