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Here you will find a complete list of all items for sale on our web site.

Lightly Used Premium UltraBooks Including Apple MacBooks and Windows Laptops

The Harbolt Company deals in the most high end and premium laptops. We search out and find the best deals on lightly used premium laptops and make sure they meet with our most stringent requirements and specifications. A laptop purchased from us will be in only the best condition with very few light scratches, if any,  and all components are guaranteed to be inf full working order. We don't sell anything that we ourselves would not use. You can rest assured that a laptop purchased from the Harbolt Company will be nothing less than awesome, and we have multiple options for all budgets. We test and inspect all ports, drives, plugs, etc to insure that everything is working perfect. Furthermore, unless requesting something different, we wipe everything off the computer and reset it back to factory settings. All that you need to do when you receive is to turn it on and it will come up to the windows setup wizard so you can put in your personal information and set the computer up the way you like. All computers include a free copy of NVDA and a free copy of Office 2007 upon request. We offer custom tweaking for an additional cost. Rest assured, you will love your computer from the Harbolt Company. All computers come with a 30 day warranty for mechanical failure. We guarantee everything to be working when you recieve it or we will exchange it or give your money back. If anything goes wrong mechanically within 30 days of you receiving your computer, we will fix it free of charge and if we cannot, we will refund your money or exchange for another computer. Join the tons of satisfied customers who have trusted the Harbolt Company to provide them with a great computer experience.

Recommended Products for Aira Explorerers

Are you one of the growing explorers using Aira? This category will help with items to make your journey a great one!

Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Apple Watch Accessories

In this area you will find accessories for anything Apple related including iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Apple watch.

Sharp Talking Calculators and Clocks, and Classco Talking Caller ID

Here you willll find gently used and new rare items that are no longer being made but are still very desirable. Items include Sharp products like the EL640 calculator or the Talking Time 1 or great talking caller ID's from Classco.

BlueTooth and Wireless Speakers, Headphones, Keyboards, Headsets, Etc.

Here you will find everything Bluetooth related. Including wireless keyboards, stereo headphones, earphones, and ear buds, as well as stereo and portable speakers, and single earpieces for mobile use.

Wired Headphones, EarPhones, Speakers, Etc.

Here you will find headphones, earbuds, and speakers that are required to be plugged in, usually via 3.5mm audio plug.

Computer Related Audio, Drives, Storage, Card Readers, USB Hubs, Cables, etc.

Here you will find all computer related accessories for laptops, desktops, NetBooks, MacBooks, etc. No matter if you have a PC or a MAC, you will find it in this category. Including wireless keyboards, headphones, speakers, chargers, etc.

Portable Power Banks, Wireless Chargers, Travel and Home Chargers, Cables, Etc.

Here you will find wall plugs, chargers, portable batteries, and charge and sync cables to keep your devices full of juice.

Home, Bath, and Kitchen Items, Insulated Mugs, Jewelry, Bags and Backpacks, Etc.

This category contains items to help you in the home including items for the bath, kitchen, or just around the house in general.

Miscellaneous Electronics

Just like the title says, this category is for miscellaneous electronic items that don't fit in any of the other categories.

Only One Left

This category contains items that we only have one left in stock. Most of our items are special purchases and when they are gone, we might not get them again.