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Clip-on lapel microphone kit with two wireless microphones, plug and play operation with USB-C transmitter, rechargeable battery case, up to 30 hours of battery, 4 recording modes, 360 degrees rotating clip, and amazing recording quality

Clip-on lapel microphone kit with two wireless microphones, plug and play operation with USB-C transmitter, rechargeable battery case, up to 30 hours of battery, 4 recording modes, 360 degrees rotating clip, and amazing recording quality

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Always wanted a great wireless microphone to do professional recordings from your smart phone, tablet, or computer? This clip on lapel microphone offers you that and much more. This 2-pack of wireless lapel microphones will provide studio quality recording and do it wirelessly with up to 8 to 10 hours of battery. Each microphone is small enough to fit in a pocket and stores nicely in a charging case that will provide up to 3 charges to your microphones when wireleslly charging in the case. The plug and play operation makes these simple to use by just inserting the wireless transmitter into any USB type C port and then turning on the microphones with the single button on each microphone. Both microphones will record at the same time so that you can do interviews or have a partner or colleague recording at the same time you are. The single button on each microphone will turn on and off the microphone, activate background noise reduction mode, mute the microphone, and even add reverb effects to the recording. When you are done, simply place the microphones back in the charging case and they will automatically turn off and begin to recharge. There is even a spot in the case to store the wireless transmitter. The transmitter also includes a USB-C port for pass through charging so you can charge your device while still using the transmitter plugged in to your device. The wireless battery case also charges with USB type C.The case is small enough to fit in a pocket or purse so you can have your microphones with you wherever you go. Works with Android devices, Apple devices, computer devices, MacBooks, PC's, etc.Each microphone also has a USB-C port so you can charge each microphone without having to put back in the case. Each microphone has a built in spring clip on the back that rotates 360 degrees for the perfect angle in which to clip on or point the microphone. To hear the audio quality, be sure and listen to our audio description as we do the whole recording on one of these microphones.
Controls for the microphones:
Press and hold the single button to turn on the microphone and press and hold again to turn off.
Press the button once to turn on noise reduction Press again once to turn off noise reduction mode. When placing the microphone back in the charging case to turn it off, the microphone will remember which noise reduction setting you used last and revert back to that setting when you turn the microphone back on.
Press the button twice quickly to mute the microphone. Press twice quickly again to take the microphone off mute.
Press the button three times quickly to turn on reverb effects and press three times quickly again to turn off reverb effects.
Omnidirectional Mic with Noise Reduction:
With a built-in noise reduction chip, handles noisy environments easily with just one click and truly restores
the human voice. 2.4GHz transmission technology offers ultra-low latency of 25ms and audio pickup follows the picture in real time for an enhanced recording experience.
Auto Pairing, Plug and Play:
NO Bluetooth, NO App required. Just plug the receiver into your devices and turn on the portable lapel mic, automatically connected in one second. Perfect for two-person teams creating vlogs, interviews, live streaming, YouTube, TikTok, podcasts, online video tutorials, vocal recordings and more
Enhanced Four Modes:
wireless microphone built-in intelligent chip to achieve 4 modes: Normal, Noise Reduction, Reverb and Mute modes. Normal mode gets more ambient sound, and noise reduction mode maintains human voice clarity and stereo even when used outdoors and affected by ambient noise. Reverb mode makes sound more stereoscopic and spacious, perfect for vocals and live broadcast. Different modes could be selected depending on your surroundings
Wireless Stable Transmission: 75  foot /22 meters long-range Bluetooth wireless transmission. Get rid of wire, giving you the long-range, high-fidelity recording. It can be held or clipped to your shirt, unique 360°rotating clip can be changed in any direction you want
Powerful Rechargeable Battery:
Enjoy 10 hours of playtime on a 1.5-hour full charge. The charging case with a 1000mAh battery can charge the microphones 3 times providing extra 30 hours of working time. Compatible with any device with a USB-C port. Some Android phone needs to open OTG.

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