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Rechargeable Power Screwdriver With Multiple Tips, Charging Stand, Flip Out Swivel Rotating Head, Variable Speed Control, and Easy Grip Rubber Handle.

This Lithium Ion cordless rechargeable screwdriver can easily reach where you need and access tight spaces. The FlipOut by SpeedHex is a rechargeable screwdriver with an innovative design which makes it perfect for accessing hard to reach places. This power driver makes a great addition to your toolbox whether you are a professional or an amateur working on DIY projects inside or outside your home. The FlipOut head features 380 different positions with 360 degrees of orbital rotation and 360 degrees of flexibility, LED work light, variable speed trigger and an 8 volt Max Quick Charge rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.
Product Details
•New and improved model with 360 degree orbital rotation and 360 degree flexibility
•380 different positions
quick release system
•LED work light
•Variable speed trigger
•Rubber over-mold comfort grip
•2" magnetic bit holder
•8 - 1" driver bits includes slotted and Phillips
•Rechargeable screwdriver with an innovative design which makes it perfect for accessing hard to reach places
What's in the Box?
Lithium Ion Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver
•Quick charger
•2 inch magnetic bit holder
•8 - 1 inch driver bits: Slotted 5/32", 7/32", 2 - 1/4" and Phillips PH1, 2- PH2, PH3
•F/N/R Switch
•0 - 170 RPM and 55-65 in/lbs torque
•Dimension : 1.25 x 2.75 x 9.5 in

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Heavy Duty Surge Protector With 8 Outlets and 4 USB charging Ports

Turn one outlet into eight with this Charge Station Surge Protector, providing a total power output of 1,875 Watts. The simple power supply offers ultimate convenience and protection for computer electronics, home entertainment systems, and more. Its multi protection safety system ensures complete protection from electrical short circuit, over heat, over charging, over current, and etc. Combined with master switch, the surge protector will cut off automatically if the power load exceeds the power rating of 1,875 Watts. Its beautiful chassis made of PC & ABS plastic material is fireproof up to 750°F.
Product Details
•Compact design, family-size and powerful
•750°F fireproof PC+ABS material
•Built-in intelligent charging to deliver ideal current up to 5V2.4A for single port; total 5V4A 20W
•Integrated copper design gives more protection
•Natural anti-slip rubber footpads at the bottom
•Certified by FCC, RoHS and DoE VI
•USB Input : 100-240V 50/60HZ
•USB Output: 5V4A 20W, 2.4A Max Each Port
•Rated Power: 1875W (125V 15A)
•Dimension: 239 x 75 x 30mm
•Cord Length: 5 Ft./1.5M

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Portable Rechargeable Speaker Dock for 2nd Generation Amazon Echo Dot With Dual 10 Watt Drivers and Awesome Sound, 10 Hour Battery, and 3.5mm Audio Port. Choose From With or Without a 2nd Gen Echo Dot

Bring your 2nd Gen echo dot to life with this portable speaker dock.

Crisp, clean, thumpin' audio mixed with smart home technology on-the-go. Transform Alexa into a portable party by plugging in your Echo Dot (2nd Gen) into the speaker dock and taking it where you go. Want your speaker to blend into the decor when not in use? We already thought of that. Designed with a stylish fabric cover for displaying anywhere in your home or office.
•10 Hours of Playtime 
•360 degree Sound 
•Portable Alexa Hub 
•Fabric Design
•3.5mm Audio Input 
Cordless Freedom
Improves Sound
And take Alexa with you. She's portable and ready to go wherever you do. You can even charge on the go via any USB charging port while you're on the road.
360 degrees OF PREMIUM SOUND
Want room filling sound? We got you. The dual 10W full-range 2" drivers take your echo dot to the next level of audio performance.
Hand-stretched fabric to enhance any rooms decor. No matter your style, we'll fit right in.
10 Hour Battery Life
Simple Setup
Charged Via USB
The 2600mAh lithium ion battery allows you to enjoy up to 10 hours of playtime at 50 percent volume with a single charge. If you can actually dance that long. We'd like to see it.
Drop your 2nd generation Echo Dotin the top, plug in the 2 attached cords and get wild. Or listen to music, a podcast, make a phone call, hear the news, etc.
No one said you had to leave. Just find a spot in your home and keep the dock there for as long as you'd like. Use the Echo Dot's USB outlet adapter to plug in and playlist the day away.
And there's nothing wrong with that. At least not in this case. Control the Echo Dot's volume via the buttons on top, or with your voice.
Available with or without a new in box Amazon 2nd generation echo dot. Make your choice from the drop down box before adding to cart.

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Portable Laptop USB Powered Cooling Pad for All Laptops Up to 16 Inches. Keeps Your Laptop Cool On Your Lap or Table. Includes Dual USB Ports

This laptop cooling pad provides a comfortable and ergonomic work surface to keep you and your laptop cool. The pad rests on your lap and disperses heat generated by the laptop, using dual fans to provide ventilation which can be obstructed if the laptop is used on a pillow or comforter.
Dual Air Intakes Offer Efficient Cooling:
This pad keeps your laptop cool by preventing heat build up. The pad's dual intake vents and curved shape mean you can use your laptop on both hard and soft surfaces without worrying about cutting off the computer's air supply.

The AirFlow Wave Design also makes for a whisper-quiet fan that won't interfere with the audio quality of your music, movies and games.
Secures Laptop on Any Surface:
This cooling pad has an angled top that positions your laptop in the ideal spot for typing, while a raised rubber rim holds the laptop securely in place. Grip pads on the bottom prevent slipping and sliding
Thin, Lightweight Design Goes Anywhere:
The pad has an ergonomic design that's thin and lightweight for easy portability. And because it's USB-powered, you won't need to carry around extra cords or a bulky battery pack
Broad Compatibility:
This laptop cooling pad is designed to create superb comfort for all laptop users. It supports a variety of laptop sizes up to 16 inches, and the extremely sturdy polished metal mesh provides a stable surface for you to enjoy working on the computer.
USB Powered:
This laptop cooling pad is conveniently powered by the USB port on your computer, with no power adapter needed. It offers an additional USB port for you to connect other devices.

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Classco Talking Caller ID 9900CW With Call Waiting Support. Like New in Box With AC Adapter, Phone Cord, and User Manual

Hear the phone number of who's calling before answering the phone with the Classco 9900CW Talking Caller ID. This handy Caller ID unit audibly announces the caller's  phone number. It lets you decide if you want to talk to the person calling, without having to get up from what you are doing. It will speak the caller's 10 digit telephone number and also display it on the LCD screen. And if you are on the phone it will also announce your call waiting calls.  This device is great for people who are busy and do not want to be disturbed by telemarketers. It will announce "number blocked" or "number unknown" for unrecognized callers. Now you won't have to drop everything and run to the phone for someone you don't want to talk to.

The Classco 9900CW Talking Caller ID has many useful features. It stores the last 99 calls and allows you to review them audibly or visibly. If you subscribe to a call answering service, the LED on this device will flash whenever there are new messages. Other features include caller time and date stamp, adjustable volume controls, and bilingual display (English and Spanish)."

The VoiceAnnounce 9900CW identifies incoming and call waiting calls by announcing
the caller’s name or telephone number and gives caller ID subscribers what they have
been looking for -the ability to screen calls without having to run to the caller ID.
Provides true convenience for busy families who want to know who’s calling before interrupting
what they’re doing to answer the phone. Senior citizens and children at home can avoid unwanted
calls, but still know when it’s OK to answer the phone.
Features include

audible call log review with date/time announcement.

Allows for 50 recorded names

English and Spanish display and announcements.

Superior sound quality with volume control can be easily heard throughout the house and makes it easy to recognize who’s calling.


„ Talking Caller ID and Talking Call Waiting ID
„ Easy-to-read 3-line LCD displays name, number, date and time of each call
„ Announces caller’s 10 digit telephone number over built-in speaker
„ Announces “number unknown” and “number blocked” for unknown and blocked calls

Allows you to record up to 50 names

 Stores 99 most recent calls for visual & audible review
„ LED status indicates new calls, message waiting, ringing, and extension in-use
„ Message waiting indicator (FSK and stutter dial tone compatible)
„ Dial back
„ Accessibility options for audible call review and audible message waiting indication
„ New and Repeat call indicator on call summary display
„ Adjustable volume control (high, medium, low, off)
„ Bi-lingual Display and Announcements (English and Spanish)
 AC power adapter included
 Meets FCC, IC, UL, and CSA requirements

Product information
Product Dimensions
7.2 x 5.5 x 2 inches
Item Weight
1.2 pounds

This unit is like new in the box with AC adapter, phone cord, and user manual.

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