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Stainless Steel Double Wall Insulated Aluminum Can Koozie. Works for All Sizes of Aluminum Cans, Beer, Soda, Energy Drinks, Hard Seltzer, etc. Keep Your Cans Cold and Insulated With this Awesome Can Koozie

Tired of warm cans? Some cans are meant to be cold. Soda, beer, seltzer, etc. Those cans are meant to be cold and stay cold. The reality is that after awhile, those cans get warm and the liquid inside just doesn't quite taste as good. These can koozies will keep your cans cold. Made out of stainless steel and double wall insulated, this vacuum sealed container will keep your cans cold longer. Just twist off the lid, drop in your can, twist the lid back on, and start drinking. It even comes with an insert that snaps in for those little slim cans like energy drins, hard seltzer, etc. This koozie works with 12 ounce cans, 16 ounce cans, and slim cans. So, do your cans a favor and keep them cool with this insulated koozie.
Spring-loaded base allows for a secure fit
Snap in insert works for the slim cans
Double-walled and vacuum insulated
Lid is designed to keep the cold inside and the bugs and dirt out
Sweat-proof exterior
Vacuum sealed
Built for 12oz, 16oz, and Slim Cans
Available in red, blue, or silver. Make your hchoice from the drop down box before adding to cart.

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Super Large Stainless Steel Double Wall Insulated Vacuum Sealed Tumbler in Your Choice of 30 Ounce With Straw or 50 Ounce With Handle. Keep Your Cold Things Cold and Your Hot Things Hot For a Long Time

Want to keep your cold things cold, and your hot things hot for a long time? You need one of these stainless steel double wall insulated tumblers. Choose from the 30 ounce one that has a spilll proof lid and straw or the larger 50 ounce kig size tumbler that has a spring loaded locking lid and a built in handle. 

– slim cup holder friendly design and splash and leak proof sliding lid.
Leak proof and spill proof lid

EXTREME DURABILITY – made from Kitchen grade 18/8 steel
SUPERIOR TEMPERATURE RETENTION - Our double-wall vacuum technology maximizes temperature retention that traps the cold in your beverages for 24 hours and the heat for up to 12 hours! The thermos insulated design maintains the flavor and freshness, while preventing any temperature transfer to the exterior. All tumblers come with a splash-resistant, straw-compatible tumbler lid; sturdy reusable straw, and a handy straw cleaner.
CONVENIENT & CUP HOLDER FRIENDLY – This slim tumbler is straw friendly and the base will fit most car, vehicle, bike, and boat cup holders and with a large 30 oz capacity, BPA FREE & SWEAT FREE BY DESIGN – No more coasters needed! The double wall insulation and high quality slip-free powder coat does not sweat on the outside, which allows you to conveniently keep a good grip on the tumbler while drinking on the go. Engineered with 18/8 kitchen & food grade stainless steel, these large insulated tumblers are durable, corrosion resistant and rust free. The lid is made from shatter resistant tritan material.


50 ounce king size tumbler with locking spout and built in handle.

Leak proof and spill proof lid.


Dimensions: 10.5" L x 5.50" W x 5" H
Material: Seamless, brushed 18/8 stainless steel construction
Stainless Steel 50 oz. Sport Cooler is great for hot and cold beverages
Innovative no-sweat design and vacuum insulated technology
Helps keep cold beverages cold and hot beverages hot
Innovative DUAL-WALL Vacuum Insulation
Prevents sweating on the outside of the cooler
Locking spill-proof lid with a latch locked, spill-proof cap
Spring-loaded button release with screw-on lid
Top-rack dishwasher safe for easy, no-hassle cleaning
Ergonomically designed handle that hooks to various things
Color: Black
Available in 30 ounce or 50 ounce. Make your choice from the drop down box before adding to cart.

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Automatic Pet Feeder. Dispenses Up to 4 Specific Portioned Meals a Day. Features USB Power With Battery Backup, Large Removable and Washable Food Tray, and Manual Feed Mode. Stores Up to 25 Cups of Food

This compact and durable automatic pet feeder comes with a large food compartment that can store up to 6 pouncs of dry food. Built with a big, transparent viewing window that instantly shows fur parents like you the amount of food remaining, so you’ll always know when it’s time to replenish!
Me Like When It Turns.
Perfectly portioned meals for your pets every time! The feeding carousel on this smart pet feeder turns and dispenses the right portions for your fur babies every meal time. It’s the key to well-fed pets.
I’m Unique, And So Iz My Snack Size.
This hassle-free dog and cat feeder can be programmed to serve up to 4 evenly portioned meals a day, and you can choose between 1 - 39 portions of 1/8 cup each. Being able to customize meal times and sizes allows you to feed your furry friends according to requirements such as their weight and age, day in and day out.
Record For Ya Furry Baby.
As a fur parent, you know that dogs and cats are intelligent creatures. They can recognize their human’s voice, so this smart feeder is designed with a voice recording feature that lets you record a personalized message for your pets for up to 10 seconds. Set it to play during meal times to make them feel they are loved, even when you’re away from home.
Enjoy Your Time With Your Furry friends. This pet Feeder Will Do the  Rest!
Right portions at the right time.
Instead of preparing your pet’s food several times a day, you can do it just once a day, program the meals, and let this automatic feeding machine take care of the rest. The result is more time to bond with your pets! This feeder even has built-in infrared detection that ensures that food won’t ever be stuck in the compartment.
Material: Plastic
Capacity: 25 cups of food can be stored in the feeder
Tray: Removable, Washable Food Tray
Food tray dimensions: 7 x 6.2 x 1.5 inches
Dual Power: Power Adaptor & Battery
Feeding Type: Manual & Automatic
Big Tray For Moar Food.
Detachable Dishwasher safe
The big tray on this pet feeding machine can hold a generous amount of food, enabling you to keep your fur babies full, big and small alike. The tray is easy to clean as it is detachable and dishwasher safe.
This user-friendly pet feeder has a digital, LED control panel that’s easy to operate with just a few taps. Pet feeding need not be complicated, thanks to this smart feeding machine!
Batteries & AC Adapter. Just In Case.
This automatic feeder has a dual power supply feature. You can power it up using the 5V DC adapter. Or you can use 3 “D” size alkaline batteries that will keep the feeding going even when there’s a power outage.
Automatic Pet Feeder Tips:
1. Fill it with dry pet food only.
2. Do not put your fingers into the food outlet or let your fingers touch the rotor of the motor to avoid any physical harm or injury.
3. Always power off the device and take out the batteries from the unit before cleaning or maintenance.
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Item Weight    4.4 pounds

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Bedside Caddy With Large Pocket and Easy Installation Between Your Mattress and Box Springs. Hold Your Nigh Time Items in This Easy Organizer at the Side of Your Bed

We’ve all done it. It’s late at night and you can’t keep your eyes open. When you wake up you see that you’ve been using your book as a pillow. And you’re cold because apparently, you’ve been using your phone as a blanket. With the Felt Bedside Caddy, you can put away your bed playthings and get a good night’s rest, and find it easier in the morning! Use a pillow as a pillow, and this Bedside Caddy as storage.
The Bedside Caddy easily hangs off the side of your bed
Its convenient pocket has plenty of space for your book, TV remote, phone, or whatever else you need to help you sleep at night
The perfect gift for any bedtime reader or TV watcher that takes their storage convenience seriously
Easy to install, easy to use, and great to have around the house
To take your sleeping arrangements up a notch, get two for twice the storage space
Dimensions: 13.19" x 1.38" x 9.85"
Materials: Felt, PVC

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14 Day Push Button Vitamin or Medicine Organizer. Get to Your Pills With a Push of a Button

Keep all your medicine and vitamins organized for 14 days or morning and night pills twice a day for 7 days with this push button organizer. The large compartments make it easy to hold or store lots of pills while the simple release push button makes it easier for those with dexterity problems to access their pills effortlessly by just pushing a button. Pack it in your bag when you travel or keep it in the drawer of a nightstand to have easy access to your medicine or vitamins. Simple to keep clean.

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Ultrasonic Whitening Toothbrush 12 Piece Bundle with 40,000 VPM, Wireless Charging, 2 Years of Replacement Brush Heads, 4 Cleaning Modes, Travel Case, and 30 Day Battery Life

This Ultra Whitening Sonic Toothbrush is a world-class modern electric toothbrush packed with the most up to date technology.
It features an ultra-powerful and industry leading motor producing 40,000 vibration per minute, eight DuPont engineered brush heads and bristles, one tongue scraper, and a storage case—all with a sleek ultra-slim, lightweight and IPX7 waterproof design.
This sonic toothbrush removes 10x more plaque along the gum line than a manual toothbrush and 3x more plaque than legacy outdated electric toothbrushes for an even deeper clean your pearly whites will appreciate.
Can remove 10x more plaque along the gum line than a manual toothbrush
Whitening mode uses inverted frequencies to dissolve surface stains
Massage mode helps improve gum health by boosting circulation
Includes 8 DuPont engineered replacement brush heads and 1 tongue scraper
Each brush head lasts up to 4 months (over 2.5 years worth included)
Storage case for travel and “on the go” use
Rechargeable for wireless operation
Vibration: 40,000 VPM
Wireless charging
4 operation modes
Smart vibration timer
IPX7 waterproof design
Each brush head lasts 4 months
Case materials: BPA-free plastic
Can last 4 full weeks (2 minutes/2 times a day) on a full charge
1x Toothbrush Handle
1x Wireless charging base
8x Dupont brush heads
1x Tongue Scraper
1x Storage Case
1x Manual
Available in your choice of Black, Rose Gold, Charcoal, or White. Make your choice from the drop down box before adding to cart.

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2 Pack Super Soft and Warm Fluffy Sherpa Slipper Socks With Non-Slip Sole. Available in Holiday Theme and Colors

These premium sherpa lined socks provide an unmatched level of comfort comparable to walking on a soft & fluffy cloud. They offer a high level of warmth suitable for the coldest of winter days, the high quality sherpa is super soft. With this much comfort, you will never want to take them off your feet. These socks insulate body heat to keep your toes toasty on any.gid day.
 •Sherpa-lined for maximum warmth and comfort
 •Surround your feet with plush luxury
 •Thick socks meant to be worn as house slippers
 •Great for lounging around the house
 •Features slip-resistant grips on the soles
 NOTE: Colors are chosen at random
Available in holiday theme and pattern
One size fits most.

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Armrest Sofa or Chair Caddy With 5 Organizer Pockets and Tabletop

Armrest Sofa Caddy with 5 Pockets and Table Top
Your ultimate solution to tidy your flat armed sofa or arm chair - keep almost all entertainment accessories and gadgets within arms reach and clutter-free.
3 small storage pockets for holding eye glasses, smartphones, and tv remote controls
2 large storage pockets for storing books, magazines, iPads, etc.
1 tray top spacious enough to hold a cell phone, iPad tablet, watch, keys, glasses, tissues, books, notepad, pens, TV remote controller, cups, snack, etc.
Durable nylon for easy clean up
Table top: 10.5" L x 7.5" W
Large design fits most flat, non-rounded armrests
Please unfold it when in use

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Sharper Image Large Ultraviolet Light Sanitizer Box Great for Phones and Accessories, and Home or Travel. Kills 99.9% of Germs and Bacteria in 5 Minutes

This UltraViolet phone and accessory sanitizer kills 99.9 percent of household germs and bacteria in just minutes! The secret is the short-wavelength ultraviolet light emitted from two powerful UV-C bulbs that safely kill up to 99.9% of household germs and bacteria. Charge your phone while you sanitize, or even use it for other personal items!
•UV Light: Sanitizes and disinfects with powerful ultraviolet light produced by dual UV-C bulbs that safely kill up to 99.9% of household germs and bacteria
Light automatically shuts off when the lid is opened, providing full-coverage and safe protection from potential UV exposure
•Sanitize and Charge: Sanitizes surfaces in just minutes while simultaneously charging your phone, making it an at home or office essential and great for travel!
Cable can pass through bottom of sanitizer to plug into wall
Phone charger not included
Fits most smartphones, but not just for smartphones!
Sanitize other personal items quickly
Perfect to kill bacteria & germs on other small items such as jewelry, watches, eyeglasses, earbuds, car keys, and much more
•Chemical-Free: UV light technology cleans your phone or items without harsh chemicals or residue
It's portable so it can be taken with you while you travel.

Large size for holding multiple items and larger cell phones

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3 Pack Re-Usable Silicone Magnetic Ties for Bundling, Organizing, Binding, sealing, Tying, and Securing

One of the coolest little things we have ever seen.
These silicone re-usable magnetic ties will help you:
keep your cables organized and tidy.
They will help you get rid of those horrible twist ties that you are always losing or breaking.
they will help you keep things together and wrapped up.
They will even help your Aira lanyard to stay put and not twist or bounce around.
There are limitless possibilities as to what you can use these for.
Simply, it is a silicone cord with a silicone magnet on each end. These magnets are super strong and do not easily separate!
Discover More Possibilities with these Magnetic Ties
Combine two twist ties to extend the length,
you can bundle bigger and more stuff!
You can bundle your charging cables in your office, or organize your bathroom drawers and more.
Or Discover more uses and possibilities!
They are also pretty fun to play with... just saying.
This is a 3 pack which includes 3 random colored magnetic silicone ties.
CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
 CHOKING HAZARD -- WARNING: This product contains small magnets. Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines causing serious infections and death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled.

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