Apple iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch Products

This category contains lightly used and well cared for Apple devices including iPads, iPhones, iPods, Etc. All devices are thoroughly tested to verify that all functions work like they should. All devices are updated to the latest iOS when possible. These gently used devices do not have warranties unless otherwise stated. Some newer Apple devices will still have their factory warranty and will be stated in the description, We will do our best to describe any cosmetic problems with the device such as scratches, dents, etc.

4 in 1 Media Flash Device for Backing Up or Transferring Data for Apple, Android, Pc, or Mac Devices. Includes 64GB SD Memory Card

Access the data from your smartphone or computer on your memory cards with this 4-in-1 Media Device

Transfer with 64GB Memory Card. It's suitable for all devices with 4 interfaces. This durable tool is ideal for exchanging data between devices. It is the perfect option for managing photos, backing up documents, and more. The memory card reader is easy to use and practical to carry around. Simply insert your memory card into the Card Reader and plug it into your device. The card reader comes with a 64GB Memory Card.
 Card Reader fits all devices with 4 interfaces
 Lightning adapter for Apple iOS Devices
 USB type C adapter for Type C Devices
 Micro USB adapter for Android
USB adapter for computer including PC or Mac
Card reader includes 64GB Memory Card 
Includes both, full size SD card and Micro SD card slot
Note: Android or Apple devices require free downloadable app from the app store in order to use this device. Should prompt for installation of app upon inserting into your device for the first time.
To install manually, search for I-FlashDevice in the app store.

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Compact 65 Watt Home or Travel Charger With 1 USB Type C Port for Quick Charge or Even Laptops and 1 Standard USB Port for Other Devices. A Ton of Power in a Small Cube. Charge 2 Devices At Once

This super compact wall charger will be your best friend at home or when you travel. Boasting a huge 65 watts worth of power, you can charge almost anything with this charger. The USB type C port will charge tablets, phones, and even laptops. Don't mess with taking your huge laptop cord with you any longer, this is all you need. And when you are using the USB type C port to charge your laptop, and you also need to charge your phone or tablet, never fear as there is also a standard USB port for charging other devices. Or, use the USB type C port to quick charge your iPhone 8 or newer or rapidly charge your iPad. The options are limitless. The folding prongs keep it sleek and compact for a bag or purse. Our devices are getting more and more power hungry. This charger has enough wattage to feed all of them!
Dimensions: 3.27" (L) x 3.46" (W) x 1.46 (H)
Weight: 4.8 oz / .30 lbs
Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 1.4A Max.
USB-C Port Loading: DC 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/3.25A (65W Max.)
USB-A Port Loading: DC 3.6-6V/3A, 6-9V/2A, 9-12V/1.5A (18W Max.)
Working Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Dual ports (PD & QC3.0)
The USB-A QC 3.0 port delivers up to 18W charging speed
The USB-C PD charging port, when used with an E-Mark chipset USB-C to USB-C cable (not included), outputs a maximum 65W charging speed
Small yet efficient gallium nitrade (GaN) technology
Charges laptops in 2 hours
Made of fire-resistant PC material
Equipped with overcurrent, overcharging, overheating, and short-circuit protection
Perfect for smartphones, tablets, laptops, earbuds, cameras, and much more
Compatible with virtually all USB-C and USB-A powered devices
Offers fast, and more efficient charging in a compact size

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Mophie Portable Pocket Power Kit Including Two 3000 mAh Aluminum Pocket Batteries and 1 Apple certified Braided Nylon Lightning Keychain Cable

Portable Pocket Power Kit

2 pack Mophie 3000mAh aluminum portable power banks with standard USB charging port.
Power’s A Priority+
There isn’t much of an excuse for a dead phone these days. Or at least, there are plenty of opportunities to not give yourself an excuse. Which, to be fair, maybe you want the excuse.
Sometimes having an excuse for having a dead phone is useful in itself as an excuse for not responding to someone. Sometimes you just don’t want to talk to someone at a particular time, and you’re not going to tell them that directly. It’s fine. But you don’t have to let your phone actually die for that.
Think about it: you could have a charged phone anywhere, no matter what. All it takes is a portable power bank. No more rationing out battery through the evening to make sure you can use the GPS to get home after being out somewhere. No more closing apps to conserve power, just in case someone calls while you’re out and about.
This portable pocket power kit gives you everything you need to keep your devices charged while on the go. Includes 2 Mophie 3000mAh power packs and 1 MFI certified Apple lightning keychain. You now have no more excuses of why your devices are dead!
•High-density, high-output universal battery charges at fast speeds—up to 2.1 amps
•Priority+ Pass-Through charging provides power to a connected device first before the power station battery starts to recharge
•Status LEDs will indicate its charge level
•Rechargeable for over 500 full cycles
•Identifies your connected device and delivers the fastest, most efficient charging speed
•Digital Power Management circuitry provides built-in short-circuit, overcharge, and temperature protection
•Weight: 3.3 ounces
•Dimensions: 2.72 x 4.69 x 0.33 inches
(69.2 x 119 x 8.5 mm)
•Capacity: 3,000mAh
•Before using your power station battery for the first time, fully charge it
Apple certified MFI keychain cable
•Cable length: 8 inches
•Use as a keychain
•Nylon braided MFI certified cable
•Highly durable braided nylon cables designed to withstand stress, bends, twists, and pulls
covered in nylon braided material, though it’s a softer more cotton like feel to it rather than the rough plastic that you experience with other cables.
What's included:
2 x Mophie aluminum 3000mAh portable pocket power banks
2 x USB to Micro USB Charging cables
1 x 8 inch MFI certified Apple braided nylon Lightning keychain cable

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Libratone Apple Lightning Earbuds With Active Noise Cancellation, 4 Stages Of Listening Modes, Microhone and Controls, Bradied Nylon Cable, and Super Amazing Sound With Awesome Bass

Designed with a lightning connection input, these Libratone earphones are so much more than normal earbuds.

Featuring adjustable noise cancellation, four-button remote, and changeable ear-tips just to name a few.
•With adjustable noise cancellation, you decide how quiet your surroundings go, and how immersive your music becomes
•Cut out the unnecessary tech and connect straight to your Apple device thanks to a lightning plug input. No extra adapter required.
•With four-step adjustable cancelation, you can choose how much of the world you let in or out
◦Level 1: Pass through – Chat to people without taking off your earphones - Let's in 80 percent Outside Noise
◦Level 2: Passive ANC – Enjoy your music, but still take in your surroundings - Let's in 60 percent Outside Noise.
◦Level 3: 50 percent Active Noise Cancelation - Enjoy your music with awareness in noisy places - Let's in 30 percent Outside Noise
◦Level 4: 100 percent Active Noise Cancelation - Immerse yourself in your music with limited distraction from background noise - Let's in 10 percent or less Outside Noise
•Connect to your Apple device with the lightning connector
•Lightning powered – designed specifically for and powered by iOS devices,
earbuds have almost no impact on your phone’s battery life. Listen for up to 52 hours with no bulky battery packs
•Weight: 0.7 ounces
•Drive Units: 2 x 11 mm
•Inputs: Lightning connector
•Connect to your Apple device with the lightning connection
•Powered through any iOS device
•Comes with 6 different sized ear-tips to ensure optimal fit
•Four-button remote
•Built-in microphone
•Set up and control Q ADAPT earphones with the Libratone app. Available on Apple App Store
What’s included?
•1x Earphones
•6 sets of earbuds in different sizes
•1x Transport pouch
•1x Quick guide

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Belkin Convertible 10 Watt Fast Charge Wireless Stand and Pad. Converts from a Flat Charging Pad to a Stand in Seconds. Includes USB Wall Adapter and 6 Foot USB Type C Fast charge Cable

This Belkin 10 Watt Wireless Charging convertible Stand and pad makes a great wireless charging solution by a brand you can count on.
 Can be used as a pad or stand. Metal stand stores in back until is needed and then converts the pad into an upright stand.
 •Power up while scrolling through the web or watching videos with a convenient charging stand.
 •Universal compatibility for Qi equipped model phones.
 •Qi™ certification means you can expect a reliable and safe charge, every time.
 •Compatible with lightweight cases up to 3mm means there’s no need to remove your case to charge, just set your phone on the stand and go.
 •Qi-certified Temperature control to ensures the device does not overheat for consistent safe charging.
 •Charge in portrait or landscape mode.
 •Non-stick coating on the bottom lip of charging stand.
 •Dimensions: 4" x 2" x 6"
 •Supports Samsung® Adaptive Fast Charging up to 9W
 •Supports Apple® fast charge up to 7.5W
It was tested for compatibility with the following devices:
iPhone 12
iPhone 12 mini 
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 11
 iPhone 11 Pro
 iPhone 11 Pro Max
 iPhone new SE
 iPhone® XS
 iPhone XS Max
 iPhone XR
 iPhone X
 iPhone 8
 iPhone 8 Plus
 Samsung Galaxy Note® 9
 Samsung Galaxy® S9
 Samsung Galaxy S9+
 Samsung Galaxy Note 8
 Samsung Galaxy S8
 Samsung Galaxy S8+
 LG® G6®
 LG V30®
What's in the box:
Convertible 10 watt wireless charging stand/pad
6 Foot USB type C cable
18watt USB wall charger block.

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Multi Port Charging Station With Surge Protection, 8 Outlets, 2 Standard USB Ports, and Removable Storage Shelf

Multi Port Charging Station With Surge Protection and removable Shelf 
Surge Protection charging station with 8 Outlets & 2 USB Ports charges 10 power-hungry devices at once. 
Much more convenient for you and your family to charge simultaneously. 
Its small & compact size is perfect for travel and taking it with you wherever you go.
Its Safety Shutdown Technology & Smart Charge USB ports ensure protection with power charge efficiency. 
It also has a removable shelf where you can conveniently place your devices while they charge.
Built in removable shelf holds your most important items and creates extra space where you need it most in Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Kitchens, Living Rooms, etc.
The included shelf is great for storing your items & holding your cables to keep your countertop clean & clear
Charge up to 10 devices simultaneously using the built-in 8 outlets and Dual USB ports, perfect for charging all your devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, electronic toothbrushes, speakers, razors, and more
No messy installation required, just simply plug it into any 3 prong outlet and transform your standard old outlet into a one-stop charging station that will also keep your devices neat and organized on the included shelf
Indicator light confirms the 1020 joules of surge protection to prevent voltage spikes from damaging your electronics
Product Dimensions: ◦
Shelf: 7.9" x 3.35"
Surge Protector: 3.15" x 1.65" x 5.4"
8 AC Outlets
Supports 125V/15A/1875W
2 standard USB Ports
Delivers 2.4 AMp shared total outlet

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Genuine Samsung QI Wireless Charging Stand. Works With All iPhone or Android Phones That Support Wireless Charging

The Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand charges all Qi-compatible smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8, Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone SE Second Edition, all iPhone 10 models, iPhone 11, models, and iPhone 12 models. Charge your compatible smartphones without the need to plug your device into a wall charger or USB port.
This Samsung QI wireless charging stand will make your life easier while easily charging your smartphone. Compatible with all phones that support wireless charging, this stand allows you to charge portrait or landscape. The USB Type C Port allows for quick and easy charging with the included cable. The long cable allows for plugging in behind furniture and the included charging block insures the fastest wireless charging possible. The design of this stand allows for ventalation to keep the temperature down while your device charges and the non-slip base keeps it from sliding and scratching the surface of your table or night stand. You will definitely see and feel the quality of this wireless charging stand. The rubberized surface of the stand keeps your expensive device from getting scratched.
Fast Charge feature is compatible with Galaxy Note5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ and later models of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series
Standard charging speed applies to other Qi-enabled devices


Super quality and design that you come to expect from Samsung products.

Rubberized surface to keep your devices from getting scratched.

Ventalation for keeping the charging temperature low

Allows for portrait or landscape charging

USB Type C Port for easy plug and quick charge

Approx. 5 foot charging cable for those hard to reach places

What's in the box:
Genuine Samsung wireless charging stand.
Genuine Samsung USb to USB Type C 5 foot cable
Genuine Samsung 10 watt wall charger

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iOS Tips and Tricks Tutorial. Learn to Optimize and Utilize Some Great Features on Your Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod

This 4 hour audio training tutorial will give you some great tips and tricks on features of the iPad, iPhone, or iPod that will help you to be more efficient with your device. Learn how to best optimize your device to save on battery and performance. The tutorial outline is below so you can see what will be covered.

This is not a basic starting from scratch training. this is a more advanced type tutorial assuming that you already know the basics of operating an Apple device with iOS. This is broken

down into individual parts and not one large file. Available in M4A format.

1. Introduction
2. Widgets, Home, and today Screen
3. Custom Gestures and Keyboard Shortcuts
4. Wi-Fi Calling, Text Forwarding, and Personal Hotspot
5. Settings and Optimization
6. Apple Accessories
7. Recommended Apps
8. Miscellaneous Tips and Conclusion
The download link will be emailed to you upon receipt of your purchase.

Note: This tutorial does not cover iOS 15 even though many things discussed in this tutorial will still apply to the new iOS 15 update.

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Apple MFI Certified QuickCharge 20 Watt USB Type C Home and Travel Wall Charger

We live in a world of impatience. We all want things done quickly. so, when it'c time to charge your Apple device, What you don't want is having to wait forever while it charges. Maybe you are about to run out of the house when you find your phone is on 5 percent charge. Well, wait no more! This quick charge 20 watt USB Type C wall charger will charge your iPhone 8 or newer about 3 times faster than a normal wall charger. Taking advantage of the quick charge option that Apple started putting in all their phones and devices starting with the the iPhone 8, you can charge your iPhone 50 to 60 percent in about 30 minutes and charge your iPad about twice as fast as a regular USB wall charger. You will wonder where this has been all your life! You will never go back to a standard wall charger. The QuickCharge feature is available in all iPhones starting with the iPhone 8 and all iPads starting with the iPad mini 4th Gen.Don't have one of these devices? Don't worry as this wall charger will still work and still charge your device faster than the standard USB wall charger but just won't enable the QuickCharge feature.

QuickCharge Compatability:

iPhone 8, iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 10, 10S, 10s Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max. 

iPad mini 4, iPad mini 5, iPad Air 3, iPad Air 4, All iPad Pro models, iPad 6, 7, and 8th Gen. AirPod 2 Gen and Pro model, Airpod Pro Max


 1 20 watt USB type C wall charger

This is the wall charger only. No cable is included.

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Apple MFI Certified Quick Charge Kit Including 20 Watt Home and Travel Wall Charger and Your Choice of 6 Foot Braided Nylon Charging Cable

We live in a world of impatience. We all want things done quickly. so, when it'c time to charge your Apple device, What you don't want is having to wait forever while it charges. Maybe you are about to run out of the house when you find your phone is on 5 percent charge. Well, wait no more! This quick charge kit will charge your iPhone 8 or newer about 3 times faster than a normal cable and wall charger. Taking advantage of the quick charge option that Apple started putting in all their phones and devices starting with the the iPhone 8, you can charge your iPhone 50 to 60 percent in about 30 minutes and charge your iPad about twice as fast as a regular cable. You will wonder where this has been all your life! You will never go back to a standard cable and charger. The QuickCharge feature is available in all iPhones starting with the iPhone 8 and all iPads starting with the iPad mini 4th Gen.Don't have one of these devices? Don't worry as this charge kit will still work and still charge your device faster than the standard cable but just won't enable the QuickCharge feature.

QuickCharge Compatability:

Android phones that support QC Charging

iPhone 8, iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 10, 10S, 10s Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max. 

iPad mini 4, iPad mini 5, iPad Air 3, iPad Air 4, All iPad Pro models, iPad 6, 7, and 8th Gen. AirPod 2 Gen and Pro model, Airpod Pro Max


 1 20 watt USB type C wall charger

Your Choice

1 MFI certified Bradied Nylon 6 Foot USB type C to Apple lightning cable or USB Type C to USB Type C Cable.

Available in Lightning to USB Type C or USB Type C to USb type C. Make your choice from the drop down box before adding to cart.

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Humongous Harbolt Company Holy Moly Mystery Box Auction! Over 35 Pounds and Over 50 Items

About once a year we clean out our electronics closet and put it all in a big box and auction it off. We keep it a mystery but give you some basics. We tell you how much the box weighs and about how many items are in the box. We also give you an estimated retail value of the whole box and its contents. We will run this auction until Sunday, November 7 at 9 PM central time. If there is a bid within 10 minutes of the auction ending we will extend the auction for another 15 minutes to allow a follow up bid. This will continue until everyone has had a chance to get their final bid in..

This auction will be in $50 increments. Each bid must be at least $50 than the existing bid. You can bid as many times as you want. You can bid on the web site, through email, or calling us. You can follow along with the current auction amount on the web site as we will update the price with each new bid. We will start the bid at $250. The value of this box is around $1000. The box weighs over 35 pounds and contains over 50 items. Please note that the person who wins the auction will be responsible for also paying the shipping costs. Because of the weight of this box, we are unable to ship anywhere outside of the United States. If you would like a price quote to see what you would be paying in shipping, let us know but I will tell you that the last box we sold of this weight, cost about $40 to ship. It might be more depending on how far you are away from us and also the fact that the post office has raised their rates. So, most places will cost probably around $40 to $60 to ship maybe a little less but that will give you an idea. If you want an exact amount, contact me and I can tell you how much depending on your address.

Please see examples below as to what is included. Trust me this is one of the best boxes yet that we have auctioned and you won't be disappointed. Items in this box are a mixture of brand new, new in box, new out of box, and items that we have used as a demo so that means we have tried them out or removed them from the box. Because of the massive amount of items in the box, we are unable to provide a list of the contents, audio descriptions of the contents, or any help with most of them. Since a lot of these items we have either carried a long time ago or never carried them, we just don't have the time to help list or go over each item. But that is part of the fun figuring them out. Types of items you will find in the box are as follows:


iPhone accessories

iPad accessories

Apple watch accessories

Bluetooth earbuds

Bluetooth speakers



Computer and electronics bags

Computer accessories

Kitchen accessories

Home products


Ok that is the most you will get out of us so let the auction begin and good luck and let's have some fun! 

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Mophie Portable 10,000 mAh Charging Station With Pass Through Charging, Built In QI Wireless Charging Pad, and 10 Watt Standard USB Port for Charging Multiple Devices

Wireless charging (for real)
Remember when you first heard about wireless charging?
What a game-changer it sounded like. But then you looked at the demo. The first thing you noticed was the cool little pad or whatever it was. The next thing you noticed about so-called wireless charging was the very conspicuous wire sticking out of that sleek little pad.
It isn’t so much “wireless” as “wired different.”
Still cool, honestly, but not exactly magic.
What if instead of yet another wire hanging out of the back of your charging pad, you had nothing.
That is what this power bank gives you.
This is a wireless power bank that can operate truly wirelessly. You can charge this thing up (with a wire, we admit) and then take your extra battery power wherever you need it—leave that cord at home if you want to. If you want to set this thing on a table at the coffee shop or wherever and have your phone charging, you can do that. If you want a tidy little docking station on your desk that can be unplugged and carried away, you can do that, too. Pass-through charging means that your power station will charge your phone first, then charge itself.
this is basically a wireless charging station that you can untether and take wherever you please. Finally fulfilling the mildly pathetic fantasy we all first had when we learned about wireless charging in the first place.
It’s a power bank. It’s a wireless charging station. It’s a potential lifesaver and a great home or travel accessory all rolled into one.
Don’t hassle with cords. Simply place your Qi-enabled smartphone on top of the power bank wireless charging pad and push the button to wirelessly deliver up to 5 Watts of power to your device
When this powerstation wireless portable battery is plugged into a power source (like a wall socket), it will send power to any device that it’s wirelessly charging first (like your phone) before recharging itself
Capacity: 10,000mAh
Lightweight and portable, this wireless powerstation fits easily inside your bag
The durable, non-slip TPU top and bottom panels and the soft-touch housing create a discreet, stream-lined style that looks good anywhere
Qi wireless compatible
Pass-through charging
Works as a plugged in power station or an on-the-go power backup
Standard 10watt USB charging port for charging other devices.
Use your own Apple lightning cable to charge the power bank.
Weight: 8 Ounces

Dimensions: 2.72 in x 5 in x 0.79 in (69 mm x 128 mm x 20 mm)

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Universal 8 in 1 Home or Travel Charging Station With 4 Standard USB Ports, 1 Quick Charge USB Type C Port, and 3 Electrical Outlets With a 5 Foot Braided Nylon Cord

Charge 8 devices at one time with this super compact power station. Packing a ton in a small package, this includes 3 eletrical 3 prong outlets,
1 USB type C port, and 4 standard USB ports. With a 5 foot long super thick and bradied nylong cord, this power station will last for years to come with plenty of charging options.
Smaller size than competitors and can power up 8 devices at the same time with 5 high-speed USB ports and 3 AC outlets. Also, wall-mountable with two mounting holes in the back for mounting/hanging.
Improved Safety Feature
safety shutters to prevent things from getting in the outlets and making it more child and outdoor friendly. 
It also has a braided cord made with tough rubber to last for many years.
Fully Certified for Safety:
FCC & RoHS, UL ETL Listed, which can prevent your electronic devices from getting over-current/over-charge/over-heated or short circuited. It also has a fire-resistant PC shell with flame retardancy at 1,382℉ which makes it even more durable and adds a longer lifetime.Please Note:
The power strip is made dual voltage and supports international 100-240V 50/60Hz outlets.
However, it is NOT a voltage converter and your device needs to support 100-240V as well.
Can charge 8 devices at the same time. And increased space between ac ports 
Nylon braided cord with more safety and premium materials.     
Right angle flat plug to have more plugs available in the outlets great for tight places hotels     
Great for all your devices that you need to charge laptop cellphone tablets speakers shaver & more    
Type C port which is great for charging Iphone 12 and phones being charged by type c ports
5 foot Braided Extension Cord
The electrical rating is standard universal 13A/1625W, and well made to last and work flawlessly for years.
Right Angle Flat Plug
The 45-degree smart design angled plug does not block the bottom receptacle of your duplex wall outlet.
USB Total Output 5A, Built-in smart IC with Super charge technology intelligently detects your device to deliver the fastest possible charge speed up to 2.4A. Get this improved design for the cutting-edge modern power strip you need for home, work, cruise and vacations.
5 USB Ports to Power Everything
5 USB ports total 5A/25W output, Each USB-A port provide 5V/2.4A max, and USB-C port can up to 5V/3A max. 
perfect to bring on Cruise Ships and Travels.

Great For Most Devices
USB Ports Compatible With:
iPhone 12/ 12 Pro / 12 Mini / 11/ Pro / 11 Pro Max / XS / XS Max / XR / X / 8 Plus / 8 / 7 Plus / 7 / 6 Plus, iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ / S8 / S8+ / S7 / LG / HTC / Nexus, Pixel 3 / 2 / XL, and more.
NOTE: The Type-C port does not support Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro or any other laptops which needs 14~22V charging voltage.
Great for home, office, dorm, travel, cruise, hotel and more. Super safe with ETL certifications

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Mophie 8000 mAh Portable Power Bank With USB Type C Port for Charging the Power Bank and USB Type C Devices, and 1 Standard USB Port for Charging All Other Devices

•This 8000mAh portable power bank provides up to 29 extra hours of power for your USB or USB Type C devices.

Up to 29 extra hours for your smartphone, up to 10 extra hours for a small tablet, or up to 7 extra hours for a full-sized tablet.
•The powerstation plus portable battery has been designed to work with a variety of USB or USB Type C Devices. This power bank charges quickly and easily with the included USB Type C cable.

•Connect the powerstation portable battery to a wall adapter in the evening and pass-through charging will send power to a connected device first, then recharge the powerstation battery so both are fully charged when you wake up
•The 10W standard USB-A output port lets you charge one compatible device or wearable while the USB Type C Port charges up newer devices that support USB Type C like the iPad Pros, newer bluetooth speakers or headphones, etc.

•The integrated four-light LED power indicator displays charging status and the current battery life, so you always know how much power you have left
•The compact powerstation plus portable battery is the perfect travel companion.
Dimensions: 2.73 x 5.12 x 0.59 in
Weight: 0.397 lb
Capacity: 8000mAh
Color: blue


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10 Foot Apple MFI Certified Rugged Braided Nylon Sync and Charge Lightning Cable for iPhones and iPads

When size actually does matter, grab one of these 10 foot long MFI Apple certified rugged braided nylon sync and charge cables. With enough length to satisfy almost anyone, never want for more length again!
•Compatible with all Apple devices with a Lightning port
•Charges devices and syncs data with a computer
•Rugged braided design resists tearing
•Tangle resistant
•Apple-certified MFI
Length: 10 Foot



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Magnetic 3, Foot, 6 Foot, or 10 Foot Charge and Sync Nylon Braided Cable Kit With Included Micro USB, Apple Lightning, and USB Type C Magnetic Tips for Easily Charging All of Your devices

Tired of fumbling around with your device's charger?
Charging a device shouldn't be difficult. And yet, many of us often find ourselves struggling with this seemingly simple task.
Sometimes, the charger pin won't go into your device's charging port because it's turned the wrong way. Done forcefully, this may damage both the charger and the gadget. There are also times when you fail to completely insert the pin, causing your device to charge slowly. So, is there a way to avoid these situations and the damages they cause?
Make charging your victor stream, phone or tablet much less stressful with this Magnetic Charging kit!
This magnetic charging kit does away with many of the problems caused by conventional chargers. Simply choose the appropriate magnetic tip and insert it into your device. Then plug the charger into an outlet and connect the magnetic tips. That's it! No more struggling with ports and jacks! 
Here are more details about magnetic charger:
Output 5V/2.4A (max)
90° degree connector, keeps cords out of the way
LED light on the charging cable
Enjoy a faster and more convenient way of charging your devices.
Cables are made of heavy duty braided nylon for tangle proof, crack proof, and dust proof construction. This heavy duty construction can withstand strong pulling without fear of breaking.
End of cable swivels 360 degrees for easy fit and hinges 90 degrees to fit in tight spots and creates a right angle to help prolong the life of your cable.
Interface Dust-Proof
The magnetic tip inserts at the charging interface of the phone can prevent dust from sticking.
High-quality nylon material
The cable is made from a high quality aluminum housing and nylon that is braided with the most durable nylon fiber.
Strong Magnetic attachment
The strong magnetic design makes the connection more stable, reduces the risk of disconnection .
Your choice of 3 foot, 6 foot, or 10 foot cable.
Aluminum alloy housing on cable ends.
Heavy duty braided nylon cable construction
Hinged 90 degree magnetic cable end.
Mangetic charging end swivels 360 degrees
Includes Lightning tip for charging Apple devices, USB Type C tip for newer android phones, newer iPads, newer Braille displays, etc., and Micro USB tip for Victor Streams, bluetooth speakers, headphones, etc.

Use only one cable to charge all your devices.
Leave the charging tip plugged into your devices without continuously plugging and unplugging the charger and eventually loosening and damaging your device's charging ports.

Each kit includes:
1 x choice of 3 foot, 6 foot, or 10 foot magnetic charging cable.
1 x MFI Certified Apple lightning tip
1 x USB Type C tip
1 x Micro USB tip

1 x plastic tip extractor

Available in 3, 6, or 10 foot. Make your choice from the drop down box before adding to cart.

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