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Anker Bluetooth True Wireless Earbuds With 32 Hours Battery Life, Quick Charge, Audible Feedback, Awesome Bass, charging Case, Ear Wings for Stability, and Super Great Sound

You know what’s nice? Something that’s perfectly mid-tier. Not the most exciting or most advanced, but not the bare-bones option, either. Also: not too pricey, yet not disturbingly cheap. That kind of stuff is sorta comforting, right?
 You know what’s especially nice? Some perfectly mid-tier wireless earbuds. Because, boy, are they hard to find. Seriously, you usually have two options: you can get some really good ones that cost a mortgage payment, or you can get a 3-pack for $19 and you’ll need all 3 pairs because they’ve each got a lifespan of about a week and a half. 

Where’s the pair for the normal person? We’re talking someone who doesn’t want to spend a small fortune but also wants to, you know, actually hear the music they’re listening to. Do they even make earbuds for them?
 Yes. They’re right here. These ones.
 Are they on par with AirPods? Probably not. But they sound good, they deliver actual volume, they fit comfortably, they look pretty cool, and they’ve got solid battery life (8 hours on a charge).
 A single charge gives you a full 8 hours of listening
 The charging case extends charge to 32 hours
 Charge for only 10 minutes to enjoy 2 hours of listening
 Driver domes maintain rigidity vibrating at high frequencies
 Produces sound with extended treble and bass
 Bass-maximizing ridge to reproduce low frequencies
 Lightweight yet rigid for precise sound reproduction
 HearID maps ear sensitivity across multiple frequencies
 Analyzes results for a personalized listening experience
 Creates custom EQ settings optimized for your ears
 4 microphones
 The latest cVc noise reduction technology
 Effectively highlights your voice while you’re speaking
 Reduces background sounds
 IPX5-rated water protection
 Switch between using a single earbud or both
 Automatically enter mono mode when using one earbud
 Soundcore’s proprietary Grip-Fit tech for a secure fit
 7 ear tips and 3 ear wings included for a customized fit
 AptX Technology receives the highest quality sound when streaming from Bluetooth
 Low-latency transfer keeps the audio in sync when watching videos
 What’s Included?
 1x Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Wireless Earbuds
 1x Charging Case
 7x Ear tips (XS, S, M, L, XL, M+, L+)
 3x Ear wings (S, M, L)
 1x USB-C cable

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FanStereo Wireless On Ear Hybrid Headphones with 13 Hour Battery Life, 3.5mm Audio Jack, Solid Aluminum Construction, Audible Feedback, and Awesome Quality Sound

Sometimes technology doesn’t know when to quit.
Decades ago, audiophiles were bopping away in their beanbag chairs, rocking out to some tunes pumped lovingly into their ears by nice, squishy over-the-ear headphones. They were soft. And comforting. Like a hug. For your head.
And yeah, maybe occasionally it would be nice to be able to travel more than eight feet away from the stereo, but a cord was a small price to pay for being able to crank it up to eleven without bothering the neighbors.
Finally, audio tech evolved to the point where you didn’t need the cord anymore and, honestly, that could have been a good place to stop. Nobody was really saying “Hey, man, this is cool, but what I really want is to shove some little plastic tic-tacs into my ear holes and get my music from there. Ideally, there would be a noise-cancellation function that makes it feel like someone is slowly trying to suck my brain out of my head. Oh, and could you please make the audio quality a little crappier while you’re at it?”
But hey, that’s what we got. At least those little earbuds can fit in your pocket. (So you can accidentally run through the laundry.)
Well, these headphones capture that beautiful moment in time when the sound was good, the earpieces were squishy, and the price was just right.
You can have the best of all worlds. Heck, you can even use them wired if you want. Also “wiredfully” is a much better word for that and you should help us make sure it catches on.
On-the-ear headphones like back in the day
Use wirelessly or wired
Killer audio quality
Satisfying sound isolation
Optimized sound-isolating technology that keeps what you want to hear inside and all other distractions outside
On-ear headphones
Premium protein leather made headband
Wireless compatibility
Ambient sound blocking
Built-in microphone
Intelligent voice commands offer hands-free usage
Power and volume control features on right ear cup
Universal headphone jack
High-Definition HPA technology
3.5mm jack
Frequency response: 20 to 20 kHz
4.1 wireless connection
Drivers: 40mm
Impedance: 32 ohms
Battery: 250 mAh
Weight: 162g
Charge time: 2 hours
Playing time: 13 hours
1x Headphone
1x charging cord
1x 3.5mm jack

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Armrest Sofa or Chair Caddy With 5 Organizer Pockets and Tabletop

Armrest Sofa Caddy with 5 Pockets and Table Top
Your ultimate solution to tidy your flat armed sofa or arm chair - keep almost all entertainment accessories and gadgets within arms reach and clutter-free.
3 small storage pockets for holding eye glasses, smartphones, and tv remote controls
2 large storage pockets for storing books, magazines, iPads, etc.
1 tray top spacious enough to hold a cell phone, iPad tablet, watch, keys, glasses, tissues, books, notepad, pens, TV remote controller, cups, snack, etc.
Durable nylon for easy clean up
Table top: 10.5" L x 7.5" W
Large design fits most flat, non-rounded armrests
Please unfold it when in use

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Portable Folding Adjustable Phone Stand for Scanning Documents With Seeing AI or Other Scanning Software. Holds Your Phone Steady for Accurate Scanning

Tired of trying to hold your phone steady while you are scanning something? You need this awesome folding phone stand to help you out. if you use Seeing AI or Voicestream scanner and you want to easily scan documents quicly and without trying to hold still, this stand iss for you! Easily folds up to carry in a pocket or purse and adjusts higher or lower and at angles. If you want something to hold your phone while you make a facetime call or zoom call, it works for that equally as well! Be sure and check out my audio description to hear the real life demo of how well this little stand works. 

Also great for use with AIRA

Angle and height adjustment support different viewing angles. 
Silica gel covers of feet and plate holder, 
protect your phone from any scratching and sliding. 
Case friendly and the bottom hole of plate won’t block your charging. 
Compatible with all smart phones including iPhone and Andrroid.
Can be easily adjusted to ideal position and height(4.73 inches -6.49 inches), 
Equipped with a heavier base and an metal rod , which has strong bearing capacity, it's stable enough to support your mobile phone. 
The contact surface between the device and the bracket is designed with silica anti-skid pad, it is maximum protect your device from scratches and sliding.
The width of the plate feet is 0.52 inches, no need to remove your phone case, which is long enough to hold your device with case on, 
Easy to fold and store and easy to take anywhere.
A perfect companion for travel or home.

Availalbe in white or black. Make your choice from the drop down box before adding to cart.

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Stylish Unisex Genuine Leather Cross Body Bag, With Adjustable Shoulder Strap, 6 Storage Pockets. Available in Small, Medium or Large in Many Colors

This nifty small, medium, or large size unisex cross body bag is small enough to not be bulky and heavy but large enough to hold the important items like your keys, cell phone, iPad mini, wallet, cash, headphones, cables, etc. The shoulder strap is adjustable for use as a shoulder bag or cross body bag. Plenty of zippered pockets and the genuine leather make this little bag a great choice for all situations whether it be casual or a night out.
•Get organized in no time with all the zippered pockets
•Easy access to everything you need
•Compact design with substantial space
•100 percent Genuine cowhide leather

Small size:
Measures 8.5 Inches tall by 6.5 inches wide
•Adjustable Strap measures: 26" from the drop point, 52" fully extended
•6 Total Compartments:

Main compartment with zipper closure.
3 front zip pockets, including 1 with inner credit card slots.
1 Back slip pocket
Medium Size

Measures: 10.5 inches tall by 8 inches wide.

•Adjustable Strap measures: 26" from the drop point, 52" fully extended

6 total compartments

Main compartment with zipper closure.
3 front zip pockets, including 1 with inner credit card slots.
1 Back slip pocket
Large Size:

Measures: 11.25 inches tall by 9.75 inches wide 

•Adjustable Strap measures: 26" from the drop point, 52" fully extended
6 total pockets
Main compartment with zipper closure.
3 front zip pockets, including 1 with inner credit card slots.
1 Back slip pocket
1 bzippered ack pocket
Available in a variety of colors and sizes. Make your choice from the drop down box before adding to cart. Choose from Medium or Large and choose color.

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Stainless Steel Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Keyboard With Super Comfortable Cushioned Keys, Rugged Exterior, and Compatibility With iOS, Android, Mac OS, or Windows

This bluetooth keyboard is one of the best we have seen. It's nice sized cushioned keys make it super comfortable to type on while being small enough to be easily portable. It's rechargeable battery gives you up to 6 months of use while its slide switch for power makes it easy to know when it's turned on or off. The stainless steel body makes it rugged enough to throw in a bag without worrying about damage. The back edge of the keyboard gives it a slight raised incline for an even better typing experience. Great for any operating system whether it be Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, or on a Mac or Windows PC.
Industry Leading Ergonomic Design
Stainless steel material gives heavy duty feeling and the low profile keys offer quiet and comfortable typing.
Cross Platform Compatability
Fully functional with all major operating systems including iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows.
features system specific function keys for each operating system.
Any Bluetooth supported device such as a desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone can easily be paired and gain quick access to common functions, such as volume level, playback media controls, copy or paste text, and more.
Comfortable and quiet typing
The whisper quiet, low profile keys bring a whole new level of comfort to your fingertips. What's more, keep all your most used functions and media controls closer than ever with Windows dedicated hotkeys.
The construction of this portable bluetooth keyboard's keys can be used more than 3 million times continuously.
Rechargeable Battery
Built-in industry high rechargeable Li-polymer battery provides up to 6-month use on a single charge. This is based on 2 hours nonstop use per day.
1. This keyboard doesn't support the Windows 8 Mobile operating system.
2. For Android 4.4 users: The Caps Lock indicator may not light, but will still function normally.
3. The keyboard will automatically go into power savings mode after 10 minutes of inactivity. Press any key and wait 2-3 seconds to wake the keyboard.

Product Dimensions
 11 x 5.3 x 0.2 inches

Weight: 10.7 ounces

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Sharp EL-640 Talking Calculator. Excellent Condition with Case

The infamous Sharp EL-640 talking calculator, alarm clock, timer, clock, and calendar. One of the most rare items in the blind community and now you have a chance to own one. This is the rare model that everyone wants and includes a clock, calendar, timer, alarm clock, hourly chime, 5 minute chime, daylight savings button, and a calculator. it does a lot of things and does them amazingly well! This one is in excellent condition with original protective folio case. It looks and works perfect.

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Universal Silicon Adjustable Cell Phone Lanyard for Wearing Your Phone Around Your neck. Great for Aira Explorers!

All new design!

New features:

Now easier to adjust for the shortest or longest length. Simply Slide the rubber ring higher or lower on the lanyard neck straps to make shorter or longer. Muche easier and adjustable than the older model.

Rubber on phone holder is thicker and more durable.

This adjustable silicone phone kit is perfect for wearing your phone around your neck. Perfect for Aira users or just keeping your hands free. The adjustable lanyard lets you make it as short as you like or as long as you like. One side is open so it won't interfere with your screen while the other side includes a pocket for your I.D. or credit card. Made of silicon, it is easily able to be cleaned from dirt or dust. The metal clip easily attaches the phone holdejr to the lanyard while swiveling to make for easy access to your phone. This kit works for almost all phones no matter the size and accommodate your phone even if it has a case. Works for all Aira phones and all iPhones as well as most all other Android phones. Easily attaches to your device while keeping it secure from drops while keeping your hands free for other tasks.

Compatible with all models of the all new iPhone 13 

Condition: New in bulk packaging.

Color: Black

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