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In this category you will find a selection of new and lightly used Lenovo laptops. We will describe the specifications, condition, and what is included with each computer. All laptops include a 30 day warranty from us for any mechanical problems. Lenovo offers warranties on their laptops even if the laptop is out of warranty so we would encourage you to consider purchasing an extended warranty from Lenovo. Some of these laptops have warranty left on them and for those, we will mention this in the description. These are all top of the line and super powerful computers. 

Wireless Numeric Keypad for a Jaws Cursor or Mouse pointer Without Having to Use a Full Size Keyboard. Plug and Play Super Slim and Portable Will Work With Windows PC Laptops or desktops

If you have a computer without a numeric keypad and you would like to use the Jaws cursor or mouse cursor, this is for you. This numberic keypad connects to your computer via plug and play with the included dongle allowing it to be used wirelessly. Super slim, lightweight,  and portable, you can take it anywhere. The wireless dongle stores right in the back battery compartment keeping it safe and snug. The keypad has a power switch so you can save battery while not in use. It takes 2 triple A batteries to power. Simply insert the tiny wireless dongle into your computer and turn on the power switch and start mousing aroudn. It's that easy! The top row even gives you shortcut keys like calculator, escape, etc. You will never want for your mouse or jaws cursor ever again! 
This wireless Number pad is made of high quality ABS material which offer great comfortable touch and precise control, good resilience fast response and reduce the press sound.
It also has auto sleep function, lower power consumption and reflect energy saving.
You can press any key to awake up the keypad.
Keys: 22 keys
Color: Black
Weight: 87 g / 0.2 LB
Item Dimensions: L x W x H : 12.5 x 9.5 x 2.5 CM / 5.31 x 3.74 x 0.99 inches
System Support: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 / 8 / 10, and 11. (Not fully compatible with Mac OS )
Wireless Numeric Pad works with PC, Laptop and Desktop Computers with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10/11 Systems.
But Not fully compatible with Mac OS. (Because Apple doesn't support external keyboards with function keys)
Easy to install and use.
Just one USB receiver can connect the wireless number pad to your computer.
Compact and Portable
Number Pad is only 87 g. And Numeric Keyboard is work by 2.4 GHz wireless technology, Plug and Play.
Batteries not included.
Please note: The wireless plug and play dongle is stored in the back battery compartment and it is very small so please be careful when removing the battery cover. We recommend opening it over a table as not to drop and lose it. 

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Lenovo X1 Nano, Intel I7 11th Gen Processor, 16GB Ram, 512GB Solid State Drive, the Smallest and Lightest Laptop at Less Than 2 Pounds. Like New With Factory Warranty, Wireless Numeric Keypad, HUB, and Case

Great things come in small packages!

Looking for a super powerful laptop the size and weight of a tablet? You have found it in the new Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Nano. Weighing only 2 pounds with a 13 inch screen, it is the smallest and lightest laptop of its kind on the market today. Super thin and Super powerful! Only a half inch thick when close. With it's Intel I7 11th Gen processor and its impressive 16GB of Ram and 512GB super fast solid state drive, The 13 inch screen looks great while keeping the small size of the laptop. aathis laptop is for those who want light, portable, and powerful! The speaker system is impressive featuring 2 speakers on top and 2 on bottom, you don't have to sacrifice sound quality in this thin and light laptop computer. Featuring all kinds of great features like Face ID, fingerprint reader, camera privacy shutter and 2 USB type C ports, this is definitely a winner in all categories. Definitely the quality you have come to expect for a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 just in a lot smaller package. 

This is like new and comes with charger and case. It has 9 months of Lenovo factory warranty left and look and works perfect. This is proof that bigger is not necessarily better! Great things definitely come in small packages!

Also included is a USB type C aluminum HUB that will plug in to give you 2 standard USB ports and a card reader.

Please note, this laptop does not have a numeric keypad.


13 inch screen

One of the smallest and lightest laptops made

weighs less than 2 pounds

soft touch   carbon fiber body

Intel I7 Gen 11 processor


512GB solid state hard drive

sliding privacy camera shutter 

Infrared sensor in camera for Face ID

fingerprint sensor

2 high speed USB type C ports

Super Audio with dolby stereo sound. 2 upward firing speakers and 2 downward firing speakers

Windows 10 Pro with free upgrade to windows 11

Super comfortable thinkpad keyboard

Includes plug and play USB type C HUB to add standard USB ports as well as a card reader.

Includes padded carry case.

9 months factory Lenovo warranty with ability to extend for as long as you like.

We are including a free external wireless numeric keypad with this laptop since there is not one on the keyboard itself.

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