Sonos is now seeking blind beta testers

Sonos is a company that produces high-quality audio products, such as speakers and other components, that connect to the internet and each other through

home wi-fi networks. Many blind people have been enthusiastic users of its products over the years because the company maintained high standards of accessibility.

With the recent redesign of the smartphone app that is used to control a user’s devices, there was a severe degradation of screen-reader accessibility.

Sonos has since acknowledged the issue and reached out to the National Federation of the Blind to ask for our help in recruiting blind beta testers for

future iterations of the app. Since the company says that it will be rolling out accessibility improvements through the end of June, signing up right away

will likely be the best way to test these improvements and provide feedback. If you are a Sonos user and would like to participate in its beta program,

here is the link to sign up:


We anticipate that a future Monitor and other Federation communications will contain more information on our advocacy with Sonos.

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