Two-Pack 14 Ounce Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Mugs With Handle and Leak Proof Lid

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Some Like it Hot
Who likes room temperature coffee? Silly question—the answer is obviously no one. So whether you are reaching for an iced latte or a steaming Café Americano, there is absolutely no reason to skimp out on an insulated mug. 
Thats why we give you two in each order.
These awesome mugs are just like your old ceramic one with a handle except they are modernized with double wall insulation and a leak proof lid that can be removed.
Throw out that old 80's ceramic mug and come into the 21st century! And stay insulated doing it!
Includes a built-in handle for easy handling.
Easily fits under a Keurig or single serve coffee machine.
•Hot to the very last drop
•Ice cold all day long
•Can’t find your mug? This comes with 2!
•Includes 2 14 oz Insulated Coffee Cups
•Triple-layer copper technology: two stainless steel layers, one copper layer
•Keeps beverages hot for up to eight hours and cold for up to 24 hours ◦It will take over 25 hours for the ice to melt in the Peak cup
•Vacuum-sealed with a diamond-facet design
•leak proof, screw on lid, large straw hole
•Each tumbler is 14oz
•Measures 3.88"L x 3.38"W x 6"H
Colors chosen at random.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Ann L, 08/23/2021

There is absolutely *nothing* about these mugs that I don’t like! They are exactly as advertised. They are totally leakproof! I turned one upside down with hot coffee in it…over the sink of course…but I needn’t have. Not a drop came out! 
They are great to keep for yourself or to give as gifts. I have a friend in a nursing home who loves my coffee so I bring us each a mug when I visit. The first time I took these, she loved them and wanted one, so I bought another set! I also told my twin sister how awesome they are and she took my word for it and bought a set too! We use them every. Single. Day. 
Would most definitely recommend! 

Reviewed by Michael R, 08/16/2021

I just bought the 14-ounce coffee mugs a couple weeks ago and I must say they're just as promised; I found that a good cup of coffee I put in the mug stays hot for hours, even if the flip-top is open and I don't touch it for a couple hours. The neat thing about this mug is when you pick it up, while it has hot liquid in it, the outside doesn't heat up because of the triple wall construction; this is really handy if you want to take your cup of coffee out to the patio, for instance, and just sip on it while enjoying some fresh air. I give these mugs 5 stars!