About to attend the ACB or NFB convention? We have the items perfect for your travel




Hello everyone. Are you about ready to travel to one of the conventions or maybe somewhere for a vacation? If so, we have the items to make your travel the best it can be. We have added a new category on the web site which will help you with your travel or convention accommodations. Check out the category below. And to kick it off, we have some great travel and convention items on special today. They are also listed below. Let us help you make the best of your convention or vacation packing, charging, powering, carrying, etc.
Wireless smart card with Apple find My support, rechargeable battery, audible feedback, cutout slot, and super thin and light for locating your lost wallet, purse, luggage, bag, keys, etc. Never lose your items again
Regular price$44.00 Sale price$39.00
9-Piece Packing Cubes for home, Travel, Storage, and Organization. Includes multiple sizes that store all together in one, and available in different colors
Regular price$29.00 Sale price$24.00
20,000mAh Portable power bank with 2 standard USB ports and 1 quick charge USB-C port. Charge up to 3 devices at one time at super fast speeds
Regular price$49.00 Sale price$39.00
Anker Power Core III 26,000mAh portable power supply with 2 high speed USB type C ports and 2 USB-A ports. Output of 87 watts with power to charge 4 devices at once including your laptop computer and all other devices
Regular price$124.00 Sale price$115.00
20,000mAh portable power bank with built-in USB-C charging cable, Apple lightning tip, multiple charging ports, and wireless charging for your Apple watch or Airpods Pro 2nd Gen. Charge up to 4 devices at one time
Regular price$59.00 Sale price$54.00
10,000mAh portable power bank with wireless charging and multiple ports for charging every device you have. Charge up to 4 devices at one time including: phones, tablets, Apple watches, Braille displays, Book readers, Bluetooth devices, etc.
Regular price$49.00 Sale price$44.00

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