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Braille at untouchable Prices! is your one stop shop to convert materials to Braille, large print, or audio alternative formats for your clients, students, or yourself. Place stress-free orders with a lightning fast turn around within your budget.


Our Mission

Our mission at is to bring accessible materials to individuals with print disabilities for school, work, home, and leisure activities. Weather you are a film maker, production studio, local or national restaurant chain, small business, school or individual, our dedicated  team is here to meet your needs. We provide accessibility consults, accessible materials in a myriad of formats, audio descriptions from the writing to the voicing, captioning, disability awareness trainings, and more.


Braille Services

According to, 96% of employed folks who are blind or visually impaired read and write Braille. This 6-dot code is the tactile reading and writing system created by French educator Louis Braille in 1824 and used by individuals who are blind. The letters of the print alphabet are represented by means of raised dots. This system not only helps folks with print disabilities to enjoy reading, but it also allows readers to maintain their privacy as they access personal information. Braille also improves comprehension in areas like spelling, grammar, and text formatting conventions, especially for young learners. Our dedicated team at can produce contracted and uncontracted braille on various types of labels and braille paper. We adhere to the Braille Authority of North America standards and utilize the rulebook for UEB Braille transcription created by the National Library Service. It doesn't matter if you're an film maker or studio, organization, hospital, educator, loved one, or individual seeking braille, we will always deliver quality materials at a fair price.


Our specialty items: braille labels and tags for products and business cards, technical manuals, product catalogs, local publications, bulletins, books, playbills, notices, exams, restaurant menus, letters, utility bills, medical handouts, tax documents, wedding programs, concert programs, greeting cards and messages, agendas, invitations, manuals, conference materials, government documents, hotel information, brochures, newsletters, religious materials, voter pamphlets, diplomas and certificates, career/vocational materials, memoranda, tables, etc.


Braille/Large Print Menu Combos

We produce braille and large print combination menus. This way, restaurants can serve many more patrons with combo menus – seniors, folks with visual impairments and others who prefer a simpler version of the menu layout. Our sit down restaurant menus come with plastic covers with “Accessible Menu” laid out on the front along with the restaurant’s logo and name for easy identification. A signature guide is included in each menu to help servers easily identify signature lines to those with visual impairments when their check is provided. Alternatively we also offer disposable combo menu options for quick serve restaurants, room service menus, and conference specialty menus. Our accessible menus are universally designed from the start so all patrons can benefit equally.


Braille Overlays

Our business card overlays come in the form of clear adhesive-backed stickers. They make it a lot easier for anyone with existing business cards to layer these on top instead of purchasing less visually appealing braille/large print traditional business cards. The braille holds up much better over time on plastic since it does not become mushy and pushed into the cardstock. Existing business cards can be utilized with these stickers, eliminating the need to print new cards. Please let us know the exact dimensions of your business cards or other materials like magnets, nametags and so forth,  specify if they have square or rounded corners, and list the language you need included in braille. Square corners are best since more braille fits on the stickers.


We produce overlays for card games, diplomas, nametags, print/braille children’s books, bookmarks, greeting cards, magnets, temporary signage, awards and wedding invites. These all come on adhesive-backed stickers cut to size so we will need dementions and the language to be included specified.


Jumbo Braille Materials

We offer materials in jumbo braille, which most vendors do not produce. This larger cell expanded braille makes it easier for young kids learning braille and those with reduced sensitivity in their fingertips to be able to access documents. It is about 1.5 times larger than traditional braille.


Large Print Services

Offering large print versions of your business documents shows your commitment to the well-being of your customers, patients, and clients. Vision loss  is a growing challenge for seniors, with approximately 20 percent of those over 60 in the US alone experiencing some kind of vision loss. Large print makes it easier for them to read and understand important financial, medical, or legal information. We at follow the American Printing House for the Blind standards. Large print materials  are laid out on glare-free high-quality pages in a linear fashion with minimal confusing graphics, double-spacing,  and additional white space for easier reading. Text appears in 16 point font (or larger) in the Century Gothic sans-serif typeface (in the geometric style) font. It is worth noting that we're able to additionally provide electronic versions of your large print documents in word or PDF formats so screen reader users  and those relying on magnification software can easily access your materials. Millions of people with Dyslexia and English as a second language hugely benefit from large print, electronic, and audio materials as they assist with comprehension and letter/word recognition. Providing high-quality large print documents demonstrates your commitment to an equal and exceptional experience for every client you serve.


Braille/Large Print Signage

We are able to create acrylic plaques and signs in braille and large print with or without QR codes. These may be useful in cultural institutions to help the public access audio description tours or identify the exhibits themselves. Bathroom or room signage is another useful use case for these plaques. The plaques serve well as more permanent commemorative awards meant for indoor display.


Our bronze mor permeant braille/large print combination plaques are meant for out door installations or long-lasting signage that will endure under heavy use. These offer multiple purposes; they may come with ornate depictions of animals carved into them or raised around the edges.


Audio Description Services provides Audio description services for short/feature films, animations, home videos along with corporate training and marketing videos. Making media accessible to all is a critical aspect of promoting diversity and inclusion. When media is accessible to all individuals, regardless of their abilities, it ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from all content. Audio description is designed to enhance the accessibility of the multimedia experience for those who are blind or have other disabilities.  Our team of talented professionals will write, narrate, and add descriptions to your media with the utmost care and precision. Contact us to design a customized description solution for your visual media.


Immersive Audio Descriptions and Touch Tours developed an innovative new approach to audio description. Our detailed immersive audio descriptions will lay out the features of your cultural institution (while capturing their ambiances, living organisms, scents, and unique characteristics) in order to create a truly immersive experience. These professionally produced audio guides will enable visually impaired individuals (and other visitors) to fully engage with and comprehend the features of your exhibits through descriptive language, a rich soundscape for the ears, and captivating storytelling. We also specialize in creating engaging touch tours that allow visitors to explore and experience cultural institutions through tactile sensations. These tours enable individuals with visual impairments to connect with the exhibits and other elements in a unique and meaningful way.


Tactile Maps and Tactile Graphics

Our team is able to create tactile maps and graphics for your needs which are carefully quality controlled and tested by our team as folks who are blind to ensure they are understandable and display the most important content for your patrons.


Explore with independence using our tactile maps. These specially designed maps are crafted to provide a hands-on experience, helping you to understand the layout and orientation of each facility. Our team of blind and visually impaired staff approaches the creation process with navigation, comprehension, and the  maps’ purpose first and foremost.


Our unique “designed for touch” braille-labeled tactile graphics pair well with guide books and feature raised representations of local flora and fauna. When combined with large print, braille, full color pictures, and physical descriptions of GetBraille’s tactile graphics, these accessible guide books will equally serve any visitor.


Universal Design Services for Cultural Institutions


Experience the Wonders of Wildlife in a Whole New Way!

Cultural institutions have a vital role as windows to the natural world and stewards of the environment. Their responsibility extends beyond the mere display of interesting exhibits; they are entrusted with the task of providing enriching experiences to all visitors, regardless of their abilities. This includes individuals with visual impairments, who often face challenges in engaging with exhibits through traditional visual observation. At, Our dedicated offerings includes a range of resources and tools to ensure an enriching, inclusive, and accessible experience for all visitors.


Audio Production Services

Audio information is all around us and comes in many helpful forms. From films, to podcasts, to audio books, to screen reading TTS solutions: these options have one thing in common. They bring information and entertainment to all who use them. Imagine, for example, reading a current news article on your phone by playing the included audio file instead of visually scanning the article as you drive to work. Safer in this case, but convenient no matter how you look at it. Those with print disabilities use screen readers to access their smart phones and computers, listen to audio books (put out by the Library of Congress and commercial outlets like audible), and enjoy entertaining films with audio description and podcasts of all kinds. These methods provide them yet another way to access the information they need daily. Bringing access in this way helps everyone across the board gather information in whatever way is easiest for them in that moment. Our team at GetBraille can put your content into audio in two ways. One of our seasoned voice talents can perform the copy and GetBraille will send you a clean, professional audio file for your use case. Alternatively, GetBraille can employ a realistic neural text to speech voice to efficiently bring your materials to the ear.


Full-cast Audio Book Experiences

Have you ever heard an audio book with multiple actors performing different characters? Imagine taking a children’s book or young adult novel or a good mystery and creating an audio version with multiple voices that convey the nuances through great acting. At GetBraille, we can help you create an immersive full-cast version of your book with multiple actors, and optionally, sound effects and music too. We’ll take care of everything from project management, to casting and directing, to mixing and post producing the final cut and delivering it to you in crystal clear stereo audio.


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