20 watt Dual Port USB/USB Type C Wall Charger for Quickly Charging Your Power Hungry Devices Compatible with USB Type C Devices for Quick Charge Capability

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Have you bought a new device lately and have you noticed there is no wall charger in the box any longer? As time goes by, more companies are including less and less but yet charging more and more. It is not right but it is the reality we all have to live in these days. Not only this, but if you get one of the new iPhones, the cable in the box uses USB type C to lightning. If you are like most people, you may have never even seen or or used  a USB type C plug. If you haven't used or even seen one, there is no chance you own one to use with the USB Type C cable that is included with your new shiny $1000 phone! Crazy isn't it. You have this nice new device that you cannot even charge because you don't have the right wall charger. That is where this little baby comes in to play. This dual port wall charger not only gives you a standard USB port to charge most all your other devices but also gives you a new USB Type C port to charge all these new devices requiring USB type C ports. Not only that, but this little gem offers you 20 watts of power to engage the quick charge feature of the iPhone 8 or newer and other Android or Apple devices that use the quick charge feature. This wall charger has plenty of power for tablets, Braille displays, earbuds, smart phones, etc. Grab one of these today and don't get left behind by this new USB type C technology.
Compatible with all devices that use standard USB or USB Type C including but not limited to:

iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPhone 7, 8, 10, 11, SE 2020, 12, and the new iPhone 13. Works with all models of iPads and iPhones and Android devices.
20 watts of power for quickly charging your devices and engaging the quick charge feature in the new iPhones and iPads.
Dual ports for standard USB A and USB type C
Charge two devices at once.
Grab one of our awesome cables to make your charging experience an even better one!

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