2 Pack 1.8 Ounce tins of Squeezy and Stretchy Therapy Fun Putty. Great for Improving Hand Strength, Relieving Stress, Anxiety, and Fidgetting.

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Do you, or someone you know, have the habit of fidgeting, moving constantly or have restless hands? Do you know kids or adults who are tactile, always touching, moving, holding or playing with things? Fidget and sensory toys offer an outlet for this behavior and can offer stress relief or help reduce anxiety. These fidget and sensory toys offer a quiet, less distracting way to exert restless energy. They can be used as tools to help with self-regulation, which may help increase focus and productivity.
Amazingly fun for kids and adults!
If you find that you have a tough time sitting or focusing at your desk at school or work, consider keeping this incredibly fun fidget putty with you.
Putty can help with stress relief or reducing anxiety in tense times. Or simply offer a mini-break of fun and stimulation in order to return to your project refreshed and recharged.
This is great for the office and makes a great gift for tactile people!
Great as a birthday present, holiday gift or stocking stuffer, Easter Basket stuffer, or just because!
It also makes a super-fun office gift for your gift swaps!
What DON'T you do is the question! Stretch it, bounce it, pop it, roll it, flatten it... it's great fun to explore each putty's unique feature:
WHO is it FOR?
This 2 pack of Putty is perfect for anyone with restless hands -- of any age!
Boys, girls, women and men all will find a fun way to enjoy Putty.
Great for building up hand strength.
Great for relieving stress.
Great for those who fidget.
Great for those constantly moving or those who have restless hands.
Relieves stress and anxiety.
1.8 Ounce of putty in separate storage tin.
2 pack of tins and putty in each order.
•Stretchy fun putty can be used as a toy or for stress and therapy
•Non-Toxic, Do not Eat or Drink
•Warning: Choking Hazard: Small Parts
•Not for children under 3 years or adults over 200 years.
Random colors chosen for each order.

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