Large Plush Dog Toys With Squeaker and Plastic Water Bottle. Two Kinds to choose from. Great for Medium to Large Sized dogs

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Ok, ok, we hear you. These are simply not necessary. Your dog does not need pandemic-themed chew toys with whimsical sanitization designs.
But you know what? Your dog doesn’t really care about any of the more traditionally goofy shapes of toy either. No matter how smart Fido may be, he does not fully appreciate the timeless irony of a hydrant-shaped squeaky chew and the way the guts eventually spill out of that plush toy mailman is actually pretty disturbing when you think about it. Dogs simply won’t care one way or the other what this stuff looks like, aside from maybe when it comes to that one random toy that becomes their favorite for no reason. (There is no substitute for Mr. Squeakers, the plush mouse with the missing eye.) So the cute designs aren’t for the dogs. They’re for us. And there’s nothing wrong with taking a moment in the midst of a very hard year to buy something goofy that just might make you smile when you see it dangling from a happy dog’s mouth.
After all, a dog holding a bottle of sanitizing spray? That’s objectively amusing and don’t you dare suggest otherwise.
These are super cute and they’re timely and they’re nice, good-sized chew toys. Having a handful around might even extend the life of Mr. Squeakers a little bit.
•Quite large!
•Keep your dog busy and entertained with these sanitary-themed dog toys.
•Big on sound, large size with light filling to enhance pet activeness
•Made with quality material that can last longer than other dog toys
These toys are great for medium and large-sized dogs, not recommended for excessive chewers
made from Plush Polyester material
Contains light filling
Masked Hero bear with cape contains small squeaker in body and squeaker in head and good for tugging.
Cleaning bottle shaped plush toy contains small plastic water bottle plus squeaker for maximum crinkle and squeak sound.
•Masked Hero Plush Toy with Cape ◦Measures: 12.4 X 5.5 X 3
•Cleaning Spray Bottle ◦Measures: 11.3 X 5.3 X 3.
Available in masked hero or sanitizer cleaning bottle plush. Make your choice from the drop down box before adding to cart.

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