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Ultimate 6 Piece Wine Essentials Set Including Automatic Corkscrew,Bottle Pump, wine Bottle stoppers, Bottle Pourer, and Foil cutter

Open and preserve your favorite bottles of wine with ease and perfection.
Keep opened bottles fresh longer with these essential tools every wine lover should have.
•Automatic wine opener with carbon steel corkscrew
Never struggle with removing a cork again with this one-touch electric corkscrew.
•Effortlessly opens bottles with the simple push of a button
•Works perfectly with natural or synthetic corks
•Matte finish body allows for a comfortable grip
•Foil cutter cleanly cuts away foil for perfect bottle presentation
•Air removal pump creates a vacuum seal to preserve the bouquet of your fine wines
•Wine aerating pourer eliminates the need for decanting by aerating every glass as you pour
•2 air removal stoppers with easy release buttons preserve the life of your wine
•Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
•Base Material: 70% Plastic, 30% Stainless Steel
Hand Wash
•1x Electric Wine Opener
•1x Foil Cutter
•2x Wine Stopper(s)
•1x Wine Pourer
•1x Manual Wine Pump

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Super Large Capacity 40 Ounce Double Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Leak and Spill Proof Water Bottle With 2 Interchangeable Lids

The largest capacity water bottle we have ever carried! This super size 40 ounce Double-Wall Insulated stainless steel Bottle is double vacuum insulated for maximum cold temperature retention. It keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and maintains the temperature of hot liquids for up to 12 hours. It's easy to stay hydrated when you take this portable anti-thirst travel companion with you! The two interchangeable included lids give you options as to how you wish to use your water bottle. The complete leak and spill proof design gives you piece-of-mind that no accidents will occur while in a bag or backpack, or even if you knock it over. Product Details Features: •With a single touch, the spill-resistant sports style lid opens easily •Stay hydrated wherever you go Total leak and spill proof High Grade Stainless Steel Keeps liquids cold for up to 24 hours and keeps liquids hot up to 12 hours. Interchangeable lids Wide bass for better stability Large bottle mouth opening for easy fill of liquids or ice. Includes a lid for spout type drinking or pouring. •Includes a click top cap with a wide opening for easy loading and cleaning •With a single click, it closes tightly, and won't leak •Dishwasher-safe Available in black or red. Make your choice from the drop down box before adding to cart.

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Portable and Hanging Shower Caddy With Ventilation Holes, Ability to Create your Own Storage Sections, Hang Up, or Carry With you Back and Forth in a Dorm or shared Bathroom

This is a very simple way to organize and transport all your shower products. This caddy comes with five flat bungee cords that separate your items and keep large bottles from spilling out. The perforated structure allows you to attach cords in almost any configuration - even on the outside. Couples can co-op the caddy and easily split the shampoo into His and Hers sections.

Perfect for those who live in a dorm or environment where they share a bathroom. Easily carry this back and forth with the large handles and even hang it over the shower head rod. If you have shower shoes, no problem, just hook a cord around them and they’re along for the ride. The increased airflow dries the shower caddy quickly and keeps your items clean.


Carry with you or hang on a shower head rod.

Deep basket and tall handle can accommodate large items

  • Organize any way you like with the five included bungee cords
  • The perforated design provides constant airflow
  • Dimensions: 10.5W X 12T X 8.5D

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2 Pack 8 Ounce Bottles of Flip Top Hand Sanitizer Containing 62 Percent Alcohol, Aloe, and Vitamin E To Keep Hands From Getting Dried Out

so you can rest assured that your hands will remain clean and safe. Say no to sticky residue and hello to soft and smooth hands!
•Place enough product in your palm to thoroughly cover your hands.
•Rub hands together briskly until dry.
•Children under 6 years of age should be supervised when using this product.
Active Ingredient: Ethyl alcohol 62 percent
2 Pack 8 ounce bottles 62 percent Alcohol hand Sanitizer. (16 ounces total ounces)
Flip top lid.

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2 Pack 1.8 Ounce tins of Squeezy and Stretchy Therapy Fun Putty. Great for Improving Hand Strength, Relieving Stress, Anxiety, and Fidgetting.

Do you, or someone you know, have the habit of fidgeting, moving constantly or have restless hands? Do you know kids or adults who are tactile, always touching, moving, holding or playing with things? Fidget and sensory toys offer an outlet for this behavior and can offer stress relief or help reduce anxiety. These fidget and sensory toys offer a quiet, less distracting way to exert restless energy. They can be used as tools to help with self-regulation, which may help increase focus and productivity.
Amazingly fun for kids and adults!
If you find that you have a tough time sitting or focusing at your desk at school or work, consider keeping this incredibly fun fidget putty with you.
Putty can help with stress relief or reducing anxiety in tense times. Or simply offer a mini-break of fun and stimulation in order to return to your project refreshed and recharged.
This is great for the office and makes a great gift for tactile people!
Great as a birthday present, holiday gift or stocking stuffer, Easter Basket stuffer, or just because!
It also makes a super-fun office gift for your gift swaps!
What DON'T you do is the question! Stretch it, bounce it, pop it, roll it, flatten it... it's great fun to explore each putty's unique feature:
WHO is it FOR?
This 2 pack of Putty is perfect for anyone with restless hands -- of any age!
Boys, girls, women and men all will find a fun way to enjoy Putty.
Great for building up hand strength.
Great for relieving stress.
Great for those who fidget.
Great for those constantly moving or those who have restless hands.
Relieves stress and anxiety.
1.8 Ounce of putty in separate storage tin.
2 pack of tins and putty in each order.
•Stretchy fun putty can be used as a toy or for stress and therapy
•Non-Toxic, Do not Eat or Drink
•Warning: Choking Hazard: Small Parts
•Not for children under 3 years or adults over 200 years.
Random colors chosen for each order.

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Keyless All Weather Rechargeable FingerPrint Touch Lock With Super Accurate FingerPrint Recognition, Storage for Up to 20 FingerPrints, and Up to One Year Battery Life

This Bio-Key Touch Lock offers peace of mind to secure your sheds, lockers, gates, bikes and more. Accessing your belongings has never been easier without the need for keys or combinations. All you have to do is program the Bio-Key Touchlock with your unique fingerprint, lock and go!
Fingerprint enrollment is an easy 4-step process and can store up to 20 fingerprints, which allows for easy sharing with family and friends. The rubber water resistant ring mitigates the risk of rusting or damage designed for all outdoor use. Open your lock by simply placing your finger on the scanner and you’re in!
•The fingerprint recognition technology uses your unique fingerprint to unlock your Bio-Key TouchLock with the touch of a finger
•Easy to use – press down on hook, scan fingerprint and unlock
•The built-in rechargeable battery requires only 2 hours of charging for use up to a year
•Featuring the IP54 water resistant standard, the rubber rings allow added protection against water damage and rusting for added protection
•Easy 4-step enrollment process- Stores up to 20 fingerprints for easy sharing with friends and family.
•Stores up to 20 fingerprints for easy sharing with friends and family.
•The fast click unlock mode allows you to create your own custom access code of short and long taps to manually un-lock the lock
•Bio-Key TouchLock XL All Weather Keyless Bio-Lock
•USB Charging Cable
•Quick Start Guide
•Battery Capacity: 60mAh
•Connectivity: USB
•Water Resistant: IP54
•Dimensions: 1.8" x .87" x 2.8" (W x D x H, Approx.)
•Weight: .5 oz

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Super Soft Memory Foam Pillow With Cooling Technology and Removable, Washable, and Breathable Cover

Rest assured knowing you are receiving lasting support when sleeping on these Therapedic Memory Foam Pillows with iCool Technology, featuring certified memory foam that provides lasting pressure relief throughout the night.
These pillows are also built with multiple features to further enhance breathability including the ventilated iCool Technology System and a breathable circular-knit fabric cover, which aid air flow and dissipate thermal build-up to help you sleep cooler.
•Available in Classic or Contour
◦The contour design is great for primary side and back sleepers to provides excellent relief and is constructed to ergonomically support your head while aligning your neck and shoulders.
◦The classic comfort design is great for all types of sleepers as it provides excellent relief and is constructed to ergonomically support your head, neck, and shoulders.
•Ergonomic contoured design is ideal to offer support back and side sleepers
•Classic comfort design offers support for all sleep styles
•Pressure-relieving memory foam provides lasting comfort throughout the night
•Memory foam is naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and resistant to mold, bacteria, and dust mites for lasting freshness
•Engineered for maximum airflow, this pillow combines ventilated iCool Technology System in the memory foam and a breathable fabric cover for lasting comfort
•Removable knit cover zips off for easy cleaning
•Measures 21" L x 14" W x 5" H
Available in classic or contoured. Make your choice from the drop down box before adding to cart.

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Flexible Lightweight Neck Mount for SmartPhones. Go Hands Free and Keep Your Phone Perfectly Stable at Any Angle. Perfect for Aira Explorers

These are now back in stock and shipping out immediately!

Perfect for Aira explorers who want their phone to be stable when they are out and about!
Free up your hands with this convenient neck mount! This mount is suitable for most smartphones and tablets and has a padded interior to protect your device from damage. The flexible neck strap allows it to bend to fit any angle or be used as a desk mount.
•Flexible and adjustable neck strap with mount
•Bends to perfect angle and stays in place
•Can also use as a desk top stand
•Wide and vertical adapter better supports smartphones
•Padded interior of adapter protects phone from damage
•Compatible with all smartphone sizes up to 7 inches
•Keeps your phone in a stable position even with a case on it
•Cushioned neck strap for improved comfort
•360 degree rotation with an adjustable viewing angle
•The hands-free mount keeps the phone on a comfortable level.

Please note: While your phone is inserted in the holder, only one side of your phone will be open. If you are using the neck mount for Aira, your phone's screen will not be accessible. That is why the holder allows for easy removal if you need to use your phone or access the screen for any reason.

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Super Heavy Duty Solid Stainless Steel Professional Ice Cream Scoop with Non-Slip Comfortable Rubber Handle, Non Stick Scoop Surface, and Spade Shape for the Hardest Ice Cream

The best and only ice cream scoop you will ever need again for the rest of your life!
Made of solid stainless steel and uniquely designed to not allow ice cream to stick to the scooper, this is the best ice cream scoop you will ever use. The heavy duty non-slip rubber handle makes gripping super easy while the whole thing is dishwasher safe. Throw away all your old cheap scoops and allow your ice cream scooping days to be stress free for years to come!
solid stainless steel body
Non-slip comfortable rubber handle
Super heavy duty metal construction
Uniquely designed shallow spade scoop area for easily releasing your ice cream from the scoop
Includes spade shaped rounded scooper for allowing digging into the hardest of ice cream
Great for ice cream, frozen yogurt, Gelato, Cookie Dough and Pies.

Color: Black

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Leak and Spill Proof Double Wall Vacuum Sealed Insulated 16 Ounce Stainless Steel Mug With Easy Grip Handle, Press to Drink Auto Seal Technology, and Slide Lock Switch. Perfect for Keurig Brewers

Our new favorite coffee mug!
This super innovative double wall vacuum sealed insulated stainless steel mug with handle includes AUTO SEAL technology, eliminating the possibility of spilling or leaking your drink whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go. They integrated a comfortable carrying handle into the lid without sacrificing the slim silhouette that lets your travel mug fit nicely into most cup holders, so it’s even easier to take a day’s worth of your favorite coffee or tea with you. Not to worry, THERMA LOCK double wall vacuum insulation means your beverage will stay piping hot up to 5 hours or icy cold up to 15 hours. Use the discreet lock feature to prevent the unintended pressing of the AUTO SEAL button for added peace of mind. At the end of a long day, the top rack dishwasher safe Easy Clean Lid pops open completely so you can get into all the nooks for a thorough clean. The stainless steel body is recommended hand wash only.
Leak proof and spill proof
press button on handle to drink and automatically seals when button is released
slide switch on handle locks button for accidental pressing
double wall insulated
vacuum sealed
    rubber coating on handle makes for non slip easy grip
drink opening on both sides of lid for use in right or left hand
top rack dishwasher safe for lid
recommended hand wash body
stainless steel rust proof body design
works perfect under single serve coffee brewers like Keurig. Need to remove drink tray on brewer in order to fit
16 ounce capacity
Product Dimensions
3.7 x 2.8 x 10.4 inches 
Item Weight
12.8 ounces

Available in black, dark green, dark silver, or dark red. Make your choice from the drop down box before adding to cart.

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2 Pack ReUsable Coffee Filters for All Keurig 1.0 2.0 and Single Serve Coffee Machines

This Keurig 2.0 Deluxe refillable and reusable coffee pod capsule lets you choose between really expensive, prefilled coffee pods or the more affordable option of refilling your very own favorite coffee blend of your choice. They're a great option for use with Keurig 1.0 and 2.0, Office Pro, K-Series, and select models from coffee makers such as Breville, Cuisinart, Mr. Coffee, and Mueller Austria. You can use them with or without disposable paper coffee filters for Keurig K-Cup single-serve coffee brewers. There's no need to remove your brewer's K-Cup holder - just fill the capsule, insert it in the holder, and hit brew!
Product Details


Includes two reusable filters

•Durable, extra-thick plastic design for years of reliable use and superior-tasting coffee
•Keurig K-Series and 2.0 and 1.0 compatible
•Perforated holes for optimal brew low
•Easy to use - no adapters required
•Use your own fresh coffee
•Save money
•Reduce K-Cup waste

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Harbolt Services and Products to Make Your Life Easier

This free audio seminar along with accompanying document goes over many services and products that I use on a regular daily basis to make my life easier as someone who is visually impaired. Referral links are included in document to save you money on these prodcuts and services.

Click here to download the audio seminar and document in zip file format

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Accessible Extra Large Heating Pad With Individual Buttons, Audible Tones, Detachable Cord, and Machine Washable

Always wanted a heating pad that is accessible and lets you know what level of heat is currently selected? This one will do it. With a series of audible tones, you know exactly if you are on low, medium, or high. Hold any one of the buttons down until you hear an audible beep to turn off the heating pad.
Individual buttons for controlling the levels of heat.
Detachable cord lets you store or wash the pad while leaving the AC cord plugged in.
Extra long cord for maximum reachablility.
Moist and Dry Heat Therapy:
Safely use for moist or dry heat therapy,
3 Power Heat Settings,
2-HOUR Auto shut off helps to avoid overheating.
•Smart temperature control:
heating pad stay constant temperature when reaching the target temperature for safer use.
•Shorten heat-up time by increasing power:
Feel the heat in few seconds, getting immediate pain relief to aching muscles.
Provides sufficient continuous heat to maintain a constant temperature.
•Stimulating blood circulation:
By stimulating blood circulation throughout the body not only keep your body warm but also relieve pain including headaches, chest pain and shoulder pain.
Ultra soft plush
Ultra-soft and easy-care
Plush fabric provides ultimate comfort.
Machine-washable fabric pad offers maximum comfort for daily use
Extra-Large Size
XL pad measures 12" x 24" to cover larger areas that need relief, including spine, legs, and across the shoulders
Machine washable
Easy to clean

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Portable and Lightweight Braille 2 Deck Card Shuffler. Easily Shuffle Braille Cards With the Turn of a Crank. NO Batteries Required

Easily shuffle your Braille playing cards with this super simple and effective card shuffler. Able to shuffle two decks of cards, this shuffler mixes up the cards nicely without damaging them. Just split the cards in half and put each half on each side and turn the crank a few times to funnel the cards into the slide out tray. Repeat this a few times to get a nice shuffle for your cards. Easy to turn crank eliminates the need for batteries. This shuffler eliminates jams and damaged cards by allowing you to turn the crank slowly and deliberately. Includes removable crank and slot on the bottom of the shuffler to store the crank while not in use.

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Genuine Deluxe Lambskin Leather Fanny Waist Pack With Adjustable Belt and Multiple Zippered Storage Pockets

Are you looking for the perfect traveling companion? Try one of these top-grain leather fanny packs. These fanny pack are lightweight, comfortable and convenient; in fact, you probably won't feel it at all while wearing one. Perfect for shopping or just running around town. These leather packs are durable and very stylish.

Deluxe pack with optional 8 inch extension
This genuine lambskin leather pack is durable and very stylish with an adjustable belt strap that measures 49 inches from end to end with an optinal 8 inch extension, and the front pocket will fit most cell phones comfortably. You'll have plenty of room to carry lots of personal items with 5 zippered compartments.
Product Details

Optional 8 inch extension strap

•Top grain super soft lambskin leather
•Durable pouch features 5even zippered compartments for storage and organization
•Horizontal zipper pockets on the front, back and interior that offer storage for cash, coins, and other small items
•Adjustable belt strap that measures up to 43 inches with optional 8 inch extension strap
•Dimensions: 12 inches Long by 3.75 inches Wide by 5.25 inches deep
•Product weight: 9 ounces
Color: black

Extension strap will increase deluxe pack to 51 inches.

Available in deluxe pack or deluxe pack with 8 inch extension strap. Make your choice from the drop down box before adding to cart.

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Sonic Powered Toothbrush With 3 Cleaning Modes, Super Long Battery, Wireless Charging Base, 40,000 Brush Strokes Per Minute, and 3 Years of Replacement Brush Heads

Don't spend a fortune on an overpriced name brand toothbrush when you can get one for a third of the price that does just as well and includes 3 years worth of replacement brush heads to boot. This sonic toothbrush has it all with it's wireless charging base and a battery that lasts up to a month. Choose from 3 different cleaning modes to best fit your teeth. Discover the sonic difference and never go back to a manual toothbrush again!
40,000 VPM UltraSonic Motor
A state-of-the-art 40,000 vibration per minute ultrasonic motor delivers a deep and thorough clean.
True Wireless Charging
Forget the cheap and inconvenient USB charging of competitors. This sonic toothbrush uses modern ultra fast wireless charging that begins as soon as you set it back on its charging stand.
12 Brush Heads
Get 3 years worth of brush heads included.
Long lasting battery.
On a full charge, this sonic toothbrush will last for a month when used for two minutes 2 times a day. Simply charge it for 4 hours and take it on the go.
Unlike other sonic toothbrushes, this one includes 3 different modes to get that perfect clean every time.
Clean Mode
Standard clean mode sweeps away plaque 3x better than other legacy electric toothbrushes and 10x better than a manual toothbrush.
Soft Mode
Soft mode delivers the same deep and thorough clean but for those users with more sensitive teeth and gums.
Massage Mode
Use massage mode every few days to deliver targeted gentle micro bursts into your gum's tissue to boost circulation. Healthier gums mean healthier teeth and smile.
•40,000 powerful sonic strokes per minute, with world wide voltage 110-220v
•Includes 12 color coated brush heads for multiple users
•Advanced electronic control and electro mechanical driving system
•2 minutes auto-timer with a 30-second interval alter system ◦The brushhead vibrates every 30 seconds to alert you to brush a different quadrant of your mouth
◦After 2 minutes the unit will shut off automatically
•3 Operations: Normal, Soft & Massage
•Powerful plaque remover where normal bristles can’t reach effectively removes plaque without irritating gums
•Reaches deep between teeth to remove plaque from hard to reach places
•Removes even tough stains, leaving naturally whiter teeth
•Gentle on teeth and gums
The system includes 12 bonus brush heads- that’s 3 years worth of brush heads based on dental professional recommendations to replace your brush head every 90 days.
Included In The Box
•1x sonic toothbrush
•1x Charging base with attached brush holder
•3x Red brush heads
•3x Yellow brush heads
•3x Green brush heads
•3x Blue brush heads

Available in Red, White, or Blue. Make your choice from the drop down box before adding to cart.

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