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Hello everyone. We have been super busy over here lately. That is why you haven’t seen a lot of emails from us recently. We have lots of news to go over, so please keep reading below.
First, there is a problem with uploading audio descriptions to our web site. The service we have been using is having problems and we are unable to upload any audio descriptions at this time. We will either get this resolved soon, or have to switch to another service. Until then, we are putting any new audio descriptions for new products at the top of the written description on the web site. There will be a link like we used to do on our old web site that will say click here to listen to the audio description. When you click the link it will take you to drop box like it used to do, and then you can play the file or download it. We will do this until we get the other fixed or have to switch to a new service. The audio descriptions that were already up on the site will still work. This will only apply to new items that we add. If you go to an item and click play and nothing happens, then please look at the top of the written description to find the link for the audio description. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes anyone but please know that it upsets us just as much if not more, than it upsets you. At least there is a work around. Please be patient with us and we will let everyone know when this issue has been fixed.
Second, this month we are celebrating our 10 years of being in business. It was June 2014 when the Harbolt Company started. We have a special 10th anniversary zoom group coming up soon. We originally said July 27 but we are changing the date to August 10. So, just remember on the 10th, we will celebrate our 10th. Please make note of this change to your calendar and we hope everyone can join us on that day. We will do the group at the same time we do all of our buy and sell groups. Which is Saturday, 6 PM central time. We will send out the zoom invite when it gets closer. Since we have moved this special 10th anniversary group to August 10, we will have our July buy and sell group on the first weekend of the month like usual. In our anniversary group on August 10, we will have free giveaways that you must be present to win, live auctions that you will not want to miss, special Harbolt company 10th anniversary items that you will want to buy, and much, much more. It will be a lot of fun so please mark it on your calendar to come be a part of helping us celebrate the Harbolt company 10 year anniversary. We also have another special contest and giveaway that we are doing for the anniversary. Please listen to the below recording so you will find out what it is. This giveaway will be open to everyone and you do not have to be present I the group to win. Check it out below as this contest starts right now and the last day to get us your entry is no later than August 1. Be sure and listen to the recording below to hear how to enter and be a part of this free giveaway.
Third, we got in a special batch of Sharp talking time ones. These are the model 660E and is the best talking clock ever made. This is the super rare Sharp ct660E talking time 1 and we got a few now in stock. We were lucky enough to find a small batch of these. We have them in various conditions. Please see below to see what ones we have in stock. We also got in another sharp 640 calculator with folio case. We will also list it below. We only have one each of these.
Sharp EL-640 Talking Calculator with talking clock, date, alarm, timer, hourly chime, daylight savings time button, 5 minute chime and volume adjustment. excellent condition with folio case
Sharp Talking Time 1 CT660E. good condition
Sharp Talking Time 1 CT660E. excellent condition with lanyard
Sharp Talking Time 1 CT660E. like new condition with lanyard
Finally, we have below the current classified ads from our customers that have some things to sell. These are not sold by us but from third party customers. Please find their contact info in the description and contact them direct if you have any questions or are interested in any of their items.
3D printed buildings, especially made for blind people to feel.
The buildings are made of PLA which is similar to plastic by touch. Each building has a thorough description specifically for blind people to follow when they hold the building. More about the project, a list of buildings, descriptions and instructions to buy can be found at:
Click below to learn more.
Focus 14 Blue 5th Gen for sale
I have two Focus 14 Blue Fifth Gen for sale. Both are in great condition with USB cable and carrying case. My asking price is $550 each. Which includes UPS shipping. I can except payments through cash app, Zell, or Venmo. Please email or call with any questions.
email: angel0107@icloud.com
Phone Number: 6156025117
Focus 40 4th Gen for sale
Hello, what I have for sale is a fourth generation Braille focus braille display. This will work with your iPhone and does have a braille keyboard. This is wireless and does work with Bluetooth. It is 40 cells. All buttons and everything works. Will include cables and case to go with it.
I’ve seen the retail price for these at $3500. I’m asking $2,299 or best offer. Please contact me with any questions. I accept Zelle and PayPal.
My name is Tessa Urban. My phone number is 412-708-0426. My email address is tfurban22@gmail.com
Sleek Sexy Talking Watches for sale
Selling sleek, stylish, sexy talking watch: $160 including shipping Are you looking for a unique talking watch that will make you look snazzy for your busy upcoming convention schedule, or just to impress that new hot date around town? Would you like a watch that’s so sleek, it doesn’t even look like a talking watch at all? And how about adding a touch of classy British timekeeping to your life? Look no further than the Dianna Talks royal! I'm selling this fabulous, unique watch for $160, including shipping anywhere in the United States. The Dianna Talks is a unique, European-style watch that looks and functions just like a watch for sighted people. It features an inconspicuous, easy-to-press talk key. Press the key, and it will announce the time in your preferred style, either “Friday, 15:24” or “It is 24 minutes past 3, Friday afternoon.” I'll set your preferred speaking style before shipping it to you. If you need to change anything, this is totally possible using the recessed setting keys. The case is 43 MM (1.69 in) in diameter This watch comes with a default leather band for $160. For an extra $50, I can have an expandable band fitted by a watchmaker if you prefer. I will also set the watch for your time zone before shipping.
Included with your purchase: list of 3 items • The watch itself • A manual in French (paper copy) • An English manual (e-mailed to you)
The watch speaks English by default but can also be set to French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, or Finnish upon request. Check out the photos to see how the watch looks when worn. The photos feature my personal watch, but rest assured, the one you receive will be factory new, except for the custom settings.
Get your Dianna Talks today and add a touch of elegance to your convention look!
Audio description of watch:
Contact: e-mail: harrytu3@gmail.com
phone/text: 737-231-0943


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