Super portable wireless 10,000mAh power bank with built-in Apple watch charger, MagSafe charging pad, and single USB type C port. Charge 3 devices at one time with 2 charging wirelessly

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This 10,000mAh portable power bank is small enough to fit into a bag or pocket and includes a built-in Magsafe charging pad for iPhone 12 or newer. The strong magnetic allows your phone to line up the wireless charging coil perfectly and magnetically snap on to your phone for perfect wireless charging every time. Hold and use your phone while the power bank is magnetically attached to the back of your iPhone. The wireless charging is also strong enough to charge even through a case. No Magsafe, no problem. If you have an iPhone 8 or newer or an Android phone that just has plain wireless charging, you can still use this power bank to charge it just won't connect magneticay. This power bank also provides an Apple watch charging area to charge any model or size Apple watch. Even better, charge both your phone and your Apple watch wirelessly at the same time. Finally, this power bank includes a bi-directional USB type C charging port that will allow you to charge the power bank or charge devices with the power bank by using your own USB type C cable. This power bank has the ability to charge three devices at one time by using the USB type C port, and both wireless charging areas. The soft touch rubberized finish allows for easy grip and hold of the power bank. Charge your iPhone 2 and a half times, or your Apple watch 20 times or an iPad 1 and a half times. This little power bank indeed has it all.
10,000mAh capacity
MagSafe charging for iPhone 12 or newer
Super strong MagSafe magnet, use and hold your phone while charging via Magsafe
Very fast charging via wireless or wired
Apple watch charging pad charges any model or size of Apple watch very quickly
Bi-directional USb type C port allows for charging the power bank or charging devices from the power bank by using yoru cable or the one included in the box
Charge 3 devices at one time
Easy grip rubberized finish
What's included:
10,000mAh Magsafe power bank
USB type C to USB type C charging cable

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