Complete Bundle of all Apple audio tutorials including iOS tips and tricks, Apple watch, and Widgets on iPhones and iPads. All Apple tutorials for one great price

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Have you been wanting to purchase our complete line of Apple audio tutorials? Now you can with this bundle at a great price. Normally, to get all three of these tutorials, you would spend almost $140. Now, you can gett them all for less than $100. This bundle includes Our super popular iOS tips and tricks tutorial, our Apple watch tutorial, and our newest Apple widgets tutorial for your iPhone or iPad. Get all three for one download and one low price! Please see what each tutorial includes below:


Apple watch tutorial for anyone including beginners, intermediate, or advanced.

Following the popularity of our iOS Tips and Tricks tutorial, the Harbolt Company has released a new tutorial on using the Apple Watch. Whether you are a beginner and have never used one before, an intermediate user, or an advanced user, you are guaranteed to find some great and useful information in this tutorial. Recorded on MP3 from a visuallly impaired person's perspective, this tutorial takes you from setting up the Apple watch out of the box to using it like a pro and everything in between. Available for immediate purchase and download. After purchase, a link will be emailed to you within 24 hours containing the place to get the tutorial for download or playback on your smart device. Below are the sections covered in our tutorial:

Based off Watch OS version 8.0

Over 4 hours long of audio broken up into 9 sections.

Apple Watch Introduction
Apple Watch Styles and Options
Apple Watch Description and Setup
Apple Watch Gestures and Actions
Apple Watch Faces and Complications
Apple Watch Settings and Features
Apple Watch Phone Calls, Text Messages, and Email
Apple Watch Phone calls Part 2.
Apple Watch Recommended Aps, Accessories, and Conclusion


 Apple iOS tips and tricks for iPad or iPhone.

This 4 hour audio training tutorial will give you some great tips and tricks on features of the iPad, iPhone, or iPod that will help you to be more efficient with your device. Learn how to best optimize your device to save on battery and performance. The tutorial outline is below so you can see what will be covered.
This is not a basic starting from scratch training. this is a more advanced type tutorial assuming that you already know the basics of operating an Apple device with iOS. This is broken down into individual parts and not one large file. Available in M4A format.
1. Introduction
2. Widgets, Home, and today Screen
3. Custom Gestures and Keyboard Shortcuts
4. Wi-Fi Calling, Text Forwarding, and Personal Hotspot
5. Settings and Optimization
6. Apple Accessories
7. Recommended Apps
8. Miscellaneous Tips and Conclusion
The download link will be emailed to you upon receipt of your purchase.
Please note:
 This covers iOS version 14 and does not include any items pertaining to iOS 15 or 16. However, many items from iOS 14 carry over to iOS 15 and 16.


Apple widgets:

Widgets on iPhone and iPad. What are they and how can they make your life a lot easier? This audio tutorial will tell you everything you need to know about widgets, creating widgets on your home page or other pages of your iPhone or iPad, creating widgets on your lock screen, focuses and how to use them with widgets, and much more.

This 2 hour audio description will go over almost everything you need to know about widgets on your iOS device and how they can help make your life so much easier and productive. In this tutorial, I will go over:


1. Waht are widgets and why do you need them.

2. How they will make you more productive on your iPhone or iPad.

3. How they will make your life easier.

4. How they will make you more efficient on your iPhone or iPad.

5. How to add and remove widgets on your home page or other pages of your iPhone or iPad.

6. How to add and remove widgets on your iPhone or iPad lock screen.

7. How to use widgets with different wallpapers and focuses.

8. How to change your home screen lock screen, and Apple watch face with different focuses.




Please be aware that all of these recordings are copyrighted by law and cannot be reproduced or shared without permission from the Harbolt Company. The sharing, copying, or reproducing of this content is expressly forbidden by law.

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