Air Conduction Water resistant Bluetooth Headphones With Awesome Sound, Crystal Clear Microphone, Voice Activation and Feedback, 9 Hour Playtime, Bluetooth 5.0 for Long Range and No Latency

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If you like After Shocks, you will love these!

“Stylish, Comfortable, and safe”
these modern wireless blutooth headphones comes with a unique headband style, delivers a flexible fit for all-day comfort and stability. These open-ear design earphones will provide a premium listening experience while your ears stay open to your surroundings for maximum situation awareness, safety, and connection. Start a freedom revelution for your ears!
Comfort and Safe Design-
an open-ear design, which doesn't go in, or cover your ears.
Features comfortable wear and protects your hearing from long usage. This ergonomic design allows you to listen to the surrounding sounds while enjoying music, ensures the safety and normal conversations with others.
•🎧 Air Conduction- is powered by air conduction, which will not cause any discomfort to the original sound compared with bone conduction headphones.
If you have little to no hearing loss, these are a great choice.
Note: these are not bone conducting headphones so they are not intended to help someone who has a hearing loss.
•🎧 Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity-
these headphones include the the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 chip, enhances the signal strength, and greatly improves transmission speed. Combined with the built-in microphone, providing you with a low-latency quality sound and clear call experience.
•🎧 Excellent Sports Headphones-
weighs less than 2 ounces.
Super lightweight, and no burden on your ears.
IP55 waterproof ensures that you will not be affected by sweat during exercise.
9 hours of playtime allows you to get continuous use when you are outdoor, traveling, running, or at the gym.
Open-ear Air Conduction Headphones
Bud-free listening with nothing in or over ear. So comfortable that you might forget you are wearing headphones.
Air Conduction
Experience premium audio while leaving your ears open to ambient sound around you.
Keeping Awareness
Hear your music while awareness of surroundings. Run, cycle and drive safe.
One size Fits All
Adjustable size with 120 degree rotation axis, fits around your head perfectly.
Professional Sports Headphones
120 degree rotation axis
Securely fits your head and won’t shift or fall out during long hours of training
Large Capacity Battery
190mAh Battery Capacity with 9 hours continuous play time.

Premium Audio
16mm dynamic driver&7-core paperless copper wire voice coil
Makes the mid and treble processing more delicate
HD audio decoder chip
Delivers the low-latency and high-quality sound.
Music, Game, phone calls, Video, everything will sync with no lag.
Portable and Flexible Headset
Weighs less than 2 ounces
Lightweight fit ensures all-day wear.
Compact for portability yet affording listening flexibility
Enjoy your music all day at the office, the gym around the home, or the outdoors with these air conduction headphones.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jordan G, 06/29/2021

These are so much better than ANY of the Aftershockz headsets I have had over the years. I have always found my two biggest complaints about the Aftershockz were and still are that they distort other sounds in the environment which makes things like hearing traffic and using them indoors hard, and forget trying to have a conversation with someone with music playing on them. This air conduction headset not only solves all those problems, I am actually typing this on my computer and still can hear Jaws no problem even with listening to music through this headset, you do not have to have the volume up as loud as with the Aftershockz. Another problem with the Aftershockz is the microphone quality is not very good on most of their headsets. People can hear me perfectly clear using this air conduction headset. Being a musician and being that I am picky, these are great. You will not get super bass, but it does the job very well at balancing the highs, middles, and lows. Just a note to those who have Android devices. If it will not come up when you are trying to pair them, turn Bluetooth off on your device, turn the headset off, put your device into pairing mode, which turns Bluetooth back on, turn the headset on and put it in pairing mode, find the headset in the list of the available devices, double tap on it, and follow the prompts.
Overall, this air conduction headset is definitely my daily headset from now on, and with 9 hours of battery life, great sound, and a good microphone, this headset will not disappoint.