Customer Testimonials

I've done business multiple times with Brent Harbolt of the Harbolt Company and have never been disappointed. His verbal descriptions are as concise as he can manage. If he does not know the exact measurement of something, he has been known to measure the thing on his foot, which I find hilarious! His down-to-earth way of selling is refreshing. I know he tries out and tests everything before he sells the product.


This past year he has updated his website and it is now very easy to order from him. It could be that my skillset is improving, but in the past, I had to call him to order. When I order now through his website, almost immediately I get a verification email, giving me the order number and as soon as a tracking number is available, it is shared with me through email as well. I also get notification when what I have ordered from him is delivered. I love that feature!


Regularly we have meetings by Zoom where Brent goes over new products and allows people who have something to sell share their information with those assembled. The Zoom group is also recorded and shared with his customers/friends so if someone misses it when it occurs, there is an opportunity to listen after-the-fact to be included.


Brent Harbolt deserves the success he is enjoying. He really has his customers in mind every step of the way!

Cathy L.

Enola, PA


It is most important, and is most pleasurable  to do business with honorable and worthy people; especially if they be blind individuals.  I wish to tell you about the positive experiences I had, and have concerning my transactions with “The Harbolt Company”.  The company seems to pride itself on its quality products, and on its stellar customer service.  For years, now, I have requested rare, and, prior to purchasing from the Harbolt company, I believed were impossible to find many blindness related objects.  Mister Harbolt found them all for me quickly.  They proved  each to be just as was expected.  In my 25 years of computing, I never have purchased, for myself, my own computer.  The first was purchased by my states rehabilitation services, the next two were used, and were gifts from a treasured friend.  So, I was most pleased to make my first very own computer purchase from such a fine company.  It is a Lenobo “Thinkk Pad”;  and was set up just as I asked, and was sent expeditiously. Not only does it run speedily, but, its slim design,, and Carbon fiber body feels most beautiful to the touch.  I hope to be using it for many happy computing years to come.  Thanks to the Harbolt company, and the man who owns it.  May  he, and the services he provides, both to his blind customers, and to those living in his own community never be forgotten.  Would there were more like him in this world.  If there were, the world would be a far finer place in which to live.


Cleveland, Ohio


I recently purchased a large cross body bag which is awesome. It’s roomy and items are not crowded into pockets. I have been receiving many compliments on my bag and I tell everyone where I bought it. My friend  also bought a bag upon my recommendation.

Anne W.

Southington, CT


I'm really happy with everything I've ordered from here. My favorite items have been the 4-port 90W smart charger, the 6-port USB charging station, and the ultimate sound machine, to main just a couple. There's great customer support, and I'm always looking at the site to see what's new

Rich Y. 

Andover, KS


The thing I really love about the Harbolt Company is the non-technical: electric toothbrushes for one (makes my dentist very happy), talking Classco caller i.d., talking clocks, and things I have been able to give others as much appreciated gifts, such as slipper socks, wallets, etc. These products don't show up anywhere else. Also, during the pandemic, I made friends through the Harbolt Company book group; this was invaluable. Congratulations on your eight year anniversary. Also, Brent, you are a really nice person, and very easy to talk to and deal with.
Elizabeth H.
Ramsey, NJ

Brent's customer service whether the website, or via phone is next to none. He thoughtfully and carefully writes out and verbalizes descriptions of his products, has groups to promote his products and treats each customer as if each is worth his time and attention. He also gives back to the community by sponsoring gifts for needing children. He has an incredible variety of products including tech, cocoa, cookies, jewelry, fragrances plus audio speakers and earbuds and phones. He develops and sustains relationships with his customers and works very hard to benefit his customers and to source new products
Julie D.
kansas city, MO


Hello, my name is Nicole and about a year and a half ago, I bought a libratone speaker, and I absolutely love it. I use it to hear my apple music via Blootooth, and it has good sound
Nicole M.    
Bakersfield Ca


When you look up the word integrity, there is a picture of Brent Harbolt. Not really but it should be. He only chooses quality products and he is always available to answer any questions. I so appreciate the time he takes to provide the audio descriptions of products. OK I could go on and on but what I am saying is, keep up the great work! Harbolt Company will remain in my favorites.

your loyal customer,
Gail C.
Pensacola, FL


I met this gentleman and his business at an NFB conference online, convention to be exact, after signing up for his email list, I am very pleased to see the detail products outlined in the email, the description, audio wise, and writing, the prices, the spectrums, just absolutely awesome. His personality is awesome, his customer service is just be on point. And I cannot thank him enough
Name: Tia
opalocka, FL


I was going to purchase a product from Brent that was his personal item. It was a MacBook Eyre, and before he sent it to me he was going to update it. After taking a look at the MacBook Eyre, it could no longer be updated. I had already paid half down on the computer, but he wrote me a text message to inform me that the MacBook Eyre could no longer be updated. He refunded my money promptly. To me, this is real integrity, as some people would have just sent the MacBook Eyre out knowing it could not be updated. So, thumbs up to Brent and the Harbolt company
Anne B.
Morristown tn


I bought several items from the Harbolt company, and I'm pleased with everything I purchased. They have a level of customer service that businesses like his don't usually. For example, I had a problem locating my package so I contacted the company about it. He forwarded me the tracking information and made sure on his end that the package was sent out. It had been properly sent and the issue was quickly resolved. Also, when I had a question about how to install one of my items, he took the time to go over exactly what to do. I am very pleased with the customer service, professionalism, and most of all helpfulness that I received from this company. I will buy from the Harbolt company again!

Tessa U

For what it is worth, I made my first purchase with your company the other day. I purchased the Tissot vibrating watch. The level of professionalism and follow through with regard to my purchase was fantastic. you called to confirm the delivery address, if I would be home and I felt I got a level of customer service that most other companies should aspire to.

Albert R.

New York


Your store is great and I would buy anything from you in a second. I have bought several things.

James M.

Portland, OR


Great Products from The Harbolt Company

I hope you might share this on your website and post this as I have been a happy customer and heard about your company through a friend of mine. You have always had great products in the news letter and I have never regretted buying the products that i love from you. I still have my Jabra bluetooth speaker which is used for my Apple mack and, the Motorola speaker is used for my 16 gb IPod touch unit. When you say that products do what they do, you don't lie about it. You have no reason too. This is why I keep coming back to you with a lot of great respect. I really appreciate the hard work you do for each item description for your website and even the audible side of it as well. I have told friends about your company and I hope that they will turn out and support you in your business. Keep up the good work now, and forever.


St. Louis, MO


I would not hesitate to Buy from you… You have been wonderful. As well as assisting me with the beginning of my business. You've been nothing but helpful! You're doing great work, and keep it up!

Hope P.


 I love your products and have always had great service.Just wanted to offer some support and encouragement.

Virginia D.


Just received the Apple charger with fan attachment. Extremely easy and quick to assemble. Fan indeed puts out a nice breeze. Having the flexible stem on the fan and rubber base on the charger are wonderful functions of this item. Very happy customer. I love shopping at the Harbolt Company because they stand behind their products and have superb customer service.
Pam Walters



This is the first place I come to look when I am in search of products. Everything I have purchased has been great, and the customer service is terrific.
Jordan Gallacher


These "2 Pack Handheld Walkie Talkies with Ear Pieces, Base  Chargers, Audible Feedback, Belt Clip, Wrist Strap, Long Range Reception, and Rechargeable Batteries" are exactly what I have been looking for! Easy to learn and use. Took me about ten minutes. That's not an exaggeration. Am going to use them to communicate between houses in an emergency. Thanks for the screen cleaner, too!
Kenneth S.


Hello, I wanted to write and talk about my experiences with ordering from the Harbolt company. I've been doing business with them for the last several years. The customer service couldn't be better. A lot of other companies could learn a lot about customer service from The Harbolt Company for sure. I have found a lot of very cool products from them and bought a lot of them too. I can't say enough about the customer service both before and after the sale. My advice to readers of this would be to do business with The Harbolt Company. I will continue to do business with them and I hope they will be around for many years to come.
Steve W.
Nashville, TN