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Ultimate 26 ounce vacuum sealed, double wall insulated, stainless steel leak proof and spill proof water bottle with 3 different lids, shaker attachment, and re-usable straw

Ultimate 26 ounce vacuum sealed, double wall insulated, stainless steel leak proof and spill proof water bottle with 3 different lids, shaker attachment, and re-usable straw

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Looking for the ultimate water bottle to fit any activity or situation? This is the king daddy of insulated water bottles. We have used a lot of water bottles over the years, and this is the best one we have found so far. Not only does it give you a huge 26 ounce capacity for soda, ice tea, water, cocktails, lemonade, etc., but it keeps your cold liquids cold up to 36 hours and your hot liquids warm up to 13 hours. The double wall insulated vacuum sealed stainless steel keeps your drinks cold, or warm, longer. This double wall stainless steel also keeps your bottle from sweating so it is always dry whenever you grab it. This awesome water bottle is also completely leak proof and spill proof so your drinks stay where they belong, inside the bottle. Are you a chug a lug person? Maybe you're a straw drinker? No problem! This ultimate 26 ounce water bottle has you covered by providing three different lids to choose from. Only use one or swap them out as you see fit. You have three of them to choose from. There is the chug lid with removable cocktail shaker. This spring loaded lid opens with the press of a button for one handed operation. This lid also has a bilt-in handle to easily carry your bottle with you wherever you go. It also has a flip lock that will lock down the lid so it doesn't accidentally flip open inside a bag or other incovenient location. The bottom of this lid has a removable shaker which will mix powder drinks, cocktails, protein drinks, etc. It can be easily removed if you don't need it. Want to mix up some powdered protein drink or gatorade? No problem. Simply put the powder in your bottle, add ice if desired, and fill it up with water, milk, etc. Then screw the lid down with the shaker attached and then shake vigorously to mix everything together nicely. Or, just remove the shaker and fill the bottle of with your favorite beverage. The second lid is for the straw drinkers out there. The bottom of this lid has a rubber opening that the included re-usable straw is inserted into this rubber opening and now you can screw the lid on your bottle. The top of the lid has a flip out straw that opens the flow from the top straw to the one inside your bottle. Now, sip and suck to your hearts content. When you are done, simply flip down the straw on top and it seals everything in to once again make your bottle leak proof and spill proof. This lid also has a small handle to easily carry your bottle. Finally, the third lid is a handle lid which is great for those who like to drink right out of the bottle opening or maybe pouring your beverage out to share with others in their cups. This would also be great for taking some hot soup or broth with you on a hike or beach trip. This lid has a large handle on top that can be used to carry or attach to a backpack or other type of bag. With all these lid choices, you are bound to find one that works for you. The opening on this bottle will also accomodate circle sips so if you are a circle user, you can use this bottle for your favorite Circle sips. This 26 ounce stainless bottle also gets slimmer towards the bottom so it will easily fit into any vehicle cup holder. The bottom also has a rubber slide proof covering to keep the bottle from scratching your furniture, hard surface, table, etc. Like I said, this really is the ultimate water bottle that offers about every kind of feature you would want, or need.
metal water bottle boasts ultra-durable stainless steel, a relentless ally against the rigors of workouts and travel. The soft landing feature adds impact resistance, ensuring longevity. Say goodbye to flimsy companions and embrace the strength that lasts. Elevate your hydration game with this stainless steel water bottle!
ultimate leak-proof design.
This water bottle advanced technology ensures not a single drop escapes, while the three super-insulated lids guarantee a secure seal for any activity. Choose the bottle that is compatible with the cirkul lid and keeps pace with your dynamic life.
36+ hours of ice-cold refreshment and over 13+ hours of warmth of hot beverages.
This innovative water bottle, with never sweat technology, ensures no condensation, keeping your hands and surroundings dry. Enhance your sipping experience with a reusable water bottle that masters the art of temperature perfection.
The Chug Lid provides a swift flow for those quick sips, the Straw Lid offers a more controlled and leisurely drink, while the Handle Lid ensures easy transport.
Seamlessly fitting into various cup holders, This water bottle empowers you to customize your drinking experience for any moment.
What's included:
1 x 26 ounce stainless steel vacuum sealed, double wall insulated water bottle
1 x spring loaded flip top lid with lock and handle.
1 x flip up straw lid with built-in handle.
1 x handle lid for drinking from the bottle or pouring and sharing for friends.
1 x re-usable plastic straw to be inserted in straw lid.
1 x shaker attachment to be used on bottom of flip top lid for mixing cocktails, protein shakes, energy drinks, etc.
Color: Black

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