Anker MFI certified Apple Watch and Airpod Pro 2nd Gen foldable charging pad with wind-up USB-C cable

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The little circle charger that came with your Apple Watch is plenty functional, but…kind of lacking, honestly. Apple Watches are fairly nice to look at (in an iPhone shrunk down to fit on your wrist sort of way) and they have that cool nightstand feature where it’ll display the time, but then they give you a charger that pretty much makes you charge the thing with the screen face down.
It’s like Apple did their usual big brain, sophisticated design work on the device itself and then completely phoned it in on the charging. Again. Think first generation pencil, that mouse with the power port on the bottom, inventing MagSafe and then abandoning it. You get the idea.
Well the good news is that there are some very slick third-party solutions to this. This handy dandy item perhaps deserving a spot right at the top of the list.
It’s small. It’s aesthetically pleasing. It’s simple.
It lets you display your watch in the exact way Apple clearly intended in the first place before somehow air-balling the execution.
So start charging your watch the way it was always meant to be. Your nightstand (or desk, or wherever) will never be the same.

And guess what? It will also charge your Apple Airpod Pro 2nd Gen 2022 model. That's right, it will charge both your Apple watch and your Airpod Pro 2nd Gen earbuds.


Apple certified for both your Apple watch and your Airpod Pro 2nd Gen 2022 model earbuds.

Charges all models and sizes of Apple watches.

Elegant charging the way it should be
Slim and foldable
Integrated cable winding for a tidy nightstand
Four feet of cord

Easily wind up your cable when you don't need as much length or to store away for pocket or travel.

Ultra convenient iWatch stand helps you easily place and charge your Apple watch or Airpod Pro 2nd Gen.
Each cable contains a unique, verified serial number and an authorization chip issued by Apple to ensure 100% compatibility with all Apple watch models
Right cable winding design keeps the charging cable in order and makes your desk look neat
Avoid the charging cable knotting and twining
4 foot charging cable allows easy connection and perfect compatibility
MFI Certified
Connector: USB-C

(Wall charger not included)

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