Stainless Steel Double Wall Insulated Aluminum Can Koozie. Works for All Sizes of Aluminum Cans, Beer, Soda, Energy Drinks, Hard Seltzer, etc. Keep Your Cans Cold and Insulated With this Awesome Can Koozie

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Tired of warm cans? Some cans are meant to be cold. Soda, beer, seltzer, etc. Those cans are meant to be cold and stay cold. The reality is that after awhile, those cans get warm and the liquid inside just doesn't quite taste as good. These can koozies will keep your cans cold. Made out of stainless steel and double wall insulated, this vacuum sealed container will keep your cans cold longer. Just twist off the lid, drop in your can, twist the lid back on, and start drinking. It even comes with an insert that snaps in for those little slim cans like energy drins, hard seltzer, etc. This koozie works with 12 ounce cans, 16 ounce cans, and slim cans. So, do your cans a favor and keep them cool with this insulated koozie.
Spring-loaded base allows for a secure fit
Snap in insert works for the slim cans
Double-walled and vacuum insulated
Lid is designed to keep the cold inside and the bugs and dirt out
Sweat-proof exterior
Vacuum sealed
Built for 12oz, 16oz, and Slim Cans

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