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Hello, my name is Shaun Williams, and I have a wonderful announcement! Are you new to The World of Technology? Are you not sure how to get started with this device in front of you? Perhaps you are a brand new user to a touchscreen device, and you’re just fed up with it. Well, I have great news! I am offering free technical support training. I can assist you with Android, (the basics of it), iOS, etc. Here are some questions that might be asked:


Why are you offering this service for free?


I am doing this, (and have been for over 18 years), because I’ve always loved to assist other individuals. I was born with a heart to serve others, and I love doing so. It gives me a great thrill to hear someone, Who had recently gone from grumbling about not being able to operate his/her iPhone, (for example), to finally being able to hear them calling people, sending them text messages, etc. It gives me a wonderful feeling, (As stated before), to hear them going from failing in the beginning, to achieving great success in the end. After all,  success is the ultimate goal, when training individuals on any type of product.


Do you accept donations?

Answer: yes, but they certainly are not required. I am not asking a specific price, but donations are excepted, through either Apple cash, or PayPal. We can discuss your method of giving donations, (should you wish to), when we speak.


What is the best way to receive assistance?

Answer: I can assist you by utilizing the zoom platform, by FaceTime, or by phone.

Conclusion: Thank you very much for your time, and I look forward to assisting you with any products that you require assistance with, as well as answering any further questions you may have.

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