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This category contains user submitted classified ads to sell their products or services. All transactions shall be handled between the interested party and the seller. The Harbolt Company is not responsible for any problems that arise through these transactions. The interested buyer should take up all problems and complaints with the seller. We recommend using paypal goods and services to pay for any items so the buyers are protected through paypal.

Zoom Training

I have had some people mention they would like help with Zoom.  This gave me the idea to put together a training class for this service since a lot of blind people are using it.

Several groups in ACB are using it, and I also know of one company who uses it to conduct meetings with their customers.

If anyone is interested in participating in the training class, please fill out the form below.  Group or individual training is available.

If you have difficulty filling out the form, or you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Please distribute this information to anyone you feel would be interested in the training class.

Matt Roberts


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Affordable Assistive Technology Instruction

Affordable Assistive Technology Instruction / Support


Are you stuck at home? Is your college, university or school implementing new online learning platforms? Are you baffled by all the available specialised tech tools and alternative techniques? Would you like some assistive-technology instruction for you and/or your child?

I am happy to help!


I am available for:

* Training on PC, Mac, or iOS using JAWS, Voiceover, or NVDA screen readers.

* Instruction on Note takers and braille displays such as the Braille Note Touch or Focus.

* Making inaccessible charts, diagrams, drawings and other complex materials understandable for a blind student.

* Assistance navigating conferencing platforms such as Zoom and learning management systems such as Blackboard and D2L.

* Braille instruction and support.

* Accessibility evaluation and testing.

* Process accessibility advocacy and troubleshooting assistance.


I am a blind person certified in the JAWS and Nonvisual Desktop Access (NVDA) screen readers with A+ and Network+ IT certifications and over 30 years of professional technology experience.


Please contact me for a free consultation. Flat $15 per hour rate if you decide we'll work together.


You may reach me on Facebook Messenger or email me at to get started today.

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Classified Ad for the Harbolt Company

The Harbolt Company consists of a user newsletter list of over 700 customers. This allows you to purchase a classified ad to sell your product or services in the classified ad area on the Harbolt Company web site and include your ad in a weekly classified ads newsletter that will be emailed to over 700 people through our newsletter. Choose from an ad only on the web site or one that is on the web site and also in our weekly newsletter email. All ads remain up until the item sells or until you request the ad be removed. Each ad that is purchased to be included in our weekly newsletter email will run in the newsletter for a period of 60 days or approximately 8 times. after that, the ad will remain on the web site but will not be included in the weekly newsletter.

Make your choice from the drop down box what type of ad you would like to submit. After receiveing your receipt for the purchased ad, please reply to the email receipt or send us a direct email to what ad you would like to submit and how you would like it to read. Please type it out exactly how you want it as we will not be responsbile for typing copy. In the ad you submit, please be clear as to what you are selling or advertising, the condition of the item, the price you are wanting, and your contact info such as email and phone number.

Note: Please allow 24 hours for your ad to show up on the web site.

Our Price: $5.00