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Libratone Zip 2 Mini Portable 360 Degrees Speaker With Built-In Alexa, Audible and Voice Feedback, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Airplay 2, 12 Hour Battery, USB Port, 3.5mm Audio, Sound Link, and Automatic Room Correction

We spent years designing the original ZIPP MINI. Now we introduce ZIPP MINI 2, an updated version. It’s everything great about the previous model, with even more clever features and the well known rich sound.
Wireless portable design with up to 12 hours of active use
New audio tuning and enhanced acoustic system achieve an increased maximum sound level, punchy bottom end, and crisp vocals
Includes Amazon Alexa voice service with far-field mic array with 3 mics
Connect up to 10 speakers and stream music using AirPlay 2, or SoundSpace Link®
Save and play 5 playlists or radio stations with a tap when your ZIPP MINI 2 is connected to WiFi
Onboard room EQ automatically adjusts for optimal sound, no matter position or placement
Enhanced UI responsiveness with functions like music control, 5 preset playlists or radio stations, SoundSpace® link, hush gesture, voice mic, room EQ and firmware update
Clear calls with noise isolating microphones. Works via Bluetooth
ZIPP MINI 2 comes with its own voice prompts to guide you through
Works with Siri voice service and Apple Homekit through the AirPlay 2 integration
Height: 22.4 cm / 8.8 inches
Width: 10 cm / 3.9 inches
Weight: 1.1 kg / 2.4 lbs
Inputs: 3.5 mm mini-jack (analog), USB play in
Drive units:
360° reflector
3” neodymium woofer
1” soft dome neodymium tweeter
2 x 3.5” low-frequency radiator
Amplifier: Full digital Class D amplified adaptive DSP sound optimization and speaker protection system
Available through Apple Store and Google Play
100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz input
Updated 360° FullRoom® sound
Link speakers for individual left/right stereo channels
High res audio 96 kHz/24 bit
Frequency range of 50 Hz — 20 kHz
ZIPP MINI 2 is Amazon Alexa enabled with far-field mic array with 3 mics – simple and handsfree

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Libratone Zip 2 Portable 360 Degrees Speaker With Built-In Alexa, Audible and Voice Feedback, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Airplay 2, 12 Hour Battery, USB Port, 3.5mm Audio Port, Sound Link, and Automatic Room Correction

Big and rich sound, sharp acoustics and built-in Amazon Alexa voice assistant – all combined in our smart and wireless ZIPP 2 speaker. The ZIPP 2 will fill your home with music and timeless Danish design. Enjoy your music, without any limits.
Music should never be tied down
The ZIPP 2’s battery lasts up to 12 hours. The thoughtfully crafted handle makes ZIPP 2 your perfect travel companion. Grab it, and take your music with you, anywhere.
Voice assistant
Alexa meets ZIPP 2. ZIPP, Alexa.
Amazon Alexa voice assistant is already integrated in the ZIPP 2. So you can control the music, check the weather, control smart home devices, and more, just with your voice. But we know it’s not for everyone, hence it’s disabled by default.
Your favorites are a tap away
Sometimes you just have to hear that one song, playlist or radio station. So we made it exceptionally easy. You can store up to 5 presets, and play any of them with a simple tap or voice command.
•Portable sound with up to 12 hours of active use
•New audio tuning and enhanced acoustic system achieve an increased maximum sound level, punchy bottom end, and crisp vocals
•ZIPP 2 is Amazon Alexa enabled with far-field mic array with 6 mics – simple and handsfree
•Connect up to 10 speakers and stream music using AirPlay 2, or SoundSpace Link®
•Store and play any 5 playlists or radio stations with a tap when your ZIPP 2 is connected to WiFi
•Onboard Room EQ automatically adjusts for best sound, no matter position or placement
•Enhanced UI responsiveness with the functions music control, hush gesture, 5 preset playlists or radio stations, SoundSpace® link, voice mic, room EQ and firmware update
•Noise isolating microphones ensure clear calls. Works via Bluetooth
•Built-in voice prompts will guide you through the ZIPP 2 experience
•Works with Siri voice service and Apple HomeKit through AirPlay 2
•Dimensions: ◦Height: 26.1 cm / 10.3 inches
◦Width: 12.2 cm / 4.8 inches
•Weight: 1.5 kg / 3.3 lbs
•Inputs: 3.5 mm mini-jack (analog), USB play in
•Drive units: ◦360° reflector
◦4” Neodymium Woofer
◦1x1” Soft dome neodymium tweeter
◦2x4”Low-frequency radiators
•Available through Apple Store and Google Play
•Up to 12 hours of active use
•100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz input
•High res audio 96 kHz/24 bit
•Frequency range of 50 Hz — 20 kHz
•Amplifier: Full digital Class D amplified adaptive DSP sound optimization and speaker protection system

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Apple Certified 3 in 1 Ultra Slim Wireless Charging Pad. Charge Your AirPods, Apple Watch, and iPhone All at the Same Time.

Finally, what the Apple wireless charging matt should have been! This super slim wireless charging pad will let you charge your Apple watch, your Apple AirPods Pro or 2nd Gen, and your iPhone 8 or newer all at the same time.

With this 3-in-1 Ultra-Thin Fast Wireless Charging Pad, you can simultaneously charge up to three devices, including your Apple Watch, AirPods Pro or AirPods 2, and Qi-enabled smartphones. This charging pad offers a minimalist, sleek, and ultra-thin design and is ready to keep you charged throughout the day.
Apple MFI Certified
•Simultaneously charge up to three devices; Apple Watch, AirPods Pro or Airpods 2nd Gen, iPhones (8 or later), or other Qi enabled smartphones
•Triple fast charging
•LED indicator lights up green when charging
•Temperature control and over-current protection
•Compatibility: DC 1.8A~3A input for Samsung GalaxyS10/S9 / S9plus/ S8 / S8plus / S7 / S7 Edge / S6 Edge Plus / Note 5 Series (10W); for iPhone12/12mini/12pro/12 pro max/11 11pro/11 pro max/X / 8/ 8 Plus / Xs / Xs Max / XR (7.5W) and other QI-enabled phones
5 Watt; for Apple Watch series 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. (not for series 3 with all OS 6 and below software)
•6 mm induction distance charges your phone without taking off the phone case
Anti slip rubber feet on bottom.
•Includes built-in 3 foot USB cable

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Shiatsu Massager For Your Back, Neck, or Shoulders, With Built-In Heat, Speed Control, and Bi-Directional Massage Heads, With Power Adapters for the Home or Car

In this world, at this time, don't we all deserve a heated massage? Now you can have one from the comfort of your chair or couch. this back and neck shiatsu massage device is shaped to fit around your back or neck. Use the controls that are built-in to turn it on or off, change the direction of the massage heads, change the speed, and turn on the heat function. Sit back, relax, have a glass of wine, turn on some Luther Vandross, and have your own massage session. Disrobing is optional.
•Input: 110-120V or 220-240V outlet
•Output: 3.5 v 800mA
•Power consumption: 2.8 watt
•Material: High-quality PU leather and breathable mesh fabric
•Ergonomic “U” shape to wrap around the neck and back
•20 minute auto shut off feature turns the heat off
•Advanced Heating Functions
•Massage penetrates deep for ultimate muscle stimulation
•Relieves Tension from Upper Back
•Relieve Lower Back Pain
•Full-body Relaxation
•Comes with an AC power adaptor for home and office use & DC adaptor for the car
•Accessible Control Panel
•Power, Direction, Speed, Heating Activation
•Built-in over-heating prevention mechanism
•Designed to massage pressure points in the back, shoulders, or neck
•Automatic transfer clockwise and counterclockwise (1 minute)

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340 Watt 2.1 Home Audio Speaker System With 6.5 Inch Subwoofer, Stereo Satellite Speakers, Enhanced Bass, 3.5mm and RCA Audio Inputs, Bluetooth Support, and Amazon and Google Device Compatibility

Always wanted a speaker system that would give you good vibrations? This one will definitely do it! This 340 watt 2.1 channel bookshelf speaker system includes 2 satellite stereo speakers while also including a floor shaking 6.5 Inch subwoofer. Great for any room in the house this would look great on a bookshelf or entertainment center. The 3.5mm audio allows for hardwiring to a device like a victor stream or iPad while the RCA jacks allow for connecting to a home audio receiver. Finally, the built-in bluetooth allows for connection to almost anything like your amazon echo, your iPhone or Android device, your google home, or anything that supports bluetooth transmission. The added control knobs on the side allow for precision adjustment of the bass or treble as well as the volume of the speakers. With 360 watts of peak power, you can really rock the house and as Jerry Lee Lewis tells us, there will be a whole lot of shaking going on.

Connect your Amazon alexa or google home device to control this speaker system  with just a few words.

This system is not portable and does not use a rechargeable battery.
This 340 watt Surround Sound System with built in bluetooth features enhanced bass, an integrated amplifier, and a powerful subwoofer, providing you with the ultimate movie and gaming experience.
This speaker system is highly compatible and can be used by your Bluetooth enabled devices, including your amazon echo or echo dot, gaming console, gaming PC, iPhone, iPad, desktop computer, smartphone, laptop, or tablet.
•6.5-inch woofer and 340 watts peak power made entirely of lignin hemp fiber
•The natural polymer is ultra-durable and lightweight, optimizing the driver’s performance
•The upper suspension ring is made of rubber, allowing greater displacement sensitivity
•Enhanced howl bass technology extends low frequencies delivering a more natural, deep bass and surrounding sound
•Reach well-defined bass in a compact size, offering a powerful sound in your living room or dorm room
•The latest Bluetooth adaptor technology connects any Bluetooth-enabled device for a customizable listening experience
2 x separate satellit speakers for left and right channel stereo sound.
1 x 6.5 inch 360 watt subwoofer
1 x built-in bluetooth transmitter
1 x power Cord
1 x RCA to 3.5mm cable


Inputs on bakc include both RCA Stereo and 3.5mm Stereo
•The HDAA wood finish prevents vibration and leakage of sound, enabling a more accurate, efficient, and sustainable performance.

Please Note: Due to the size and weight of this product, no international shipping and there will be an additional $10 shipping charge.

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Mini 300 Jewel Wall Outlet Surge Protector With 2 USB Charging Ports and 2 AC Outlets With Built-In Device Stand

Our phones and tablets aren’t the only things using a USB cord to power up these days. Chances are, if you have an Echo or air pods, a Bluetooth speaker, or even a remote control car or drone, you are charging it with a USB cable. Old-school outlets don’t give you that option, and adapters are easily lost or don’t last too long.
This Mini surge protector is an easy upgrade, converting your basic wall sockets to highly effective charging stations. All you do is plug it in and you instantly go from a standard outlet to 2 USB chargers and 2 3-prong outlets, plus a phone rest. It is surge protected, fire proof, and heat resistant, which saves energy, so you can feel even better about it.
The one thing that is out of sight, and likely out of mind, is the best part of the whole thing—the surge protector.
You only notice a surge protector when you are not protected, and you’ve fried whatever was plugged in when lightning strikes. So, sure, buy this for all the expansion and convenience it gets you, but enjoy it for the protection you may never notice.
Guard your gadgets against high voltage
 Prevent possible damage from power strikes and surges
 Extend the life of your electronics with this little device
 •A smart upgrade without going full smart-home
•An easy solution to protect against power surges
•Convert a wall socket into a power station with a single product
•Reduces heat build-up to save energy
•Multi-Port Charging Station Hub: ◦2 Power Outlet + 2 USB Charging ports with 2.1A Output
•300 Joules Surge Protection: ◦Protects against surges and voltage fluctuation
•Portable Mini Surge Protector ◦Ideal for travel
Available in black or white. Make your choice from the drop down box before adding to cart.

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Phillips Sonicare Diamond Clean Sonic Toothbrush With Wireless Charging Glass, 3 Brush Heads, Rechargeable Travel Case, and 5 Cleaning Modes. the King Daddy of Sonic Toothbrushes

Everybody loves a healthy, bright smile. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Rechargeable toothbrush offers Philips Sonicare’s best whitening system and superior plaque removal.
•Patented Sonic technology
•5 brushing modes and advanced brush head technology
•Choose from Clean, White, Sensitive, Gum Care, and Deep Clean modes for a custom cleaning experience
•Proven to naturally whiten teeth in just one week, DiamondClean will also gently remove coffee, tea, tobacco, and red wine stains
•Has Quad pacer and Smartimer to encourage attentive brushing of each quadrant of the mouth and reinforce the recommended brushing time of at least 2 minutes
•Its charging travel case allows you to take your toothbrush on-the-go
•The included wireless charging glass can be used for charging or to rinse your mouth after brushing
•Voltage110-220 V
•Battery Type: Lithium ION
•Battery: Rechargeable
•Battery Indicator: Illuminated icon indicates battery life
•Handle: Slim ergonomic design
•Display: Illuminated display
•Brush Head System: Easy click-on brush heads
•Speed: Up to 62000 brush movement/min
•Performance: Removes up to 7x more plaque
•Health benefits: Improves gum health in only two weeks
•Whitening benefits: Whitens teeth 2X better
•Timer: SmarTimer and Quad pacer
•Modes: ◦Clean: For exceptional everyday clean
◦Gum Care: Gently massages gums
◦Sensitive: Gentle teeth and gum cleaning
◦White: Removes surface stains
◦Deep Clean: For an invigorating deep clean
Included In The Box
•1x Philips DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush
•1x Charging Case
•1x wireless Charging Glass
•3x Brush Heads
2-Year Phillips

•Available in Pink or Black. Make your choice from the drop down box before adding to cart.

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10 Watt Wireless Charging Stand With Dual Coil Technology for Charging Your Phone in Portrait or Landscape Mode

Charge your phone effortlessly! Just plop it on the sleek Trakk charger and your good to go!! No wires, No headache.
•2 Coil Fast Charging is 1.4 times faster than the standard wireless charger
•Built-in two coils offer you a much wider charging area
•This Quick Charge 2.0 wireless charges your compatible device from dead to full in a short amount of time
•Unique Sailing Design for Freedom, charging your phone vertically or horizontally, enjoy a movie or music without interrupting while charging
•Answer a call without having to unplug
•10W Fast Charge Model: ◦Galaxy S20/S20+/S20
◦Edge and Note 20/20
◦Required QC 2.0 or above adapter as its power source(Not Included)
•7.5W Fast Charge Model: ◦iPhone 12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max/12 Mini
◦11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XS/XS Max/XR/X/8/8 Plus
•5W Standard Charge Model: ◦Standard QI enabled device like Pixel 3/3XL
◦Samsung S6/S6Edge
◦Some devices may require the addition of a wireless charging receiver like other iPhones
•Featuring overcharging and over-temperature protection
•4 anti-slip rubber feet at the bottom to ensure stability
•Supports most phone cases not thick than 5mm such as armor case, rubber case, hybrid case, plastic/TPU/PC cases
•Multi-colored LED lights indicate charging status: ◦Solid blue for standby mode
◦Green for charging mode
•Blue LED indicator will flash in 1s/time if your phone is not properly aligned or any metal a

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Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds With Charging Case, Bacground Noise Cancellation, Fast Connection, Touch Controls, Amazing Sound, Voice and Audible Feedback, and Super Comfort. Original Airpod style

Our new favorite true wireless bluetooth earbuds!
These new bluetooth earbuds provide super comfort while providing awesome sound quality from your favorite music. The high quality microphone provides crystal clear quality while talking on the phone. These earbuds don't block out everything around you so you are able to hear your surroundings which makes it great for Aira explorers. Easy touch controls make skipping, rewinding, playing, and pausing music a breeze. Also easily lets you activate Siri or your favorite voice assistant with a single touch. Voice and audible feedback help you know what your doing along the way.
Provides great punchy bass and great clear vocals.
Crystal Clear Calls:
Smart noise reduction tech allows the wireless earbuds to block ambient noise over 50dB and retains 98% of your voice with frequencies from 200Hz to 3000Hz, improves call clarity in noisy situations.
(Note: this is not Active Noise Cancellation tech)
•Smart Controls: Intuitive ear detection
plays music when both bluetooth earbuds are worn and pauses when you remove one earbud;
role switching technology lets you use either earbud and switch seamlessly between the two without interruption
•Superior Stereo Sound: 10mm high fidelity dynamic drivers provide ultra-realistic audio with deep bass, natural mids, clear and detailed treble to Indulging in your favorite tunes.
•Unmatched Comfort: True Wireless earbuds are ergonomically designed to sit securely in your ears, reduce pressure and maximize comfort for all-day wearing
•Extra-Long Listening: Using a low power consumption chipset, Bluetooth earphones stream consistently flawless music for up to 5hrs on a single full charge – extend to up to 25hrs total with the pocket sized charging case
Always Be Heard—Without Shouting
Smart AI Noise Reduction Technology
These true wireless earbuds are designed with smart noise reduction technology (it isn't Active Noise Cancellation Technology), eliminating background noise over 50dB, preserving up to 98% of your voice, so you're heard clearly on the other end—even in noisy environments such as in an office, café or on a bus, train, car, etc.
•Smart Noise Reduction Technology (this is not Active Noise Cancellation Technology) 
•Noise Reduction: Over 50dB 
•Intuitive Ear Detection 
•Single or Twin Mode 
•Open to Pair 
•USB C Charging 
•Audio Codec: SBC, AAC 
Smart Touch Control
Latest Bluetooth 5. 0
The Wireless Earbuds provides faster paring with a more stable connection, within 15m/50ft, for skip-free streaming.
Open to Pair
Open the lid to auto turn and pair the Bluetooth earbuds to your last paired device.
Smart Touch Control
Simply tap the area below the top edge to answer calls and control music.
Double tap to play, pause music, and to hang up from a call.
Hold finger on either earbud to reject call

single tap to answer call

triple tap on right earbud to skip forward track
triple tap on left earbud to restart song or skip backwards track
touch and hold either earbud to activate your voice assistant
tap and hold on right earbud to increase volume
tap and hold on left earbud to decrease volume

Hold finger on either earbud to reject call

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QI Certified Wireless Charging Pad With Two Built-In Standard USB Charging Ports

Wireless charging is great. Just put your phone on the pad and whallaa... it charges with no wires. But what if you are using the only outlet nearby to plug in your wireless pad. After all, not everything charges wirelessly these days. This handy little device solves that problem. Not only does it give your phone a wireless charge but it also provides two standard USB charging ports on the front of the pad to allow you to charge two other devices with your own cable. The combinations are endless.
Charge your phone, bluetooth earpiece and victor stream.
Charge your phone, another phone, and your tablet.
Charge your phone, your Apple Watch, and your spouse's phone.
Charge your phone, your airpod's, and your bluetooth speaker.
Charge your phone, your friend's phone, and your neighbor's phone.
Charge your friend's phone, your friend's neighbor's phone, and your friend's neighbor's neighbor phone.
Ok, you get the idea.
•Compatible with: iPhone, Android, Galaxy, and other Qi-enabled devices
•Green LED light shows when your phone is correctly aligned on the base and charging
•Case friendly
•Anti-slip surface
black color
•With 5 Watts / 1 AMP output, this wireless charger delivers power to your smartphone fast without sacrificing charging speeds
•Charge your Qi-enabled device by simply placing it on the wireless pad
Charge two other devices by just plugging in their charging cable.
Includes micro USB cable for powering the pad.

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Apple Watch MFI Certified 5200mAh Aluminum Power Bank With Additional Standard USB Charging Port for Other Devices.

Enjoy extended freedom to charge your Apple Watch and other devices on-the-go quickly and easily with this Apple Watch Dual Power Bank.
Standard USB Charging Port
Built In AppleWatch wireless charger.
•Dual Capacity Power
•Offers long-lasting power
•Receive up to 10 full charges for Apple Watch
•Receive up to 2 full charges on your iPhone or other devices
•MFI certified Apple Watch portable charger
•Makes for a great solution to extend your battery life on long flights or road trips
•Suitable for all Apple Watch models, iPhone, iPads, and other phones and tablets
Compatible with all series of Apple watches.
•Apple Watch NOT included
Charges with Micro USB Cable
•Built-in 5,200 mAh battery capacity
•Li-Ion Battery
•Power Input: 5W/2.1A
•Compatibility: Both 38mm, 40mm,  42mm, and 44mm Apple Watch
•Certification: MFI Certified, CE, FCC
•Color: Grey/White
•Power Output: Wireless 5W/1.0A and USB 5W/2.1A
•Dimensions: 4.6 inches long, 2 inches wide, and less than an inch thick.
wieght: 5.5 ounces

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Sterling Silver 12 Days of Christmas Charm Bracelet With Toggle Closure and Charms Representing Each Day. Super Unique and Fun

elegant toggle bracelet of figurine charms, inspired by the "12 Days of Christmas" carol. Richly detailed and layered in sterling silver, this is a great fashion piece to wear during the Holiday season.

•Layered in sterling silver
•Inspired by the "12 Days of Christmas" carol
toggle closure
8 inches long
•Great fashion piece to wear during the Holiday season
Includes tactile attached charms representing each day of the 12 days including the following:
 1. Partridge
2. Turtle Dove
3. French Hens
4. Calling Birds
5. Gold Ring
6. Geese a laying
7. Swans of Swimming
8. Maids a Milking
9. Ladies Dancing
10. Lords a Leaping
11. Pipers Piping
12. Drummers Drumming
This bracelet comes in a nice gift box and is very unique with charms representing each day.
Note: We cannot guarantee these will get to you by Christmas.

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MFI Certified Apple Watch 1000mAh Portable Pocket Power Bank With KeyChain

Apple products. They're great right?
they are great quality, they have a great design, they function great, great great great great.
Now here the the part that's not great.
 The battery life on the Apple Watch is horrible!
Yeah, that's not great.
You might get a day of battery on the Apple Watch if you're lucky. What good is a great product if it has to always be on the charger?
That's why this little handy dandy device is so great!
What we have here is a small power bank for your Apple Watch that's a keychain. Clip it to a bag or your keys and always have a charge ready and waiting for your Apple watch.

You can leave your charging cable at home safe and never worry about running out of charge. Simply connect this Power bank to your keys or bag so it goes everywhere you go.
Now... that's great!

• MFI certified Apple Watch portable charger
•Receive up to 2 full charges on your Apple Watch
•integrated KeyChain so you’ll never misplace it
•This power bank is a solution for traveling on long flights or road trips
Compatible with all Apple Watch models
•Apple Watch NOT included
•1,000 mAh battery capacity
•Battery Type: Li-Ion
•Power Input: 5v/1A
•Power Output: 5W
•Compatibility: 38mm, 40, 42mm, and 44mm  Apple Watch models.
•Certification: MFI Certified, CE, FCC
•Color: White
•Measures: 2.5 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and less than an inch thick.
•Weight: 1.8 ounces
Includes micro USB charging cable.
Instructions: Charge the power bank for an hour or so. Set your Apple Watch on the charger and press the button on the front of the unit to start charging your watch. The power bank will shut off automatically when watch is fully charged.

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Cavalier Alexa Portable Wireless Stereo Speaker System With Built In Alexa, Streaming Music Services, Voice Feedback, 360 Degree Sound, and Wireless Charging Dock

Two active stereo drivers and dual passive radiators produce rich, dynamic audio details, and it supports Amazon Alexa for carrying out voice commands. This Cavalier Maverick wireless speaker is made with machined-edge metal, genuine leather and Japanese acoustic fabric for a refined aesthetic.
Multi-Function Smart Speaker:
 Enjoy streaming music from Spotify, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music Channel, Pandora, SiriusXM, TuneIn and many more in one compact stereo system
Control hundreds of devices:
 This speaker supports Amazon Smart Home Skills to control Wink, Nest, SmartThings and more. Integrates with iHome SmartPlugs
Built-in Alexa voice control:
 get news, weather, traffic, and music by simply asking Alexa.

Control your smart home hands free by using this WiFi Bluetooth speaker.
Works in any room, indoors, outdoors:
 As long as you have WiFi or a Bluetooth device, you have a world of radio and music at your voice command
Charging dock and pouch
: Recharge the speaker using the included leather charging base dock, or via USB.

The rechargeable lithium battery lasts up to 10 hours. Your Cavalier is all about style, that’s why we’ve included our finely stitched canvas carrying case for truly fashionable portability.

Dimensions: Length 7.9", Width 5.4", Height 10.10"

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Cavalier Alexa Smart Speaker Stereo System With Built In Alarm Clock, voice Feedback, Alexa Voice Assistant, Streaming Music Services, Bluetooth Compatiblility, Wireless Charging Pad, and USB Charging Port

Two active stereo drivers and dual passive radiators produce rich, dynamic audio details, and it supports Amazon Alexa for carrying out voice commands. This Cavalier Maverick wireless speaker is made with machined-edge metal, Japanese acoustic fabric and genuine leather for a refined aesthetic.

Take Alexa to bed with you.

This beautiful and super quality voice activated speaker let's you connect your amazon alexa account for your personal assistant. Use the built in accessible alarm clock with the companion downloadable app or use this as a bluetooth speaker connected to your phone. Take phone calls or request a timer or alarm in seconds. And with the added wireless charger on top and the USB charging port in back, you can get all your devices charged while you sleep.
•Multi-Function Smart Speaker: Enjoy streaming music from Spotify, iHeartRadio, Music Channel, Pandora, SiriusXM, TuneIn and many more, in one compact stereo system
•Wireless Charging: The top is a wireless charging pad for your iPhone, iPad or any Qi-enabled device. Simply lay it down for recharging, or plug into the built-in USB port
•Built-in Alexa Voice Control Technology: And you can control it via Bluetooth or voice. Works with all Alexa skills (requires an active account)
•Set customized alarms: Wake to any combination day clock or time you wish, whether from an .mp3 stored on your phone or using Alexa’s infinite resources
•Elevate any room:
Cavalier’s clean look will enhance any bookshelf, bedroom table or office desk with retro elegance. Real leather and quality craftsmanship mean Cavalier is your companion for life
Built in down firing subwoofer and stereo drivers make this an awesome sounding speaker system.
Listen to books, movies, or music on this super quality speaker system.
•Dimensions: Length 11.7" Width 5.2" Height 8.2"

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Universal 5 in 1 Aluminum Home or Travel Charging Station With 1 Standard USB Port, 1 QuickCharge Standard USB Port, 1 QuickCharge USBC Port, and 2 Grounded Electrical Outlets

Power your digital life with this versatile charging system that includes every type of port you'll ever need. Utilizing PD technology, this charging station will rapidly charge any Android or Apple mobile device - quickly and safely. With 2 USB ports, 1 USB-C port, and an additional 2 grounded standard 3 prong AC outlets, you'll always have ample power at hand!
Input: 10A 1250 Watts 60Hz
USB C: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A
USB A1: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A
USB A2: 5V/2.4A
2 3 prong grounded electric outlets
Ready for convenience? This 5in1 chargin station makes charging a breeze with 2 USB ports, 1 USB-C port, and 2 grounded 3 prong electrical outlets.
Supports Ultra-fast Pd charging on all Apple and Android Smartphones including the iPhone 8, 10, 11 / 12 / Pro and Max, in addition to all current Samsung Galaxy/Note models.
This station features a low-profile flat plug (great for tucking behind furniture) and a reinforced 5-foot power cord.
Power On/Off with ease using the central power button, great for bedside lamps and electronics with hard-to-reach power switches.

1x Fast charging USB-C port (18 watt) 

1x Fast charging USB-A port (18 watt)

1x USB-A port (12 watt) 

2 additional grounded 3 prong electric outlets.

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Universal Home or Travel 6 Port Smart Charging HUB. Includes 5 Standard USB Ports and 1 USB Type C Port for Fast Charging. Charge 6 Devices at One Time

ThisSmart Charging Hub provides powerful and universal charging to most devices utilizing standard USB ports. Combining technical innovation with a high-quality design for ultimate performance, power, efficiency, and versatility. Compatible with most smartphones, tablets and a wide range of devices. Featuring 6 USB ports providing high-speed charging to charge six devices simultaneously. One charger to charge all your devices makes it ideal for travel. It’s a must-have charging accessory.
•Universal charging station
•Compatible with a wide range of devices utilizing a standard USB port for charging
•For iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Android and more
•Charge virtually any smartphone or tablet
•Delivers fast speed charging
•All the power you need to keep your devices charged and stay connected
•Great for your home and office
•Featuring five dedicated USB output ports and one USB C output port to charge six devices simultaneously
•Each port charges your devices at optimal charging speed
•Trusted and reliable, designed and manufactured to ensure safety
•Easy to use. Simply use your charging cable with this adapter and connect the plug to any electrical outlet
•Weight: 7.7oz
•Dimensions: 3.9 x .55 inches
•5 standard USB outputs
•1 USB C output
6 total outlets. Charge six devices at once.

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Our Price: $44.99
Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener Set With Included Foil Cutter, Aerator Spout, and Vacuum Stopper and Pump

This Electric Wine Opener features the most simplified operation, helping you effortlessly extract a cork by pressing the “Down” and “Up” button. This gift box includes a stainless steel cordless electric corkscrew, a vacuum saver stopper, an aerator spout, and a foil cutter. The Vacuum Saver Stopper is a saver pump to suck out the air to keep opened wine fresh. The Foil Cutter can be used to remove the bottle foil seal. The Aerator Spout control the outflow from the top of the bottle.


  • Opens effortlessly
  • Portable
  • Convenient
  • Includes a stainless steel cordless electric corkscrew, a vacuum saver stopper, an aerator spout, and a foil cutter.
  • Requires 4 Double A batteries.
  • Batteries not included.

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Mophie 4000mAh Super slim Pocket Power Bank With Built-In Fast charging Cable, Micro USB and Apple Lightning Tip, and Aluminum Case

Never carry a charging cable again. The mophie PowerStation Plus Mini Universal battery combines a Compact design, premium feel and Built-in switch-tip charging cable that charges both Apple and Micro USB devices. This 4,000Mah battery gives you more than one additional charge on your smartphone or will keep your tablet charged longer for more reading. Charging on-the-go is now easier than ever. mophie products go through rigorous testing. Each battery is tested three times to ensure peak performance and safe operation. This is the reason why mophie is the #1 and most trusted brand in portable power.
4000mAh battery
•2.1 amp output charge for smartphones or tablets
•Slim easy-to-carry design with an Aluminum finish
•Delivers an additional 12 hours
•Built-in switch-tip charging cable with micro USB and Lightning connectors
•Integrated power indicator button displays the charging status and current battery life of your powerstation
•Smart Charging Circuitry
Color: black
Product Dimensions
2.48 x 0.37 x 4.84 inches 
Item Weight
3.87 ounces.

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Our Price: $29.99
Mophie 6000mAh Portable Power Bank With Built-In Apple Lightning Cable, 1 USB Port for Charging Other Devices, and Ability to Re-Charge the Power Bank With an Apple Lightning Cable

•This 6,040mAh portable battery provides extra hours of power for your Apple devices: Up to 20 extra hours for your iPhone, up to 8 extra hours for an iPad mini, or up to 5 extra hours for a full-sized iPad.
•The powerstation plus portable battery has been designed to work specifically with Apple products. All you need to recharge the powerstation is the Lightning cable that came with your Apple device
•Connect the powerstation portable battery to a wall adapter in the evening and pass-through charging will send power to a connected device first, then recharge the powerstation battery so both are fully charged when you wake up
•Don’t hassle with multiple cables when you’re on-the-go. With the integrated Lightning cable, you always have the right cable for your Apple device
•The 10W USB-A output port lets you charge one compatible device or wearable while the integrated Lightning cable charges another
•The integrated four-light LED power indicator displays charging status and the current battery life, so you always know how much power you have left
•The compact powerstation plus portable battery is the perfect travel companion: the integrated cable tucks conveniently into the side of the battery when not in use so there’s no tangled mess inside your bag.
Dimensions: 2.73 x 5.12 x 0.59 in
Weight: 0.397 lb
Capacity: 6,040mAh
Color will be randomly chosen.

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Our Price: $39.99
True Wireless 5.0 Bluetooth Earbuds With Ear Stabilizers, and Charging Case With Bult In Power Bank. Provide an Emergency charge to your device or 100 Hours of Playtime to the Earbuds

The Key to Wireless Movement
•Unparalleled 100 Hours Playtime with Charging Case
•Dynamic and Punchy Bass
•Charge Your Phone in An Emergency
•IPX7 Waterproof
•USB-C charging and Bluetooth 5.0
The Power of 100 Hours
These bluetooth earbuds are made to keep up with you. Experience an industry-leading 100 hours playtime enabled by the charging case.With advanced power management, imagine going 20 days without having to recharge again! Be it globe trotting or outdoor sports, These do it all.
Emergency Power Bank
A 2600 mAh battery built into the charging case which doubles as a power bank when your phone has zero power.Whether an important phone call or during an emergency, bring your phone back to life and save the day. Carry these earbuds with you everywhere you go.
Explosive Bass
Every kick, bassline, and drop is delivered with a massive thump which you can feel. Enabled with dynamic E Q, it ensures a deep bass and sounds sensational at any volume. It's made to make you groove.
Dedicated Controls
The fundamentals of design are done right. there is an independent button to display battery life, and an option to easily un-pair from any other Bluetooth devices which may have connected to your earbuds. No more guessing.
All Weather. All Purpose.
IPX7 Waterproof rating allows you to stretch your adventurous limits while making sure that you don't panic. Whether water, dust, or snow, bring it on!It's time that you explore, more.
Stability and Convenience
Bluetooth 5.0 ensures uncompromised, fast, and stable connectivity. USB-C charging allows you a trouble-free charging experience in the dimmest of lights.
Multiple rubber ear tips insure the best fit possible while ear stabilizers keep these in your ears.
Small size storage charge case fits in any pocket or purse.

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3 Layer Heat Resistant Fingered Gloves for Baking, Grilling, Holding Pots and Pans, or Anything That is Hot. One Size Fits All

Let’s be honest, this summer isn’t as eventful as you probably imagined. You may even feel like it’s all sizzle and no steak, but just some of the parties are postponed doesn’t mean summer is cancelled. It just means your backyard BBQ skills will be even better.
Whether your preferred method is a smoker, charcoal Weber, gas-fired grill, or campfire straight up—nothing tastes better in the summer than food cooked over an open flame (probably because nothing is worse than cooking in a hot kitchen when it’s 90° outside).
Outdoor cooking doesn’t have to be an extra macho, “no pain no gain” kinda meal. Get your grill on with the gloves that basically give you super powers. Move the coals, perfect your grill marks, and do everything you need to do over the fire without feeling the burn.
•Fits like a glove (well…one size fits all)
•Newer version now heat resistant to 1472 degrees fahrenheit
•Don’t grill naked (wear your gloves)
•Handle pots, pans, meat (and even the coals) with these
•It’s not a cookout unless you get a hot dog AND a hamburger (and potato salad of course)
•Premium Triple Material: ◦The oven gloves consist of 3 materials. The first material is cut patterns of silicone that provide non-slip protection, flexible enough to hold little kitchen utensils. The second material is ultra-high-strength Dayan aramid fiber for high heat, cut, acid, and alkali resistance. The third material is polyester cotton which provides a soft inside. A perfect balance of the most protection and comfort.
•One size fits all.
8 inches palm lengths palm plus extra 5.7 inches wrist guard lengths are enough to protect your fingers, hands, wrists, and forearm. 4.5 inches cuff width lets you easy to take on or off and provide stretchy to fit most hand size.
•Enhanced Heat Resistant: Ultra-high strength Dayan aramid fiber lets these grilling gloves provide higher heat Resistant (1472 degrees fahrenheit)
While you are cooking, baking, pot-holding, smoker grill handling and you can focus on your cooking things.
•Easy to Clean & Store: Machine washable and hand wash as you like.
•Multi-purpose Use: these heat resistant glove protects hands when cooking, baking, pot-holding, smoker grill handling. Perfect kitchen helper for high heat cooking, baking, or grilling or anything involving heat.
Available in black or red.  Make your choice from the drop down box before adding to cart.

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18 Watt Home or Travel Quick charge USB Type C Wall Adapter. Charge Your Apple or Android Devices Twice as Fast With this Compact Wall Charger

•18 Watt USB C AC adapter with advanced PD (Power Delivery) 3.0 Dual-mode charging technology; PD and QC2.0/QC3.0/QC4.0 charging enabled
•One of the smallest 18 Watt PD chargers on the market
•Power Boost your iPhone 8 or newer 50 percent in 30 minutes
•Charging output: 18W Max 5V3A 9V2A 12V1.5A
•Over-current, Over-voltage, Short Circuit, and Over-temperature protection
•Android device fast-charging compatibility(with USB C to C cable): Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, S9/S9 Plus, S10e/S10/S10 Plus, Note 8, Note 9, LG G7, G8, V30, V40, Google Pixel 2/2XL, Pixel 3/3XL, Moto G6, G7, Z3 Play, Razer Phone 2 and more
•Apple device fast-charging compatibility(with original Apple or MFI-Certified Lightning to USB-C cable): iPhone S E 2020, 11, 11 pro, 11max, 12 pro, 12 mini, 12 pro max, 8/8 Plus, iPhone X/XS, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPad Pro 2018
•ETL Certified: P0181
•USB IF Certified USB C connector.

This is just the wall charger and does not include any cables. Use this USB Type C wall charger to quick charge your devices.

Works with the cable that Apple includes with the new iPhone 12 11, or S E 2020 model phones or any other USB type C to lightning cable.

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Portable Rugged 30 Watt Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Speaker With Deep Bass, TWS Pairing, 24 Hour Battery Life, 3.5mm Audio Jack, Micro SD Card Slot, and USB Flash Drive Port,

One of the most innovative and best sounding bleutooth speakers we have heard.
Enjoy your favorite music at home or on-the-go with this 30 Watt Premium Bluetooth speaker. This rugged powerful wireless speaker fulfills all your needs for streaming audio from Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smart-phones, laptops, tablets, etc.
With 30 watts of power, deep bass, and great full range stereo sound, this portable rugged bluetooth speaker will soon become your favorite. The large 5000mAh lithium ion battery provides up to 24 hours of playtime.
Listen to your music any way and your way! Whether it be connecting your device via bluetooth wireless, hard wiring a device with the 3.5mm audio cable, loading all your music on to a micro SD card, or having a USB flash drive to plug into the speaker, you are covered on all fronts! The rugged outer shell of this speaker makes it water and weather resistant. The dual bass drivers on each end of the speaker produces bass that can be felt and not just heard. Easy raised rubber controls on top of the speaker makes it a breeze to adjust volume, skip and rewind tracks, play and pause music, as well as answer calls. The built in microphone allows you to talk to your friends and family without having to disconnect and the audible tones provide feedback for various functions.
Want to really fill up a room? The true wireless feature of this speaker allows you to connect two of these together to form a super wide soundstage with each speaker being a separate channel.
eQ sound mode for indoor or outdoor playback.
Press the play/pause button twice quickly to switch between indoor mode which has more bass or outdoor mode which is louder with less bass.
Featuring latest Bluetooth V5.0 technology, this speaker provides a fast connection and incredible wireless range up to 66 unobstructed feet from your Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, Smart-phone, Computer, Laptop and Tablet. Connects quickly and easily.
Removable & Adjustable Carrying Strap
Design allows you easily to adjust or remove the strap wherever you go.
•30 Watt Powerful Sound 
•5000mAh Battery 
•24 Hours Playtime 
•Bluetooth V5.0 
•True Wireless Stereo System 
•Micro SD Card Playback 
•USB Flash Drive Playback 
•IPX6 Waterproof 
Bluetooth Version 5.0
•Battery play time varies and may be less than 24 hours for several reasons including the listening volume; the louder the volume, the shorter the play time.
What’s in the Box:
Bluetooth Speaker
•USB Type-C Charging Cable
•3.5mm Audio Cable
•User Manual

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2 Pack Scratch Proof and Shatter Proof Glass Screen Protectors for All Models of iPhones. Save Lots of Money in Repairs to Your Phone Screen

This glass screen protector helps keep your iPhone screen safe from drops and scratches. Let the screen protector absorb the bumps and scratches while saving your phone's screen and saving you lots of money in repairs! Designed to fit all models of iPhones including 6, 7, 8 S E, 6 Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus, 10, 10R, 10S, 11, 10S Pro, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, you will be blad you invested in this. These glass screen protectors pay for themselves many times over. Scratch proof, shatter proof, and fingerprint proof, they don't get any better than this. Choose from the complete edge to edge model or the one that covers 99 percent of your screen and has an install frame guide included. get a two pack of screen protectors regardless of which one you choose.
Available for all models of iPhones in complete edge to edge or one that stops right before your phone edges start to curve. Make your choice from the drop down box before adding to cart.

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Sharp EL-640 Talking Calculator. Like new condition with Original Case

The infamous Sharp EL-640 talking calculator, alarm clock, timer, clock, and calendar. One of the most rare items in the blind community and now you have a chance to own one. This is the rare model that everyone wants and includes a clock, calendar, timer, alarm clock, hourly chime, 5 minute chime, daylight savings button, and a calculator. it does a lot of things and does them amazingly well! This calculator is in like new condition with original case. This calculator is like new condition and works perfect.

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Stainless Steel Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Keyboard With Super Comfortable Cushioned Keys, Rugged Exterior, and Compatability With iOS, Android, Mac OS, or Windows

This bluetooth keyboard is one of the best we have seen. It's nice sized cushioned keys make it super comfortable to type on while being small enough to be easily portable. It's rechargeable battery gives you up to 6 months of use while its slide switch for power makes it easy to know when it's turned on or off. The stainless steel body makes it rugged enough to throw in a bag without worrying about damage. The back edge of the keyboard gives it a slight raised incline for an even better typing experience. Great for any operating system whether it be Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, or on a Mac or Windows PC.
Industry Leading Ergonomic Design
Stainless steel material gives heavy duty feeling and the low profile keys offer quiet and comfortable typing.
Cross Platform Compatability
Fully functional with all major operating systems including iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows.
features system specific function keys for each operating system.
Any Bluetooth supported device such as a desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone can easily be paired and gain quick access to common functions, such as volume level, playback media controls, copy or paste text, and more.
Comfortable and quiet typing
The whisper quiet, low profile keys bring a whole new level of comfort to your fingertips. What's more, keep all your most used functions and media controls closer than ever with Windows dedicated hotkeys.
The construction of this portable bluetooth keyboard's keys can be used more than 3 million times continuously.
Rechargeable Battery
Built-in industry high rechargeable Li-polymer battery provides up to 6-month use on a single charge. This is based on 2 hours nonstop use per day.
1. This keyboard doesn't support the Windows 8 Mobile operating system.
2. For Android 4.4 users: The Caps Lock indicator may not light, but will still function normally.
3. The keyboard will automatically go into power savings mode after 10 minutes of inactivity. Press any key and wait 2-3 seconds to wake the keyboard.

Product Dimensions
 11 x 5.3 x 0.2 inches

Weight: 10.7 ounces

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Windows 10 Tips and tricks Class and Materials

In this class, I will go over many tips and tricks for using Windows 10 and show you a way to set it up to look like Windows 7. Included in this package is a 90 minute long recording where I go over these things while using my screen reader. Also included is a file containing many helpful utilities for windows 10.

After purchasing, please allow 24 hours to recieve the file and class in a download.

Our Price: $69.99
10 Foot Apple MFI Certified Rugged Braided Nylon Sync and Charge Lightning Cable for iPhones and iPads

When size actually does matter, grab one of these 10 or 12 foot long MFI Apple certified rugged braided nylon sync and charge cables. With enough length to satisfy almost anyone, never want for more length again!
•Compatible with all Apple devices with a Lightning port
•Charges devices and syncs data with a computer
•Rugged braided design resists tearing
•Tangle resistant
•Apple-certified MFI
Length: 10 Foot



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Universal Silicon Adjustable Cell Phone Lanyard for Wearing Your Phone Around Your neck. Great for Aira Explorers!

All new design!

New features:

Now easier to adjust for the shortest or longest length. Simply Slide the rubber ring higher or lower on the lanyard neck straps to make shorter or longer. Muche easier and adjustable than the older model.

Camera cut out is larger to accommodate newer iPhones with three camera lenses.

Rubber on phone holder is thicker and more durable.

This adjustable silicon phone kit is perfect for wearing your phone around your neck. Perfect for Aira users or just keeping your hands free. The adjustable lanyard lets you make it as short as you like or as long as you like. One side is open so it won't interfere with your screen while the other side includes a pocket for your I.D. or credit card. Made of silicon, it is easily able to be cleaned from dirt or dust. The metal clip easily attaches the phone holdejr to the lanyard while swiveling to make for easy access to your phone. This kit works for almost all phones no matter the size and accommodate your phone even if it has a case. Works for all Aira phones and all iPhones as well as most all other Android phones. Easily attaches to your device while keeping it secure from drops while keeping your hands free for other tasks.

Color: Black or White.

Available in other colors as a special order for an additional charge of $10 extra.

Note: Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for special order colors

Condition: New in bulk packaging.

Make your choice from the drop down box before adding to cart.

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Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece With 24 Hour Battery Life, Multi Sized Ear Tips and Ear Hooks for the Perfect Fit, and Zippered Carry Case and Clip

This awesome wireless bluetooth earpiece is the perfect choice for talking on the phone. Use it in either ear or connect the included additional earpiece cable and create a bluetooth stereo headset. Comfortable and lightweight, you will forget you have it in your ear. And with its included 4 rubber ear tips and two sizes of ear hooks, you will get the perfect fit every time. The rubber ear tips are designed to keep the earpiece stable in your ear while allowing you to hear what's going on around you. The additional ear hooks can be added for a more secure fit. The included case and clip allows you to store your earpiece while not in use and clip it to a bag or backpack for easy access. The audible voice feedback lets you know when power is on and the earpiece is connected. Hold down on the main side button to activate your voice assistant like SIRI or google. Press it once to answer a call and again to hang up. Press it twice quickly to redial the last number called. The easy to feel power switch makes it simple to know if the power is on or off and the easy to feel volume buttons allow for easy adjustment. Hold down on both volume buttons at the same time to put your call on mute and hold down again to take them off of mute. These actions give tones to indicate this operation. The 24 hour battery life will keep you talking for a long time while the headset is crystal clear for your callers but blocks out background noise.
In-ear SILICONE design with 360 degree adjustable EAR HOOKS to keep the earpiece in place. No worries of it falling out, even if your head is down.
•Extra three EAR TIPS and extra ear hook ensure comfortable wearing.
•0.4 ounces / 12g light body, no heavy feeling.
Safe listening while driving a car or running
•Clear sound, little surrounding noise
You can connect 2 devices at the same time and hear sound from both.15m long distance,
no need to use hands to answer calls when you are driving.
Connect your phone and GPS at the same time
•CSR Stereo Bluetooth Processor
•Support: Headset/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP
•Talking Time: 24 hours
•Music Play Time: 22 hours
•Battery capacity: 260mAH
•Multi-point with 2 Device: Support
•Battery Status Display on iOS Device: Support
What's in the box:
1 x wireless bluetooth earpiece
1 x additional stereo earpiece and cable
1 x micro USB charging cable
1 x zippered storage case and clip
4 x multi sized rubber ear tips
2 x multi sized ear hooks

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Extra USB Type C Magnetic Tip Replacement for the 5 Foot Magnetic Cables

This is an extra USB Type C tip to replace or add to the 5 foot magnetic cable package that we sell. These tips will only work with the 5 foot magnetic cables that we sell.

Click here to buy the 5 foot mangnetic starter package or to see what these tips work with

Our Price: $4.99
Extra 5 Foot Magnetic Cable Replacement for Use With the Micro USB, Apple Lightning, and USB Type C Magnetic Tips

This is an extra 5 Foot magnetic Cable to replace or add to the 5 foot magnetic cable package that we sell. These cables will only work with the 5 foot magnetic tips that we sell.

Click here to buy the 5 foot mangnetic starter package or to see what these tips work with

Our Price: $14.99
Extra Apple Lightning Magnetic Tip Replacement for the 5 Foot Magnetic Cables

This is an extra Apple Lightning tip to replace or add to the 5 foot magnetic cable package that we sell. These tips

will only work with the 5 foot magnetic cables that we sell.

MFI certified

Click here to buy the 5 foot mangnetic starter package or to see what these tips work with

Our Price: $4.99
Extra Micro USB Magnetic Tip Replacement for the 5 Foot Magnetic Cables

This is an extra micro USB tip to replace or add to the 5 foot magnetic cable package that we sell. These tips will only work with the 5 foot magnetic cables that we sell.

Click here to buy the 5 foot mangnetic starter package or to see what these tips work with

Our Price: $4.99
Magnetic 5 Foot Charge and Sync Nylon Braided Cable Kit With Included Micro USB, Apple Lightning, and USB Type C Magnetic Tips for Easily Charging or syncing All of Your devices. Use Only One Cable

These magnetic cables and adapters will be the last cables you will ever need. Safely charge your devices without fear of damaging the plug or cable if accidentally and suddenly pulled on cable or device.
no more worries about switching cables for different devices for charging and data transmission
Fast charging speed - Ensure a safe charging at 2.4A Maximum and the speed of data sync up to 480 Mbps..
Strong magnetic and not easy to fall off
Support data transfer and charging
Mini charging plug design is small enough to fit most of the phone cases
. Fast Charge and Data Transfer. High-quality copper wire increases signal quality and durability
EXTRA Durability
The cable has a durable Nylon Braided design with an aluminum alloy connector which makes it easy to survive everyday usage and gives it a more stylish and elegant appearance that goes great with your expensive devices.
Compatible with micro USB, Apple 8 pin lightning, and USB Type C devices.
Product information
8 pin lightning plug is Apple MFI certified so no accessory not supported messages.
Rugged and tangle free Nylon cables insure long lasting and great user experience
Each end of the cable is made with rust free aluminum alloy connectors and plugs making these cables solidly built
Use only one cable to charge all your devices.
Leave the charging tip plugged into your devices without continuously plugging and unplugging the charger and eventually loosening and damaging your device's charging ports.

What's in the box:

1 x 5 foot nylon braided tangle free magnetic cable

1 x USB Type C magnetic tip

1 x Apple Lightning MFI certified magnetic tip for all Apple iOS devices

1 x Micro USB magnetic tip for the Victor Stream, Android devices, bluetooth speakers and headphones, MP3 Players, and any other device that uses a Micro USB plug

Note: Extra cables and tips are available in our store to purchase separately.

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Our Price: $27.99
Classco Talking Caller ID 5000CW With Call Waiting Support. New in Box With AC Adapter, Phone Cord, and User Manual

Hear the phone number of who's calling before answering the phone with the Classco 5000CW Talking Caller ID. This handy Caller ID unit audibly announces the caller's  phone number. It lets you decide if you want to talk to the person calling, without having to get up from what you are doing. It will speak the caller's 10 digit telephone number and also display it on the LCD screen. And if you are on the phone it will also announce your call waiting calls.  This device is great for people who are busy and do not want to be disturbed by telemarketers. It will announce "number blocked" or "number unknown" for unrecognized callers. Now you won't have to drop everything and run to the phone for someone you don't want to talk to.

The Classco 5000CW Talking Caller ID has many useful features. It stores the last 99 calls and allows you to review them audibly or visibly. If you subscribe to a call answering service, the LED on this device will flash whenever there are new messages. Other features include caller time and date stamp, adjustable volume controls, and bilingual display (English and Spanish)."

The VoiceAnnounce 5000CW identifies incoming and call waiting calls by announcing
the caller’s telephone number and gives caller ID subscribers what they have
been looking for -the ability to screen calls without having to run to the caller ID.
Provides true convenience for busy families who want to know who’s calling before interrupting
what they’re doing to answer the phone. Senior citizens and children at home can avoid unwanted
calls, but still know when it’s OK to answer the phone.
Features include

audible call log review with date/time announcement.

allows to assign categories for numbers like family, do not anser, etc.

English and Spanish display and announcements.

Superior sound quality with volume control can be easily heard throughout the house and makes it easy to recognize who’s calling.


„ Talking Caller ID and Talking Call Waiting ID
„ Easy-to-read 3-line LCD displays name, number, date and time of each call
„ Announces caller’s 10 digit telephone number over built-in speaker
„ Announces “number unknown” and “number blocked” for unknown and blocked calls

assign numbers to categories like friends, family, do not answer, etc.

 Stores 99 most recent calls for visual & audible review
„ LED status indicates new calls, message waiting, ringing, and extension in-use
„ Message waiting indicator (FSK and stutter dial tone compatible)
„ Dial back
„ Accessibility options for audible call review and audible message waiting indication
„ New and Repeat call indicator on call summary display
„ Adjustable volume control (high, medium, low, off)
„ Bi-lingual Display and Announcements (English and Spanish)
 AC power adapter included
 Meets FCC, IC, UL, and CSA requirements

Product information
Product Dimensions
7.2 x 5.5 x 2 inches
Item Weight
1.2 pounds

This unit is new in the box with AC adapter, phone cord, and user manual.

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Our Price: $199.99