Set of rubber Dryer eggs and replaceable fragrance sticks to keep your laundry separated while drying and smelling great in the process

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There’s nothing better than pulling out some fresh, clean, warm, dry clothes from the dryer, right?
And, conversely, there’s nothing worse than when you go to pull out those fresh, clean, warm, dry clothes, and you find that at some point in the tumble, everything came together and got tangled up to form a giant damp ball.
These dryer eggs solve that problem.
Basically, you toss them into the dryer with your clothes and they keep everything from sticking together. That way, your shirts and pants won’t get all bunched up, they’ll dry quicker, you won’t have to do another tumble, and you’ll save time (and, also, money).
As for the fragrance stick, they keep things fragrant without chemicals! 
Get some dryer eggs and fragrant sticks, and get dry, nice-smelling clothes with less power and less time!
Help your dryer do its job!
The eggs separate the clothes, allowing them to dry quicker
The fragrance sticks make the clothes smell nice without chemicals
To help reduce your energy consumption, soften your clothes and add a delicate fragrance, use these innovative dryer eggs
Not only do they dry your clothes more quickly by allowing them to move around more freely in the drum, but the patented nodules also soften your clothes and reduce creasing
The fragrance sticks inside the eggs naturally add a hint of fragrance, with no harsh chemicals
Fragrance sticks last for approximately 20 dries/uses each, though this varies depending on various factors including the temperature of your dryer and the length of drying time
Replace sticks when they lose their scent
2x Dryer Eggs
4x Fresh Linen Scented Fragrance Sticks

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