Genuine Apple Wired Lightning Earpods With 3.5mm to Lightning Adapter, Microphone, and Controls on Cord.

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Remember those good Ol' days when you got a great pair of Apple wired earbuds when you purchased a new iPhone, iPad, or iPod? Yeah, well those days are long gone but now you can get a pair of those great earpods that used to be included in the box with your iPhone or iPad. The charging cable they gave you, and still give you, was and is, pretty much junk but the earpods were surprisingly nice and they actually sounded really good! Now we have where you can buy those great earpods without having to buy a whole new Apple device. And it wouldn't matter if you did buy a whole new Apple device because you still wouldn't get the earpods. So, grab a set from us and don't worry, be happy! These earpods will allow you to use an old set of 3.5mm headphones as they include a 3.5mm to lightning adapter or if you have one of the new devices like the iPhone 12, or iPad, you can still use them because they come with the lightning plug on the cord. And guess what, these are genuine Apple brand earpods and not some third party piece of junk knock off. And they have that cool little microphone and controls built on to the cord just like the earpods that you used to get in your iPhone box.
Great sound and super comfortable fit.
Allows you to hear what's going on around you and doesn't completely bloc out your surroundings.
Includes built in microphone and controls on cord
Approx. 4 foot long

Use your old 3.5mm with the included 3.5mm to lightning adapter.

Earbuds have built in lightning plug and not 3.5mm so they work with all Apple devices, even those without the headphone jack.

Super comfortable fit.
Genuine Apple brand earpods
Genuine Apple 3.5mm to lightning adapter.
Condition: New in bulk packaging

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