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Super quality digital adjustable computer stereo headset with built-in noise canceling swivel microphone, multiple connections including 3.5mm, USB-A, USB type C, 8 foot cable, and volume and mute controls,

Looking for a great set of headphones with built-in microphone to use with your computer? This is the one! Use with zoom, skype, or any other video conferencing service and get super high quality sound on both ends of the conversation. The microphone delivers stunning high quality recording while the stereo 40mm drivers deliver quality sound to your ears. The microphone swivels so you can use it on either side of your head, left or right. The 3.5mm microphone/headphone plug gives you 4 feet of cord but plug in the 3.5mm to USB adapter with controls and get another 4 feet along with volume and mute controls. Don’t have a standard USB or 3.5mm on your computer? No problem. Use the included USB to USB type C adapter to get USB-C connection. Works with both Windows or Mac computers. Totally plug and play with amazing sound for music or for chatting.

USB Headset with Microphone for PC, Stereo Wired Headphone with Noise Canceling

Superior Sound Experience:

High-end Noise Canceling Mic: With the enhanced digital signal processing technology, the one-way microphone of this USB headset reduces the background noise and restores the real voice for accurate, effective and professional high-definition call. Fully cover all your work at home, in the office or call center.

Clear Call & Excellent Audio:

Thanks to the treble and bass boost, rich sound with immaculate details is available to provide clearer call! What's more, equipped with 40mm drivers, the headset with microphone for pc emits powerful and rich audio, giving a comfortable and pleasant listening experience for both calls and music.

Comfortable Ergonomic Design:

The artificial protein leather and memory sponge ear cushions further optimize the passive noise reduction and greatly improve the comfort of wearing for hours on end! 270 degrees rotatable pc headset mic picks up your voice clearly. Adjustable headband, ear muffs and lightweight body help you find your groove!

Mic & Speaker Mute:

These headphones with microphone boasts a range of plain and simple buttons for volume adjustment and mute function. For the ultimate efficient interaction, it is possible for you to activate the mute function by simply press either the mic or speaker mute button

Wide Compatibility:

The 3.5mm audio cable and USB-A/USB-C in line controller helps connect the wired headset to devices, like phone, computer, tablet and more. What’s included:

Great for listening to music or using o on the computer. The 40mm drivers make it a great option for music or books on your victor stream. The variety of connections allow it to be a great choice for skype, zoom, messenger, etc.


digital high quality microphone

270 degree swivel microphone

up to 8 foot cable

compatible with windows or mac

controls on remote allow for volue up and down and mute of microphone and speakers

lightweight padded earcups and headband

great for music or talking

What's in the box:

1 x set of stereo headphones with microphone

1 x 4 foot 3.5mm to USB attachment with volume and mute controls

1 x USB to USB-C adapter with cable

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Super portable 9 Band radio with audible and voice feedback, built-in Bluetooth, telescoping antenna, USB flash drive and micro SD card slot for playing MP3 files, rechargeable battery, and track controls

Looking for a radio that lets you listen to your favorite stations and stream music wirelessly? Look no further than this 9-Band Radio with Bluetooth, SC-1080BT. This radio offers 9-band radio with AM/FM & SW1-7, as well as a built-in Bluetooth feature that allows you to wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device. You can also play MP3 music from the radio using a USB flash drive or via a micro SD card through the built-in card slot. And, with its rechargeable battery, you can take your music on the go. 
9-Band radio with AM/FM & SW1-7
Built-in Bluetooth allows you to wirelessly stream music from any enabled device
easy to feel track skip and rewind controls with lay and pause feature
Audible and voice feedback
Emergency flashlight
Fine tune knob adjustment for radio stations and volume control
USB input allows you to play MP3 music from a USB flash drive
Built-in microSD card slot allows you to place music via microSD card
Rechargeable battery with included mini USB cable
Ability to use 3 double A batteries (not included)
Carry strap
Dimensions: 5.15" x 1.5" x 3.15"
What's included:
rechargeable battery 
Mini USB charging cable

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16 watt Bluetooth stereo speaker with 24 hour battery, 3.5mm audio jack, audible feedback, water resistant, carry strap, and microphone

This Portable Bluetooth Speaker offers all the critical features you're looking for with the best sound in a small sized speakers:
Dual 8W high-performance drivers and a premium passive bass radiator create soaring highs, electrifying mids, and rich bass. Your music will be smooth and clear, even when cranked to maximum volume!
A powerful, rechargeable long-lasting battery offers up to 24 hours of non-stop use. It's the perfect speaker for traveling, camping trips, barbecues, or anywhere else you might need a little ambience.
Pair two speakers via a single device for double the volume or bold stereo sound.
At only 13oz, this featherlight portable speaker is easy to carry from place to place. Throw it in your backpack, purse, or beach bag for music on the go. Also attached is a convenient carrying strap for maximum portability.
With top of the line IPX7 waterproofing, water won't slow you down. It's perfect for the pool, the shower, the backyard, and everywhere in between.
Advanced bluetooth 5.0 technology provides a completely wireless connection with an amazing 100ft range! Pairing is simple -
This is compatible with your iPhone, Samsung, Amazon Echo/ Echo Dot, laptop and so much more. 
One of the very few speakers anymore that has a 3.5mm audio jack for use with a victor stream or other device with a headphone jack.
can be used to play audio from desktop computers, TVs, MP3 players.
(3.5 mm audio cable (not included) 
It has a built in Microphone for handsfree speakerphone calls from Smartphones and iPhones. It also has built in support for Siri. Press and hold the multifunction button to access.
Charges with the included USB-C cable.

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Wireless Bluetooth Single Earpiece With 24 Hour Battery Life, Multi Sized Ear Tips and Ear Hooks for the Perfect Fit, and Zippered Carry Case and Clip

This awesome wireless bluetooth earpiece is the perfect choice for talking on the phone. Use it in either ear or connect the included additional earpiece cable and create a bluetooth stereo headset. Comfortable and lightweight, you will forget you have it in your ear. And with its included 4 rubber ear tips and two sizes of ear hooks, you will get the perfect fit every time. The rubber ear tips are designed to keep the earpiece stable in your ear while allowing you to hear what's going on around you. The additional ear hooks can be added for a more secure fit. The included case and clip allows you to store your earpiece while not in use and clip it to a bag or backpack for easy access. The audible voice feedback lets you know when power is on and the earpiece is connected. Hold down on the main side button to activate your voice assistant like SIRI or google. Press it once to answer a call and again to hang up. Press it twice quickly to redial the last number called. The easy to feel power switch makes it simple to know if the power is on or off and the easy to feel volume buttons allow for easy adjustment. Hold down on both volume buttons at the same time to put your call on mute and hold down again to take them off of mute. These actions give tones to indicate this operation. The 24 hour battery life will keep you talking for a long time while the headset is crystal clear for your callers but blocks out background noise.
In-ear SILICONE design with 360 degree adjustable EAR HOOKS to keep the earpiece in place. No worries of it falling out, even if your head is down.
•Extra three EAR TIPS and extra ear hook ensure comfortable wearing.
•0.4 ounces / 12g light body, no heavy feeling.
Safe listening while driving a car or running
•Clear sound, little surrounding noise
You can connect 2 devices at the same time and hear sound from both.15m long distance,
no need to use hands to answer calls when you are driving.
Connect your phone and GPS at the same time
•CSR Stereo Bluetooth Processor
•Support: Headset/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP
•Talking Time: 24 hours
•Music Play Time: 22 hours
•Battery capacity: 260mAH
•Multi-point with 2 Device: Support
•Battery Status Display on iOS Device: Support
What's in the box:
1 x wireless bluetooth earpiece
1 x additional stereo earpiece and cable
1 x micro USB charging cable
1 x zippered storage case and clip
4 x multi sized rubber ear tips
2 x multi sized ear hooks

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