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Hello everyone.
It’s a Thunder clean sweep Tuesday! That’s right, my OKC Thunder clean swept the Pelicans 4 to 0 in the first round of the playoff series. I love my Thunder but I like the Pelicans uniforms and colors a lot better than ours. But, I like my team better even if their colors do kind of suck. Anyway, we are doing a special clean sweep Tuesday. Get 10 percent off site wide on all your items and your complete order. No minimum amount is required. This will automatically be applied at check out.
As another bonus, since we ripped the lid off the first round and the New Orleans Pelicans, every order of at least, $50 or more before shipping, will receive in their package a free jar and bottle opener while supplies last. We only have a limited number of these Jar and bottle openers so get your order in and get a free bottle and jar opener as long as we have them. One opener per household. This opener is slim and takes up very little room in your drawer. It has a jar lid opener on it that will work on most medium to small jar lids. It also has a built-in bottle opener and a pry tip that will help you pry lids off or pop up the ring on a soda can. Free for each order while supplies last with orders of $50 ore more before shipping..
We have several classified ads this week. These are ads from customers and are not associated with the Harbolt Company. Please find all the ads below.


3D printed buildings, especially made for blind people to feel.

Click here to view on website.

The buildings are made of PLA which is similar to plastic by touch. Each building has a thorough description specifically for blind people to follow when they hold the building. More about the project, a list of buildings, descriptions and instructions to buy can be found at:
Click below to learn more.
Use the coupon code BHSPRING to get 10 percent at checkout, valid before June 1, 2024.

VisionAid ReadEasy Move

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Transform Your Reading Experience with VisionAid ReadEasy Move!: $1400 including shipping within the united states Discover the freedom to read anything effortlessly with the VisionAid ReadEasy Move, your portable, user-friendly reading assistant. Designed for those who cherish independence, this compact device effortlessly converts printed text into clear, spoken words, unlocking the world of literature, documents, and even the fine print on your utility bills. Features: list of 6 items • Quick Setup: Ready straight out of the box. Easy for all ages. • Portable Design: Sleek and lightweight, perfect for on-the-go lifestyles. • High-Speed Camera: Captures full-page documents in a flash, ensuring no waiting time. • Exceptional Accuracy: Advanced OCR technology delivers precise text-to-speech output. • Versatile Reading Modes: Choose from a variety of voices and languages to personalize your reading experience. • Intuitive Controls: Simple operation for effortless use—ideal for individuals with vision impairment or reading difficulties. list end Whether you're tackling a book, navigating through complex documents, or just want to read a menu with ease, the VisionAid ReadEasy Move is your gateway to independence and confidence. Say goodbye to dependence on others for reading tasks. Price: $1400 including shipping within the United States.
Contact Harrison e-mail: phone: 737-231-0943

Talking Color Identifiers for sale

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selling 2 different colour detectors, $145 each The first one is a cobolt talking colour detector, almost new and retails for $169. Very light and easy to use, this device has a wide range of useful applications from checking the colour of clothes to the ripeness of fruit while shopping! Simply select one of the three available volume levels and hold the front of the unit against almost any surface - paper, cloth, wood, plastic etc and the colour will be spoken. Supplied with a clip on cover to protect the sensors while being carried in a pocket. The cover clips onto the back of the case when the device is being used. The case has been ergonomically designed for both right and left handed use and can be held comfortably in several different ways. The second is a colorino (retails for $209). Caretec's Colorino color identifier uses advanced technology to distinguish 150 nuances of color. This small (4.93 inches x 1.56 x 1.81) device also can distinguish sources and intensities of light, both natural and artificial light. It speaks clearly at 3 volumes and has an earphone jack. Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included), and is designed to accommodate a cord. (Cord is not included). Includes case and box.
Contact Harrison email: phone: 737-231-0943

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