Anker Bluetooth Wireless Around the Neck Earbuds With Microphone and Easy Tactile Controls, Voice Assistant Activation, Multiple Ear and Wing Tips, Audible Feedback, Water Resistance, and Great Sound

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You’d be forgiven for thinking that these are just some throwaway earbuds that you buy when you finally lose your expensive ones for good and vow to never again spend that kind of money on technology that can disappear more easily than pocket change. (At least a nickel makes a pretty loud sound when it hits the floor and bounces under the fridge. A wireless earbud tucks and rolls into oblivion like it’s a Mission Impossible stunt.)
But these aren’t throwaways! 
The first clue is that they’re from Anker. Anker makes great stuff.
The second clue is that they have an 18-month warranty—not exactly the mark of a throwaway item.
Anyway, stellar quality and durability aside, this kind of earbud design is pretty great. They connect behind your neck in one nice, closed system that doesn’t need a charging case and has no loose components smaller than your fingertip to get lost (again).
So grab a pair of these Even if you haven’t lost your nicer earbuds yet, these are great for your gym bag or desk at work.
earbuds that will be there when you need them
Hours and hours of battery life
Comfortable fit
Unique all-in-one design
Made from premium lightweight material for enhanced comfort
Multiples sizes of EarTips and WingTips for a tailored fit
Sync your phone via Bluetooth 4.1
Powerful 6mm drivers to deliver incredible high fidelity audio
Lightweight, ergonomic design
7 hours of non-stop music
Water-resistant nano-coating protects against sweat and rain
1x Anker around the neck Earbuds
1x Charger
5 sets of multiple size eartips
3 sets of multiple size wing tips for super stability in your ears
1 x carry pouch
1 x shirt or collar clip
1 x cable management piece
1 x USB to Micro USB charging Cable
1x User Manual

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