Product Warranty Information

Product Warranty Info


Since the Harbolt Company sells products that are not their own but are items from other brands, we are unable to offer any warranties longer than 30 days from when you receive the item. This 30 day warranty does not include our "Rare and Hard to Find Category". If you receive an item that is defective or has problems within the first 30 days of receiving the item, the Harbolt Company will replace the item at no cost to you. If we do not have any more of that item in stock, we will issue a refund upon receiving back, and inspecting the defective item. After the 30 days are over and if your product has problems, we recommend contacting the manufacturer of that item to troubleshoot and possibly replace the item. Of course, this is at their own discretion and not ours. We are not responsible for any problems caused to the item from accidents like drops, water damage, lightning strikes, electrical surges, etc. And after 30 days we will not be responsible for any problems whether it be caused by electrical issues, malfunctions, or accidents. Please contact us within the 30 days if your product is having problems and we will proceed from there on what to do. Again, our "Rare and Hard to Find Category" is excluded from this 30 day warranty and we cannot offer any warranty for items purchased inthis category.