Sunday specials

Sunday specials

Hello Harbolt Company customers.
We have a few great Sunday specials for you today. Buy 1 of any one of the following, and get a second one for half off. For example, you pick out 2 of the Apple watch sport bands for $25 a piece, and in your cart, you will see one for $25, and one for $12.50. So, you get 2 Apple watch sport bands for only $37.50. This is less than what one of these would cost you from Apple. So, you are getting 2 bands for less than what 1 band would cost. Same for the Milanese bands and the universal lanyard. The discount is automatically applied at check out. We will list the items below that are on special.

Genuine Apple Watch Sport Band in size 38mm/40mm/41mm. Variety of colors to choose

Suggested retail price: $50
We are selling off some of our big Apple watch collection and we have some great watch bands for sale.
These are the genuine Apple brand sport bands for the Apple watch 38mm/40mm/41mm size and will work with all Apple watch models.
These bands are made from fluoroelastomer which is a high quality synthetic rubber that is much better than your typical silicone. This type of material
does not collect hair or dust on it like regular silicone does. These have the pin and tuck closure which makes it super easy to adjust to fit your wrist
and super easy to remove. These will fit almost any sized wrist and come with multiple sized pieces for the correct wrist size. There is the main piece
that has the stainless steel pin on it and there are the small/medium sized piece with the different holes for adjusting and there is the medium large
piece with holes for adjusting. These are waterproof and can be worn in the shower or while you are swimming. The colors are nice and vibrant and we have
colors to go with almost every outfit.
These bands are like new in the original box, unless otherwise noted, and only used maybe once or twice. The retail price on these bands were $50 from
Apple when new but most all of these bands are discontinued colors and are worth more than the retail price.
Available in multiple colors.

Stainless steel milanese magnetic Apple Watch band in a variety of colors and available in all sizes of Apple watch models

Suggested Retail: $55
This beautiful stainless steel Apple watch band is exactly the same as the one Apple charges $100 for but less than half the price. It has a beautiful
mesh weave on the band which is called milanese. It kind of resembles chain mail armor. There is a magnetic clasp that is stronger than the Apple brand
in my opinion. It easily adjusts to as long, or as short, as you want. The rubber seal around the inside of the clasp keeps it from scratching the stainless
steel on the band. This band is super comfortable to wear and gets compliments often. It is the easiest clasp on a watch band you will ever use. This band
can be dressed up or dressed down as it looks great no matter what situation you wear it in. We have some great colors in this band and have it available
in both 38mm, 40mm, and 41mm, and the larger size which is 42mm, 44mm, and 45mm. Choose from blue, red, purple, black, silver, and multi-color. Grab one
of these awesome watch bands today!
Please note: This band does not require you to remove any links from it as it is all done via magnetic clasp.

Universal adjustable nylon phone lanyard for neck or crossbody with adhesive patch or magnetic attachment for carrying your phone hands-free, traveling with GPS, or using Aira or Be My Eyes

Suggested Retail: $35 to $65
Universal adjustable neck and cross body nylon phone lanyard with various ways to connect to your phone.
For years we have successfully sold the silicone phone lanyard for people who use Aira or other types of hands-free services. It is time to offer a new
style of phone lanyard, and a much better option. This one is made from a soft nylon cord and can be used to carry your phone around the neck, on your
chest, or easily extended to carry your phone across your  body. It can be easily adjusted to any height just by pulling the ends of the cord. Attach to
the back of your phone or phone case with the included low profile super thin adhesive patch with ring. The patch adds no extra bulk or thickness to your
phone and you can still charge your phone wirelessly, or attach other magnetic MagSafe accessories. Don't want to stick the patch to your phone or your
favorite phone case? Simply by an inexpensive phone case to stick it to and then when you plan on going out, swap cases and put your phone in the one with
the adhesive patch with ring. When you are back home, swap back and you are good to go. Don't need it for Aira and just want a way to carry your phone
hands free? Put the patch between your case and the back of your phone with the patch ring coming out of the bottom charging port hole and hang your phone
upside down on your chest or across your body.
Using an iPhone 12, 13, 14, or 15? Use the optional MagSafe attachment to hang the lanyard from the fold out ring and easily pop it off and put it away
when you get back home. The MagSafe ring attachment magnetically attaches to the back of your phone or phone case and adds very little bulk to your device.
MagSafe magnetic attachment provides a fold out ring in which you can attach the lanyard. The magnetic attachment can be turned 360 degrees for portrait
or landscape mode for Aira or Be My Eyes. Adjust the magnetic ring stand any angle to provide hands free viewing no matter what situation. Small enough
to fit in a pocket and adds very little bulk to the back of your device.
Unfortunately, we cannot test every phone and every phone case. Some cases might have weaker MagSafe connections than others. If this attachment does not
magnetically attach to your phone case strong enough, you might need to use the included adhesive magnetic ring.
Using a blind shell, Android, Samsung, iPhone 8, SE, SE2020, or SE 2022?
Don't have a magnetic connection on the back of your phone? No problem! use the included adhesive magnetic ring to apply to any case or phone and instantly
add magnetic connection to any device.
The included magnetic adhesive ring will convert any device to be compatible with all MagSafe accessories, including the magnetic attachment for this lanyard.
This option should work for most phones. If you have any issues with this working on your phone, please contact us to discuss options.
Thin and small Adhesive patch allows you to use MagSafe accessories or wireless charging soft nylon cords are lightweight and soft around your neck or
body Can be used as a neck lanyard or via cross body.
Easily adjusts to any height on your chest or body Easy to store and put in a pocket or purse when not in use Easy detach spring clip allows you to remove
your phone effortlessly adhesive Patch with clip ring easily sticks to your phone or case or comes out the bottom of the charging port hole if you don't
want to stick it to your device and case Works with all phones no matter where the camera is located.
Not just for MagSafe devices. Optional magnetic attachment allows for easily connecting the lanyard magnetically to the back of your device. Use the included
adhesive magnetic ring to convert any device to be MagSafe compatible.
Magnetic attachment also converts to a phone stand for a table or flat surface to prop your phone up in portrait or landscape mode.
Magnetic attachment also has a ring that folds out that can be used as a phone grip to prevent hand fatigue. Great help for those with large phones and
smaller hands.
Condition: New in bulk packaging
Please listen to our audio description so we can better describe what this looks like and how it works.
Please note: Unfortunately, we are unable to test out every phone that is on the market, but this should work with most phones even the Blind Shell phones.
The adhesive patch or magnet can be applied to the back of any device as long as it is a flat surface. If you have any issues with this working on your
phone, please contact us to discuss options.  Adhesive patch confirmed to stick great on leather, most plastic, glass, but not silicone.
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