Contest ending in just a couple of days

Contest ending in just a couple of days

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Hello Harbolt Company customers.
There is only 2 more days left to get us your contest entry which is an ad for the Harbolt Company. March 22nd at 7 PM is when we will quit accepting contest entries. If you think you can write a good ad for the Harbolt Company to advertise and post on RS games, then you better get to writing and get it to us soon. We will choose the best ad, and send that person a box of goodies from our store worth a value of $100. All you need to do is come up with a good and catchy ad to help us advertise our company on the RS games web site. It needs to be about 1 or 2 paragraphs long at the most and should not mention specific products but product types and product categories. Feel free to mention other things that we do for the community like zoom groups, contests, etc. It needs to be good, it needs to be catchy, it needs to be informative, and it needs to be the best ad you have ever written! Oh yeah, and it needs to be to us by Friday at 7 PM central time. We want to get people’s attention so they will want to find out more about us and what we do. We want to make them want to know more and be intrigued and curious. We will post all the entries after Friday and we will announce the winner by Monday March 25th. Please either email us your entry to, respond to this email, or submit it to us via our online contact form. Good luck to everyone who chooses to enter!

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