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All in one multi-cable system with almost every connection you will ever need for almost every device. Ultra rugged and tangle free braided nylon cable available in 1 foot, 6 foot, or 10 foot

The most amazing all in one cable system you will ever see!
Want only one cable to charge or sync all your devices? This ultimate all in one cable system will amaze you by how much it does. Choose from 1 foot, 6 foot, or 10 foot and always have every connection with you wherever you are. The super rugged thick flat braided nylon cable stays tangle free and is so tough and rugged, it could tow a car. Each end of the cable has a patnedted charging system that magnetically hooks together while not in use and has an Apple certified lightning and simply pull up and underneath is a USB type C plug where on the other end, there is a standard full sized USB-A plug and simply pull up and underneath that one is another USB type C plug. What does that mean? It means you have about every kind of charge and sync combination you will probably ever need. Charge USB to Apple lightning, or remove the Apple lightning and it swivels over and out of the way and now charge USB to USB type C. Or, remove the USB plug, it swivels out of the way, and charge USB type C to USB type C. Or put the lightning back on and charge USB type C to Apple lightning. The combinations are numerous. 
Charge your laptop with the USb type C to USB type C. 
Or charge your iPhone from your iPad with USB type C to lightning. 
Or, charge your iPad from your laptop with USB type C to USb type C. 
Or charge your Apple device from a wall adapter with the standard USb to Apple lightning. 
you get the picture, this charging system is the ultimate and simply genius. You have never seen anything like this and you will never go back to your old cables again. One cable for 90 to 95 percent of the devices out there and over the next few years, 100 percent of the devices when micro USB is finally phased out. This cable system is future proof as it has all connections that you will need for the future. And we have them! You will not see this anywhere else! Grab one while we have them. 
Choose from 1 foot, 6 foot, or 10 foot.
The 6 and 10 foot cables include a silicone carry case and a velcro cable tie.
All connections are certified to work with all Apple and USb type C devices.
All cables have a loss-proof protective plastic cap that is permanently attached to the cable  
All cables have a multi connection system where the one swidels out of the way to make room for the other but never detaches from the end so you don't have to keep up with mulltiple plugs or tips
All cables have magnetic connections at the ends to hold each end together 
Available in 1 foot, 6 foot, or 10 foot. Make your choice from the drop down box before adding to cart.

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3 in 1 leather covered wireless charging station for charging your iPhone, Airpods, and Apple Watch all in one place, and at one time, with just one cable

One Stop Charging for all Your Apple Devices 
- The Wireless 3-in-1 Charging Pad works seamlessly with the latest Qi technology to safely and efficiently charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods faster than ever, all at the same time
7.5W Wireless Fast Charging - The pad delivers 7.5W fast wireless charging to your iPhone to ensure a quick charge. It can even charge through lightweight phone cases up to 3mm thick, so there’s no need to remove your case every time you want to charge
Say Goodbye to Messy Cables - The days of rummaging for a charging cable and camping by a wall outlet are over. The charging pad is all you need to keep your favorite Apple devices fully charged and ready for anything your day throws at you
Designed for Convenience - The charging pad is designed with your lifestyle in mind. With dedicated contact charging spots to place your favorite gadgets, there’s no room for obstruction but gives you more productivity so you are always on the move
Compatible and Safe - This wireless product is optimized with overcharge protection and foreign object detection to ensure a safe and harmless charge. With up to 15W of power, our devices charge your smartphone faster than the average 5W wall charger
3-in1 Charger
Input TYPE-C: 5V/3A; 9V/2A
Wireless output: 5W/7W/10W/15W
Wireless charging Watch output: 2W
Wireless Charging Air Pod Output: 5W
Wireless charging iPhone output: 5W / 7.5W / 10W / 15W
Total output: 15W max
Product size: 8.6" x 6.6" x 0.39"
Product weight: 0.5lbs (260g)

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Anker 3 in 1 super quality cable to keep you covered no matter what device. Apple lightning, Micro USB, and USB type C all on one cable

In a better world, you wouldn’t need this cable. Everything would share a charging protocol. Cords and adapters would be infinitely interchangeable. Dogs and cats living in harmony. That kind of thing.
But no. Instead, we have all manner of chargers for all manner of devices. It means keeping a bunch of cords around all the time and, potentially, not having the one you need handy. (It also means that somewhere in your house there’s a box of old cords because you never know when you’re going to need to fire up that old Palm Pilot or clickwheel iPod.)
So check out this all in one cable. It’s part USB cord, part three-headed monster. A veritable Hydra of charging capabilities. On one end you have your typical USB plug, with all it’s rectangular familiarity and tendency for you to try and plug it in upside down. Typical stuff.
But on the other side, you have the 3-in-1 versatility of Lighting/USB-C/Micro-USB, an exceedingly practical triple threat if ever there was one.
Trust me, the first time you reach for this cord you’ll fall in love with the feeling of knowing that whatever that charging port looks like, you’re covered.
3-in-1 charging when you need it
Lighting, USB-C, and Micro USB
Interchangeable connectors stay attached to the cord
One for All
Charge any of your devices with the interchangeable, built-in Micro USB, USB-C, and Lightning connectors
Compatible to use with the following devices:
Lightning/Type C/Micro USB Cable for iPhone, iPad, Huawei, HTC, LG, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Android Smartphones, and more
Enhanced Durability
Extreme reinforcement keeps internal wiring protected from trauma and degradation
Charge Fast
MFi (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad) certification from Apple
Strict quality testing to ensure all your devices are charged safely at their fastest possible speed

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6 Or 10 Foot Quick Charge USB-C to Apple Lightning braided nylon cable. Charge your Apple devices 50 to 60 percent in 30 minutes with this cable coupled with one of our USB-C high wattage wall chargers

This super rugged and tangle free braided nylon USB-C to MFI certified Apple lightning cable will charge your Apple lightning devices lightning quick! Better than any cable Apple ever gives you or even sells, this braided nylon cable is abailable in 6 or 10 feet. Tired of waiting on your device to charge. Use this cable along with at least a 30 watt or greater, wall charger and quickly charge your Apple devices 50 to 60 percent in only about 30 minutes.

This quick charge feature is included in the iPhone 8,SE 2020, SE 2022, 10, 11, , iPhone 12, and the iPhone 13 models, Apple airpods, and any devices going forward with Apple that use the lightning port on the device.

No longer be stuck using those crappy rubber tangle cables that Apple gives you and even sells. Once you go to a braided nylon cable, you will never go back! Aluminum plug housing coupled with the thick braided nylon of this cable, you could pull a truck with it. They just don't get any better than this. This is completely MFI certified so no accessory not supported messages with this one.
Available in 6 or 10 feet
USB-C to Apple lightning for enabling the quick charge feature on Apple devices.
Aluminum plug housing
Super thick tangle-free bradied nylon covering

Please note: Wall charger not included.

Add one of our high wattage USB-C wall chargers to complete this package for the quickest charge possible.

Make your choice from the drop down box before adding to cart.

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Quick charge Home or Travel Wall Chargers for Phones, Tablets, Victor Streams, Braille Displays, Laptops, MacBooks, Etc. Available in 20 Watt Dual Port, 30 Watt, 45 Watt, or 65 Watt Dual Port.

Everyone has electronics and everyone needs to charge those electronics. The more these power hungry devices need, the more wattage in a wall charger is required. We have about every kind of charger to fit your needs. Check them all out below.

20 watt Dual charge wall adapter:
This small and lightweight wall charger is easy to carry but packs a big punch. With a total output of 20 watts of power, you can quickly charge smart phones, tablets, headphones, and earbuds. The dual charging port gives you one standard USB charging port for your USB-A devices while the USB type C quick charge port is great for iPhones, iPads, Android devices, etc. Great for travel or home use.

Anker Super slim 30 Watt USB type C wall charger:
This super slim wall charger from Anker will give you a whopping 30 watts of power while being slim enough to slip into any pocket. The flat slim design with folding prongs makes a great choice for portability. The single USB type C quick charge port provides up to 30 watts of power for super quick charging on tablets, Braille displays, book readers, etc. This is also great for quick charging your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Airpods Max, etc. A super slim but powerful wall charger.

Anker powerful 45 watt USB type C wall charger.
This 45 watt single USB type C wall charger from Anker will charge the most power hungry devices including newer laptops with USB type C including Ultra Books, MacBooks, Chrome books, etc. Want to get the quickest charge possible, use this for charging your iPads, tablets, and even iPhones and see how truly fast they can charge when combined with this 45 watt wall charger. With the folding prongs, it makes it easy to carry in a pocket or purse and use for travel or home. Get a ton of power in a super small package with this 45 watt USB type C wall charger from Anker.

65 Watt Dual port wall charger.
This dual USB/USB type C wall charger is full of power. Up to 65 watts of power through the USB type C port will charge all your power hungry demanding electronics like laptops, ueltrabooks, MacBooks, smart phones, tablets, victor streams, Braille Displays etc. At the same time, the 18 watt Quick Charge standard USB port can be used to charge all those items that use a standard USB-A plug. Get the maximum amount for your devices out of one wall charger small enough to put in a pocket. The folding prongs along with the lightweight design makes it great for travel.
65 watt Power Delivery 3.0 USB-C Port
18 watt QualComm Quick Charge 3.0 USB-A Port
Dimensions: 2.4" long x 1.1" wide
Supports charging of most newer laptops through the USB type C port.

Dual Port 65 Watt USB/USB-C Compact wall charger with included 6 foot braided nylon USB-C to USB-C cable
A laptop charger that’s as streamlined as a phone charger
Also charges your phone (or whatever)
65W, for one device
45W + 12W, for two devices
Advanced GaN technology makes this PD laptop charger the same size as a regular phone charger
Dynamic detect means you always get the maximum power available
Enough power (65W) to charge a MacBook Pro or similar laptop
When charging two devices, the ports output 45W and 12W respectively

Make your choice from the drop down box before adding to cart. 

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9000mAH MagSafe Portable Power Bank With MagSafe Wireless Charging Pad, Audible Chime Feedback, and USB Type C Port

MagSafe is here to stay. Like it or not, all iPhones starting with iPhone 12 and any iPhones that are released from now on, will have the handy dandy MagSafe feature.

What is there not to like? Easy charge, magnetic alignment, hits the perfect spot every time, fast wireless charging, etc. The cool thing is the longer it is around, the more nifty little devices and gasgets are being made for magSafe. Take this super cool and portable 9000mAH power bank by MyCharge. First of all, it is by a brand that has been around forever and who makes quality products. Second, it has this neat little audible chime to let you know when your phone is charging after placing it on the Magsafe ring and a chime to let you know when you have removed it. Furthermore, it will give you 9000mAH of power to charge your iPhone over and over again. and finally, it has a USB Type C port on the end to charge the power bank but also works in reverse so you can charge other devices even if you don't have a MagSafe device yet or the MagSafe wireless charger on top is already being used. This port would allow you to charge airpods, an Apple watch, or even an iPad. Wrap all these features up into a little bow and give a variety of colors to choose from and now you have a MagSafe tool in your gadget toolbox that you cannot live without! As Steve Jobs would say... 

oh yeah, one more thing, it is small enough to put and carry in a pocket and even use your iPhone while it is attached to the back of it. Now that would make Steve proud!
magnetically connects to your iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 (without cases) or to any iPhone with a MagSafe-certified case. Will not magnetically attach or work with standard cases.
Delivers perfect alignment every time for instant wireless charging the moment it locks on to your iPhone. 
There’s even an audible chime to indicate “I’m charging”. Nothing to press or guess.
The most powerful magnetic hold combined with integrated anti-slip pads – don’t worry about your iPhone twisting or dropping.
Protects against scratches, stains and fading. Available in the most popular iPhone colors.
Significantly reduces heat versus flat magnetic chargers. +48 Hours of additional power, 9000mAh internal battery.
Bi-directional USB Type C Port:
This additional bi-directional port not only charges the power bank, but also charges items attached to this port.
20 watt wall charger is recommended for the quickest charge. (Wall charger not included)
Includes 1 x USB type C charging cable.
Color: Black

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iOS Tips and Tricks Tutorial. Lern to Optimize and Utilize Some Great Features on Your Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod

This 4 hour audio training tutorial will give you some great tips and tricks on features of the iPad, iPhone, or iPod that will help you to be more efficient with your device. Learn how to best optimize your device to save on battery and performance. The tutorial outline is below so you can see what will be covered.
This is not a basic starting from scratch training. this is a more advanced type tutorial assuming that you already know the basics of operating an Apple device with iOS. This is broken down into individual parts and not one large file. Available in M4A format.
1. Introduction
2. Widgets, Home, and today Screen
3. Custom Gestures and Keyboard Shortcuts
4. Wi-Fi Calling, Text Forwarding, and Personal Hotspot
5. Settings and Optimization
6. Apple Accessories
7. Recommended Apps
8. Miscellaneous Tips and Conclusion
The download link will be emailed to you upon receipt of your purchase.
Please note:
 This covers iOS version 14 and does not include any items pertaining to iOS 15. However, many items from iOS 14 carry over to iOS 15.

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Apple Watch OS Tutorial. Great for Any Level of User, Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Over 4 Hours Long and Packed With Information

Following the popularity of our iOS Tips and Tricks tutorial, the Harbolt Company has released a new tutorial on using the Apple Watch. Whether you are a beginner and have never used one before, an intermediate user, or an advanced user, you are guaranteed to find some great and useful information in this tutorial. Recorded on MP3 from a visuallly impaired person's perspective, this tutorial takes you from setting up the Apple watch out of the box to using it like a pro and everything in between. Available for immediate purchase and download. After purchase, a link will be emailed to you within 24 hours containing the place to get the tutorial for download or playback on your smart device. Below are the sections covered in our tutorial:

Based off Watch OS version 8.0

Over 4 hours long of audio broken up into 9 sections.

Apple Watch Introduction
Apple Watch Styles and Options
Apple Watch Description and Setup
Apple Watch Gestures and Actions
Apple Watch Faces and Complications
Apple Watch Settings and Features
Apple Watch Phone Calls, Text Messages, and Email
Apple Watch Phone calls Part 2.
Apple Watch Recommended Aps, Accessories, and Conclusion

This audio content is copyrighted material and any broadcasting or sharing without purchase or permission from the Harbolt Company is expressly forbidden by law. 

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6 Foot Apple MFI Certified Rugged Braided Nylon Sync and Charge Lightning Cable for iPhones and iPads

When size actually does matter, grab one of these 6 foot long MFI Apple certified rugged braided nylon sync and charge cables. With enough length to satisfy almost anyone, never want for more length again!
•Compatible with all Apple devices with a Lightning port
•Charges devices and syncs data with a computer
•Rugged braided design resists tearing
•Tangle resistant
•Apple-certified MFI
Length: 6 Foot

Connection: Standard USB A to Apple Lightning.

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