Newsletter 3-18-2024

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Hello Harbolt Company customers. We have added a new section to our web site. We have now added a news and newsletter section to our site where you can go on anytime of the day and see what is going on with us. Whether it be current contests, old newsletters, new products now in stock, etc., you can find it starting today on our site. We will start putting our newsletters up there as well as our news and stuff you should know, or maybe, stuff you might want to know. I also might just post some of my rambling thoughts every now and then or maybe when I want to rant against Apple. I will also post things here of interest to the community. Maybe Apple is releasing a new product that  I want to inform everyone about, or maybe there is a new product on the market that might be of interest. You get the idea. You can now find the direct link in our newsletter above. You can also find it on the web site in the different quick links and main menu. We are also allowing you to comment on anything we post. Of course, it must be approved by us before it goes live, but feel free to leave any comments you wish. Maybe we advertise a new product and you want to leave a review, maybe we are doing a contest and you need to clarify, whatever it is, you can leave a comment under each thing we post. If it passes the sniff test, we will approve it to be published to the public and go live. If you miss any of our newsletters going forward or don’t want to mess with it in your email, you can jump on our site and go to the link and you will be able to catch up there. We hope this will be another great way for us to keep in touch with everyone about what is going on with the company. Our first post is up there now so feel free to go check it out. We will also be posting the contest entries there as well so be sure and get us your entry by Friday.

Don’t’ forget that we now have a classified ads area on the web site. This is a place where you can purchase an ad to either sell an item, or maybe post an ad that you are looking for something special. The ads are very reasonably priced, and you can choose from online only, online and newsletter, or online, newsletter, and zoom group. I will put the link below so you can directly get to the classified ads area if you are interested in purchasing one.

Classified Ads

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