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Sunbeam talking wrist blood pressure monitor with audible feedback, last reading memory, easy one touch operation, and velcro adjustment for all sizes of adult wrists

Sunbeam talking wrist blood pressure monitor with audible feedback, last reading memory, easy one touch operation, and velcro adjustment for all sizes of adult wrists

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This great little wrist blood pressure checker thing is from a great brand which everyone knows called Sunbeam. I have slept under a Sunbeam heating blanket for all the way back to when I was a child. They are reliable and make good products. This Sunbeam product is also a good one and it happens to talk to you so is able to be used by the blind and visually impaired. There was a period of time in our recent past, there was a talk craze where everything talked. That was good for us, but unfortunately, those days have moved on and now everything is lenaing toward the visual world. At least there are still some of these things floating around out there that you can snatch up before we move to a completely visual society. This is super easy to use and takes a couple of triple A batteries which are included in the box. This goes on your wrist and audibly speaks your blood pressure reading as well as your pulse rate. It stores a bunch of your past readings so you can cycle through and hear what your readings were weeks in the past. It will fit most all wrist sizes as it adjusts with velcro to do so.
Attaches to the wrist
Intuitive operation
Super portable
Remembers 90 readings
Clear Voice Readouts Voice Broadcast Technology announces easy-to-understand, clinically-tested accurate results out loud.
90 Readings To Track Progression Automatically stores up to 90 readings for one user in memory with time and date stamps for effortless monitoring.
Easy Operation View blood pressure and pulse rate display on the large LCD screen with a simple, one-button ON/OFF operation.
Advanced Technology Last three measurement averaging technology delivers a better representation of current blood pressure and a color-coded hypertension
indicator and irregular heartbeat symbol display for easy reference.
Discreet and Portable Compact, lightweight design ideal for home, travel and everyday use. Adjustable latex-free cuff acommodates one-handed application and fits adults with a wrist circumference between 5.3 - 7.7 inches. (13.5cm - 19.5cm)
The Complete Package Comes with 1 wrist electronic blood pressure monitor, (x2 ) AAA batteries and instruction manual 
Measurement Principle: 
Soft cuff
Cuff size; 
11.6” × 2.9” (±0.19”)
Monitor dimensions: 
2.8" x 2.4"
Measurable Wrist Circumference Range: 
Approx. 5.3” - 7.7” (135 - 195mm)
Measurement Range: 
Pressure: 0 - 280mmHg Pulse: 30 - 160 beats/minute
Pressure ±3mmHg / Pulse: ±5%
Power Supply: 
2 x Triple A batteries
Battery Life: 
Approx. 250 uses (180mmHg, 1 use/day, 22°C) Each measurement takes around 60 seconds, and each memory review takes about 1 second.
Protection against electric shock: 
Type BF Cuff
IP Classification: 
Memory Capacity: 
90 sets of data including date and time
Automatic inflation by internal pump
Automatic speed deflation system controlled by internal electromagnetic valve
LCD digital display
2 buttons (ON/OFF, MEMORY)
• 1x Sunbeam Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Voice Broadcast
• 2x AAA batteries
• 1x Instruction manual
Condition: new in box.

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