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Jumbo or mini buttery caramel Dutch StroopWafels. A super delicious Dutch pastry that Goes great anytime of the day! Available in Maple, honey, or chocolate and made with real bourbon vanilla

One of the most delicious Dutch treats you will ever taste. I held off on trying these for the longest time but when I finally did, I am completely hooked and you will also! What is it you ask? Well, it's hard to describe but imagine a yummy round waffled pastry on the top and bottom, the thickness of a pop tart,  with a delicious gooey buttery caramel filling. these are from Holland so it's not something we are too familiar with in the United states. I will tell you they go great with coffee or cocoa and I eat at least 2 of these every morning with my coffee. You can set it on your coffee mug and it helps warm them up and makes them even more gooey and yummy but most of the time, I just eat mine right out of the package. These are great for anyone, and for anytime of the day,  and also makes a great unique gift. Trust me, you will want more after you try them!
Goes great with hot coffee or cocoa, or anytime, let the stroop rest on the rim of you mug to heat up the caramel in the middle
Creamy, buttery caramel filling, enriched with natural Bourbon vanilla tastes so good
Filled with a creamy and buttery caramel filling, enriched with natural Bourbon vanilla
Perfect to warm on a steaming cup of your favorite beverage
Made In Holland
No Artificial Colors or Preservatives

Jumbo stroopwafels available in honey or maple flavor.

has 8 Jumbo stroopwafels per order
Each Stroopwafel has a diameter of 3.14 inches
Dimensions: 3.15" W x 3.94" H
Weight: 8.11 oz

Individually wrapped Mini Stroopwafels available in chocolate or honey.

Size of the minis are the diameter of an Oreo cookie about half as thick.

5 mini Stroopwafels equal 1 Jumbo stroopwafel.

40 individually wrapped mini Stroopwafels per order.

Available in Jumbo maple or honey, or individually wrapped minis in chocolate or honey. Make your choice from the drop down box before adding to cart.

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