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3 Pack Motorola rechargeable 2 Way Radio Walkie Talkies with multiple channels, easy to feel buttons, belt clip, rechargeable battery pack, and up to 20 mile range

this set of 3 Motorola Walkie Talkies is great for getting out and keeping in touch with your friends, family, or partners. Most people don't think they need these anymore because we all have cell phones but how many times have you ben in a building where your cell phone doesn't get a signal? Yes, it stilh happens. These will eliminate that problem. These have a great reception with being able to communicate 1 mile, 5 miles, or even up to 20 miles depending on where you are. But, the great thing is that they don't depend on a cell signal in order to work. These are great for conventions, concerts, arenas, fairs, camping, etc. The possibilities for uses are endless. And the great thing is that you get 3 of them in one package. One for you and your partner and an extra or 1 for three friends, or 1 for 3 members of the family, etc. You get the idea. These are rechargeable with the included rechargeable battery pack, and can be charged with a micro USB cable which is also included or you can use 4 double A batteries if you are not near a charger. Each one has a nifty belt clip and is small and easy to hold with very easy to feel buttons.
Easy off-the-grid communication
Up to 20 miles of range
Lots of channels, plus privacy codes
Sufficiently rugged and durable
Featherweight, compact design is comfortable to use
20 call tones to grab the attention of family and friends before you start speaking
Compatible with other FRS two-way radios
Micro-USB charging
Dual power
Talk confirmation tone, low battery alert, and battery meter
Dimensions: 6.42" L x 2.13" W x 1.24" H
Weight: 6.4 oz
Maximum Range: Up to 20 miles mountain to valley; Up to 5 miles open water; Up to 1 mile neighborhood
Frequency Band: FRS/GMRS 462-467 MHz in the UHF band
Channels: 22 channels, each with 121 privacy codes
Battery life: Up to 12 hours with NiMH battery included; Up to 29 hours with 3AA alkaline batteries
4 AA batteries required (included)
Backlit LCD display
Eco Smart
Keypad lock
3x Motorola T200 Portable Two-Way Radios
3x Belt clips
3x (AA) NiMH rechargeable battery packs
1x “Y” cable charging adaptor with dual Micro-USB connectors
1x Charging adaptor with a single Micro-USB connector
1x User guide

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Super portable wireless 10,000mAh power bank with built-in Apple watch charger, MagSafe charging pad, and single USB type C port. Charge 3 devices at one time with 2 charging wirelessly

This 10,000mAh portable power bank is small enough to fit into a bag or pocket and includes a built-in Magsafe charging pad for iPhone 12 or newer. The strong magnetic allows your phone to line up the wireless charging coil perfectly and magnetically snap on to your phone for perfect wireless charging every time. Hold and use your phone while the power bank is magnetically attached to the back of your iPhone. The wireless charging is also strong enough to charge even through a case. No Magsafe, no problem. If you have an iPhone 8 or newer or an Android phone that just has plain wireless charging, you can still use this power bank to charge it just won't connect magneticay. This power bank also provides an Apple watch charging area to charge any model or size Apple watch. Even better, charge both your phone and your Apple watch wirelessly at the same time. Finally, this power bank includes a bi-directional USB type C charging port that will allow you to charge the power bank or charge devices with the power bank by using your own USB type C cable. This power bank has the ability to charge three devices at one time by using the USB type C port, and both wireless charging areas. The soft touch rubberized finish allows for easy grip and hold of the power bank. Charge your iPhone 2 and a half times, or your Apple watch 20 times or an iPad 1 and a half times. This little power bank indeed has it all.
10,000mAh capacity
MagSafe charging for iPhone 12 or newer
Super strong MagSafe magnet, use and hold your phone while charging via Magsafe
Very fast charging via wireless or wired
Apple watch charging pad charges any model or size of Apple watch very quickly
Bi-directional USb type C port allows for charging the power bank or charging devices from the power bank by using yoru cable or the one included in the box
Charge 3 devices at one time
Easy grip rubberized finish
What's included:
10,000mAh Magsafe power bank
USB type C to USB type C charging cable

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mini portable power station with 300 watts of power, huge 64,000mAh capacity, built-in handle, 1 AC outlet, 2 standard USB ports, 2 USB type C ports, 3 DC ports, solid metal body, and 90 watt wall charger

This 300 Watt 64,000mAh mini power station will keep everything going even when your electricity is out. Great for camping, boating, emergencies, storms, etc. The 64,000mAh  internal rechargeable battery will give you enough power to charge many devices at the same time or many times over. It even has enough power for a device to be plugged in to its 3 pronged outlet on top to either recharge or just keep powering. The solid metal body will survive almost anything, while the multiple ports around the side will keep all your devices going, even when the electricity in your house is not. Includes 2 USB type C ports, 2 standard USB ports, 1 3 prong AC outlet, 3 DC ports, emergency lights, and a built-in handle to make it easy to carry. The rubber feet on the bottom will keep it from scratching any surface while keeping it from sliding around. One of the USB type C ports is even powerful enough to charge a laptop and the AC outlet puts out as much as 300 watts of power. This is a must have to keep around your house during earthquakes, storms, snow and ice, and floods. It also includes a 90 watt wall charger and USB type C cable. The power station can be charged with any USB type C cable or car charger (not included).
2 standard USB ports
2 USB type C ports with one being a 100 watt quick charge port for charging the power station or devices from the station like laptops, etc.
3 DC ports
1 AC 300 watt outlet
Charge multiple devices at one time
Four Lighting Modes
The emergency power supply is equipped with four bright LED beads, which offer four lighting modes including dim light, normal, bright, and SOS mode. 
300 Watt Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet
This power  station provides a stable and powerful 300 Watt AC outlet , so you don't have to worry about damaging your devices. It's ideal for small household appliances during camping or road trips, such as mini refrigerators, mini TVs, CPAP machines, laptops, and more.
The 90 Watt adapter not only charges the power station but also provides charging capabilities for laptops, iPads, MacBooks, iPhones, or other devices.
Battery Type:    Lithium ion Battery
Capacity:    64000mAh
230 Watt hours
Input: DC 12-24V 3A Max
USB C PD 100 Watts Max
Output:    Total 300 Watts: 
AC 300 Watts Max
DC 240 Watts Max
2 x USB 40 Watts Max
USB-C PD 100 Watts Max
Dimension:    5 inches by 5 inches by 6.5 inches
Weight:    5.5 pounds
Charging mode:    Wall charge and Car charge
Note: car charge adapter not included
What's included:
300 watt 64,000mAh power station with handle
6.6 foot USB type C cable
90 watt wall charger with 2 USB type C ports

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Digital Talking ear or forehead body temperature thermometer with time an ambient outside temperature reading. Speaks in English, French, or Spanish. Super accurate and Accessible

Digital talking ear or forehead thermometer.
The best talking body temperature thermometer that we have ever seen. This is super cool because almost the functions on this are completely accessible for the visually impaired and will not only speak your body temperature, but will speak the time and the room temperature. Not only will this give you a nice accurate reading on your body temperature through your ear or forehead, but it will also speak the current time and the current ambient or room temperature. Batteries are included and it takes only 2 triple A batteries. Other than speaking in English, you can set this to speak in French or Spanish, or you can completely turn off the sounds. By the way of audible beeps and voice, you can know what is going on every step of the way. Super small and easy to carry with you. Includes a snap on cap for protecting the ear probe. The sleep mode will automatically turn off the unit when not in use in order to save battery life.
Press any button once to turn on the unit after it has gone to sleep.

The large button on the front of the unit will turn on and activate taking your pulse. Unfortunately, the pulse rate is not spoken via voice.
The rocker switch above the large button will allow you to set the clock and the date and switch languages as well as speak the time and outside temperature.
The button on the side of the unit will start the body temperature measurement in the ear. Just remove the cap from the ear probe and insert the probe into your ear. Press the side button once until you hear a beep, the unit will then speak the body temperature.
To take a forehead measurement, leave the protective cap on the probe, place the end of the cap on your forehead between your eyes, and then press the large button towards the top of the unit on the front. 
the forehead button is above the display on the front of the unit. 
Press the left side of the rocker button once to get back into the main mode.
Press the right side of the rocker button once to speak the time and outside temperature. You might need to press twice if the unit is asleep.
Press and hold the right side of the rocker button to switch from English, to French, to Spanish, and then to silent, and back around to English.
Press and hold the left side of the rocker button until you hear a beep and this will put the unit into set mode for the time and date. Please listen to my audio description to hear how to set the time and date.
Speaks body temperature, time, and outside temperature in English, French, or Spanish.

Built-in talking clock

Built-in talking room temperature

Will let you take your temperature in the ear or on the forehead.
Allows you to easily take a body temperature measurement and speaks the results.
Small and easy to carry
Protective cap snaps on and off the temperature nozzle in order to keep it protected and clean
Easy to understand voice
Take 2 triple A batteries which is included.
Please remove battery saver tab before first use.
Audible beeps and voice make this thermometer 99% accessible. A few items are not accessible and will require help with setting up the time and date for the first time. The pulse rate is not audibally spoken.
The most important features are audibally spoken which is body temperature, time, and outside temperature.

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Anker MagSafe wireless magnetic charging stand for iPhones, Airpods, and wireless charging earbuds

This heavy duty magnetic charging station from Anker is super practical and has many charging capabilities. the super strong MagSafe magnet will hold your phone at almost any angle while wirelessly charging it. The magnetic surface also will charge any Airpods with wireless charging capability along with any other earbuds with wireless charging. The two charging surfaces will allow you to charge to phones at one time, a phone and Airpods or earbuds, or two sets of earbuds at the same time. There are many possibilities with this charging station. All devices will charge wirelessly at super fast speeds and the small size of this will allow you to easily take it wiht you on the go.
Designed to charge iPhone 12, 13, and 14 models, as well as AirPods and other compatible earbuds with a wireless charging case at blazing-fast speeds
Flip up the phone-charging platform to a maximum range of 60° and attach your iPhone horizontally or vertically for perfect viewing
Save valuable space with a versatile magnetic charging station that is 40% smaller than a soda can
Non-slip base keeps the charging station in place and prevents sliding
Super-strong magnets snap magnetically into place to ensure perfect alignment and secure hold for a stable and efficient charge
Multiple advanced safety options such as surge protection, temperature control and more keep you and your devices safe
Has a diameter that’s 8% smaller than a tennis ball
Circular LED on the base intuitively displays charging status
When your iPhone is charging, the LED will turn off after 3 seconds so it doesn’t disturb your sleep
Use without a case or with an iPhone-compatible magnetic phone case
Compact 2-in-1 stand input: 9V=2A /12V=2A /15V=3A
QC/PD charger (18W or above) output: 10W Max (7.5W for iPhone 12)
Compatibility: iPhone 14/14 Pro, 14 Promax/13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max/13 mini/12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max/12 mini with a magnetic phone case, AirPods 3/AirPods Pro/AirPods 2 with wireless charging case, Samsung Galaxy Buds+/Galaxy Buds Pro, Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro/Liberty 2 Pro, Sony WF-1000XM4
When the cap is flipped less than 40°, the lower charging surface will stop working
Provides 7.5W max charging for iPhone 13 and 12 series and 5W max charging for AirPods Pro/2 (with wireless charging case)
For best results, please use the included 20W USB-C charger
Not compatible with non-magnetic thick phone cases, such as OtterBox defender cases
Magnetic and metal attachments such as cards, keys, and pop grips will interfere with charging
Please be informed that Magnetic Wireless Charger  is a wireless charger and not a portable battery
Not compatible with iPhone 11 Pro Max or earlier models with a magnetic case
What’s Included?
1x Anker Magnetic Stand 
1x 20W USB-C charger
1x 5 foot USB-C to USB-C charging cable
1x Welcome guide

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